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Best Shoes for Swing Dancing

Best Shoes for Swing Dancing

A sheer number of Swing Dancers have reported sustaining injuries and complications because they had the wrong shoe on stage. While it’s no surprise that such repulsive news is prevalent, a good number of people are doing great, the mesmerizing crowd on the stage. Of course, we’re referring to those who use the right shoes.

Swing dancing basically involves a high level of physical energy. It is a dance type that is characterized by fast-bouncy movements and swift turns. Given the pace, you will need shoes that will allow you to perform the dips, spins, and turns without skimping on the beat.

Despite the necessities, there are many reasons to love Swing dancing: it’s easy to learn, it’s a workout on its own, and more importantly, it’s fun.

On that note, we conducted research focusing on the various brands known for best shoes as far as Swing dancing is concerned. We performed a thorough market review of the seven best shoes for Swing dancing.

Moreover, we’ll be explaining exactly what you should check out when shopping for your swing dancing shoes. That way, you will point out the best shoe that meets your needs.

These are Best Shoes for Swing Dancing

Keds Champion Sneakers

Made from comfortable canvas material, the Keds Champion is a perfect sneaker for swing dancing. The shoes are available in more than ten different colors and styles, making it easy to match most outfits. They are great for any foot and are offered in multiple sizes.

They are packed with a cushioned insole to keep your feet supported during long hours of practice. A bonus for those who need extra support. They can be stiff at first, so it might take a few sessions to wear them in.


  •       Thick outsole to absorb during swing dancing
  •       Great arch support from the cushioned insoles
  •       Available in multiple colors
  •       Durable


  •       It might take a few sessions to wear them in


NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin Shoes

Aside from being one of the best shoes for swing dancing, the NLeahershoe Breathable shoe boasts excellent artistry that shows through from toe heel.

The high quality employed here allows you to have the much-needed confidence for spins and swings. NLeahershoe also comes with lightweight and anti-slip outsole features that enhance free movement, making it a perfect shoe to prevent swollen feet due to slip and slips. Starters and professionals will find this to be one of the best shoes for Swing dancing, considering that it’s comfortable and flexible on the feet.


  •       Air holes to enhance breathability
  •       The sole glides effortlessly on the floor
  •       Suitable for wide feet
  •       Good deal for the price


  •       Tight toe box
  •       Short laces
  •       Not the best for long hours dancing


GP 50 Shades of Swing Dance Dress Shoes

The Golden Pigeon is arguably the most promising brand when it comes to the manufacturing of ballroom dance shoes. With four different models at disposal, this brand makes shoes that will serve excellently during practice, competitive events, dancing styles, and even wedding parties.

The GP 50 Shades, in particular, are classic designer shoes that are perfect as everyday shoes for most outdoor practices. Thanks to the sole stopper. It is fashionable and made from flexible and comfortable material that ensures a smooth feel.

Made by a high-quality and premium shoe brand, professionals who wish to highlight their appearance while on the dance floor are bound to be impressed by the overall design.


  •       Multi-dance style shoe
  •       Suede outsole to prevent friction on the dance floor
  •       Flexible and lightweight construction
  •       Adjustable clip for excellent fit
  •       It comes in a black and white patterned design


  •       It does not run true to size
  •       Restrictive in colors


Wood8 Men’s Two-Tone Wingtips Oxfords Dress Shoes

Best among swing dancers footwear is the Two-Tone shoe. The shoe comes with a vintage and classic look that goes perfectly with any outfit, no matter the style or variation presented. It is also multi-faceted and versatile, given that it’s stylish, unique, and functional. That means you can have it on as part of a formal or casual outfit for indoor or outdoor parties.

It is one of those shoes you can wear with different outfits from navy pants and dress pants to slacks, shirts, and tuxedo. The presence of padded insoles and lining makes it even more comfortable to wear for long hours when swing dancing.

If you have a themed party to attend, the Wood8 Men’s Two Tone Wingtips Oxfords Dress Shoes can be a befitting companion to make you stand out. It glams your whole outfit and finishes without dominating your look. Indeed, wearers will make a buzz whenever you are on the dance floor with this fantastic pair of shoes.


