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Protalus vs Superfeet

Protalus vs Superfeet


If you are shopping for insoles, look for a premium brand that offers comfort, arch support, and absorbs maximum shock. They should also relieve some foot complications like plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and overpronation.

Protalus and Superfeet are among the most popular insoles on the market today. They have a lot in common, but they also differ in several ways. Let us explore Protalus vs Superfeet to help you decide which among them is the best.

Protalus vs Superfeet: Overview


This brand has removable and non-removable insoles. They have wide varieties for almost all models of shoes. They are known for their ability to align the whole body and support a perfectly upright posture.

The deep curvy heel cradle of your protalus insole is excellent for supporting your stability and posture. The heel cradle is also responsible for powering your gait so that you can bounce off with ease.

They are also cushioned to offer you relief from foot discomforts and shock-related complications. The cushioning is also significant for effective impact absorption, movement encouragement, and responsive strides.

The ridges at the bottom of these insoles help prevent slippage and increase your comfort since they make the insoles feel bouncy. However, they may not wick away moisture effectively and may not last long.


These are firm insoles with excellent arch support. Though they are not cushy, they are made from a firm material that absorbs and distributes your weight evenly to avoid injuring one point with too much pressure.

The foam padding conforms to the structure of your foot since it incorporates memory foam technology. Besides, the lining is antiseptic and offers excellent moisture wicking.

They are among the best insoles globally, offering perfect relief to foot complications. The heel strike is superb for easing pressure on your back, hips, and legs and improving your stability. They also come with anti-skid ridges at the bottom.

Protalus vs Superfeet: Material

Superfeet insoles are made of a combination of leather and rubber. These are flexible and sturdy, significant for firm support. When combined they create a firm bouncy feel that encourages traction and absorbs shock effectively. Protalus are constructed with EVA foam, ETC anti-microbial top layer.

Protalus vs Superfeet: Support

Protalus insoles offer strong arch support, while Superfeet insoles offer heel and arch support. Protalus has better whole-body support powered by its Tri-Plantar technology. It aligns your whole body, unlike

Superfeet insoles that support parts of the body, especially the lower parts like the ankles, knees, and joints. Both are perfect for relieving discomforts like plantar fasciitis and foot aches.

Your insoles should absorb shock and protect you from impact. You will get this support from both Protalus and Superfeet. The padding and flexible materials used to make them give them superior shock absorbing and distributing ability.

Protalus vs Superfeet: Anti-Skid Feature

Both insoles will remain intact once you insert them into your shoes. They both have ridges that prevent them from skidding when you are using them. This is a significant feature in your insoles as it improves your comfort, stability, and performance.

Protalus vs Superfeet: Varieties

If you are looking for insoles that can match different types of shoes, Superfeet will be a better choice for you. You can use them as replacement insoles for any of your shoes or place them over your factory insoles. Besides, since they have rounded edges, they are easy to maneuver inside your shoes for a perfect fit.

They have more models in different colors and shapes to pair well with almost all models of shoes. They feature a stabilizer cap that prevents them from shifting inside your shoes.

Protalus insoles are better for work shoes, wide shoes, and trainers. This is because of their strong arch support and traction.

Protalus vs Superfeet: Breathability and Odor Management

Both insoles are highly breathable. They also have effective odor control mechanisms. Superfeet insoles are fitted with odor neutralizing technology while Protalus have antiseptic outer layers made of ETC antimicrobial and antibacterial fabric. And since they are both easy to clean, they are perfect for dispelling odors.


The Tri-plantar technology used in Protalus insoles helps in absorbing impact, enhancing traction and stability. It is responsible for your whole body alignment when wearing your Protalus insoles. On the other hand, Superfeet comes with features that minimize stress on your feet, ankles, and knees.


Superfeet is both a medium and low-profile insole, while Protalus are high arch insoles. This means you will get good support from Protalus if your foot has a high arch, and if you have a medium to high arch, Superfeet will give you the support you need.

Protalus vs Superfeet: Durability

As you may already know, the durability of leather and rubber cannot compare to that of foam. In this case, your Superfeet insoles will outlive Protalus since foam degenerates faster. Also, since you will likely use Protalus for high-impact activities, they will wear out faster.


Both Protalus and Superfeet are high-quality insoles. They offer superb arch support, though Protalus suits high arches while Superfeet suits medium and high arches.

Your Superfeet insoles have rounded edges that help you fit them into any type of shoe. Protalus may not fit into most types of shoes but is perfect for wide shoes.

Superfeet will last longer since they are constructed with firmer leather and rubber while Protalus features Eva foam. Both are perfect in absorbing and dispersing impact, though Superfeet wicks moisture more effectively than Protalus.

The heel cradle of Superfeet is excellent for stability and powering your gait and upright posture. However, Protalus has a superior Tri-plantar technology to align the whole body and keep you erect and stable.

With both brands, your feet will remain hygienic and odorless. They also have non-skid ridges to stabilize them in our shoes. The two insoles are perfect in shock absorption and keeping you safe from impact-related discomforts. They are ideal for relieving foot, knees, hips, and lower back discomforts.

Although Superfeet insoles seem to be the overall winner, consider what you want the insoles for since they are both premium quality insoles.