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Are Sorel Boots Good For Hiking?

Are Sorel Boots Good For Hiking?

Come December and it’s high time to bring out those winter or snow boots. And if you’re planning to go mountain climbing or hiking during winter, then your boots becomes another consideration altogether.

Those on the hunt for a good pair of Sorel boots will be grand to know that this brand is largely recognized for its winter boot collection, with a very good reason for that. Sorel boots are purposely designed to withstand cold temperatures. They’re even capable of getting you through extreme cold climates, keeping moisture out, and ensuring traction on slippery snow.

So, Are Sorel Boots Good For Hiking?

Well, the answer is yes, all the way. We can’t say for certain that Sorel boots are among the best for hiking purposes, but we surely can’t deny that these are good quality boots, made from only the highest quality materials, and known to last for years, even with heavy use.

However, there’s a catch: As stated, Sorel boots are meant for use during winter. That means wearing them during hikes on a summer day would quite possibly do more harm than good.

The lower part of the boot delivers more traction than most hiking boots could, but on the flip side, the warm coziness you feel when you slip them on at first will be the main reason you want to quit them one hour into your trail.

Fortunately, there’re still a few versions of Sorel Winter boots that can double up as hiking boots during summer. Check out our list below:

Sorel Men’s Madson Sport Hiker Waterproof Leather Boots

What you get here is a pair of lightweight cold-weather hiking boots that can serve great during short summer hikes. The Madson Sport Hiker comes with uppers made from full-grain leather, with a sporty outer cover, which is then seam-sealed so moisture always stays away.

What sets it apart- the whole thing looks sporty, yet it’s a rugged hiking boot. Aside from being rugged for functionality’s sake, the Madson Sport Hiker is exceptionally lightweight. That means you can get around your hiking trip and come back feeling like you’re just from a walk.

Coming down to traction, the rubber outsole is meant to deliver the much-needed grip for those uphill climbs. Nonetheless, if you expect too much for the boots to hold up to rocky, uneven trails, then you might be disappointed.


  •         Waterproof construction
  •         Full leather upper
  •         Seam-sealed
  •         Removable insole
  •         High traction rubber outsole

Sorel Men’s Buxton Lace Snow Boot

Next up is the Men’s Buxton Lace Boot. Versatile and quite possibly the best snow boot, but you might be impressed during those quick summer hikes. In fact, it’s one of those sleek lace-up boots that come more sporty than rugged.

In addition to the suede sporty look, this pair boasts everything you might need to traverse through ice and snow, whether you go hiking or simply strolling through chilly valleys.

The uppers featured here are waterproof and seam-sealed, so your feet remain dry while you submerge your boots into puddles and thick snow. Plus, the lower platform comes in handy with an injection-molded waterproof thermal rubber shell.

One more best thing is that these boots are developed with additional 200-gram insulation, meaning your feet will remain warm during cold weather. It’s no surprise that these boots are rated to withstand temperatures of up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, that’s not as much as Conquest boots (discussed below), but the underrated smooth looks make up for that.


  •         Removable EVA footbed
  •         Rubber outsole
  •         100% waterproof suede leather/textile upper
  •         Additional 200g insulation

Sorel Madson Hiker Waterproof Boot

While most Sorel boots are known to withstand the snowy climate and extremely cold temperatures, the Madson Hiker Waterproof boot comes slightly different. It’s actually among the few on the list that works great as a hiking boot for virtually any season under moderate temperatures.

Similar to other Sorel models, this pair boasts a full leather upper that makes it 100% waterproof. This upper part is seam-sealed to provide full protection against elements. More to that, there’s a decent amount of padding along the collar, so both comfort and insulation are pretty much guaranteed.

The bright laces may be a put-off for some, but based on reviews, you’re likely to find the pop color quite attractive. The lower part of the boot features a well-rugged rubber sole that delivers the much-needed traction, making it perfect for hiking.

We also love that these boots come with a lightweight EVA outsole that provides a comfy bounce back. All things considered, these boots are lightweight, great quality and you can trek to greater heights without feeling weighed down.


  •         Removable insole
  •         Rugged rubber outsole
  •         Colorful laces
  •         Full leather upper
  •         EVA outsole
  •         Lightweight

Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot

Get closer to the Men’s Conquest boot and you’ll see that it’s been designed to conquer the snowy mountains. First up, the upper part of the boot is 100% leather. That means your feet will remain protected from the wetness of melting snow and ice. Not forgetting the 400g Thinsulate Ultra insulation.

You will also get a barrel lock snow collar on the top portion that helps keep the cold out. In fact, these boots are rated suitable for wearing even in temperatures of up -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The whole thing goes up to 4 inches, so your feet will remain protected even in thick snow.


  •         Removable insoles
  •         Synthetic and textile upper
  •         Ideal for extremely cold temperatures

When Are Sorel Hiking Boots a Good Option?

Sorel hiking boots are made from 100% full-grain leather uppers. Their soles are built from waterproof rubber and the outsoles are all enhanced for a good amount of traction. On that note, they certainly are great as winter boots. They’re perfectly usable, especially if you wear them hiking during winter or when you want to go trekking on snowy mountains.

That said, when it comes to real-time hiking, we would not propose these as all-season boots. That’s simply because they’re developed to keep your feet warm. And you possibly don’t want that kind of warmth during seasons other than winter.

Also, they’re generally built to be heavy, so wearers can tread through thick snow and ice. Note that this weight can turn out to be more of an inconvenience, especially when you’re planning to do some serious climbing.

The Bottom Line

So to answer the question “Are Sorel boots good for hiking?” the simple answer is that yes. Sorel boots are good for hiking if you plan to use them during colder seasons, but may not be the best if you want to use them as all-season footwear.