  •       Low heels for comfort and balance
  •       Versatile dancing shoe
  •       detail stitches to promote aesthetics and durability
  •       Excellent quality at a budget price


  •       The outsole is slick on the floor
  •       Not the best for wide feet
  •       Associated with unpleasant smell when new


Ollio Women’s Classic Lace-Up

If you’d like to add that vintage look to your Swing dancing classes, the Ollio Women’s Classic Lace Up brings class and comfort in one. They are lightweight, durable, and are made from high-quality material that doesn’t scuff over time. And when they get dirty like any other dancing shoe, you can simply wipe them clean, and they will be all-around great.

The Ollio Women’s Classic Lace Up shoes run true to size, meaning you can be confident they will fit like a glove. They are designed with a rubber outsole, making them perfect for those who love dancing with a bit of traction to catch you when moving quickly. Also, if you prefer suede, you can always stick some suede with these shoes.


  •       Cute vintage look
  •       Comfortable and secure fit
  •       Small heel, great for Swing dancing
  •       Rubber sole for some bit of traction


  •       Not the best outsole for fast movements


Tic-Tac Toes Women Swing

Tic-Tac Toes is another popular brand known for producing high-quality shoes for both genders in regular, narrow, and wide widths to fit all swing dancers. The soles and the uppers are crafted from leather, meaning they can stretch and mold to the shape of your foot for excellent comfort.

The presence of soft pure leather means that you can count on these shoes for a long time, given that the leather is durable. There is also the asymmetrical top strap and slide buckle that allows you to make adjustments to the fitting as you wish.

The shoes come with a proprietary HHH thick weight suede that gives Swing dancers the feel and shoe longevity they all yearn for. They also feature a durable top coating that’s made with urethane. This feature alone helps to reduce scuffing while making the shoe easy to clean.

The heels are both attractive and attractive for traction and attraction purposes and will serve you flawlessly when dancing various Swing dance styles.


  •       Available in five different colors
  •       Equipped with antibacterial properties to combat sweat and blister development
  •       Top-lift section to enhance slip-resistance and durability
  •       Overall comfortable shoe for swing dancing


  •       Size runs large
  •       The heel cup has sharp edges


Linodes Lace-up Jazz Shoe

Linodes Lace-up Jazz Shoe is another excellent choice for practicing different ballroom types, and Swing dancing is no exception. They are carefully designed for fast movements, focus, flexibility, and optimal performance on your feet. In fact, the Linodes is one of the most popular models from the jazz list of swing dancing shoes. They fit as expected, last a long time, and feature a small heel of 0.4 inches.

They are designed with a soft fabric lining and EVA sole patch to support your feet and offer incredible traction during movements. If you’re a man and planning to use these as swing dancing, then you might want to purchase 1-1.5 size larger than your regular size.


  •       Comfortable for long dancing sessions
  •       Excellent fit
  •       Laces to help adjust the fit: wide/narrow


  •       Not the best for outside practice

 When it comes to choosing the best shoes,  it all depends on the dance style you’ll be practicing and your personal preference. We have explained some of the best shoes for swing dancing 2021, so now let’s get to the most important factors to keep in mind when buying swing dancing shoes: Sole!

Types of soles

Leather soles. These are the most popular choices among swing dancers, especially those who practice smooth styles such as Balboa. These soles slide along the floors so dancers can spin around with ease.

Rubber soles: Shoes with rubber soles are generally common when dancing Lindy Hop, which is also performed in street shoes because they are much stickier. That means you will grip the surface better when executing fast movements. However, rubber outsoles might make it a bit difficult to spin.

Flats or Heels?

Another important factor when choosing swing dancing heels is to make sure the heel is small-medium I height, wide ad diameter. Generally, they would be strong and stable so that you won’t twist your ankle. We recommend wearing closed toes shoes when swing dancing to avoid getting your feet trodden on. Also, straps won’t slide off.

There’s no doubt that the most popular dancing shoes, particularly for the Lindy Hop, are plimsolls or canvas-style pumps. A popular pick is Keds: they are designed with a rubber sole, which is ideal for dancing outside. They are comfortable and look amazing too.