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New Balance Sizing Vs Nike

New Balance Sizing Vs Nike

New Balance and Nike are two famous shoe brands in the world of running. Established by Phil Knight and Asics, Nike has been manufacturing shoes since 1906. On the other hand, New Balance has been a premium shoe manufacturer for more than 100 years. The most remarkable difference between the two brands is that New Balance shoes offer a firm but cushioned ride. 

If you plan to buy a shoe, the brand name that will pop up in your mind is likely New Balance or Nike. First, however, you need to be very conscious about selecting the right shoe to fit you well. An ill-fitting shoe can cause toe swelling, foot fatigue, and many other problems that will give you an awful experience.


All the New Balance shoes are a true-to-fit size. On the other hand, Nike requires you to do a bit of study to get the right fit. So, you might be wondering how to get the perfect fitting when comparing these two brands? So, here, let’s dive into that.
How do New Balance shoes fit?

The New Balance shoes feature a design aimed at satisfying the fitting requirements of the user. They come with an exhaustive size chart for all. In addition, the company offers conversions for the EU, US, and UK sizes on top of the consistent centimeter measurement provided for each pair of shoes. The New Balance shoe size ranges up to 13 for men, while for women, they offer up to 14.

The shoe is also available in extra-narrow to xx-wide sizes for adults and standard extra-wide for kids. However, not all widths are available for the different shoes. For men, the average width is D, and B and M are for women and kids, respectively. If the shoes seem to be a little more expansive, women can select 2A or 4A, and men can opt for B or 2A. If the fitting is too narrow, men can go for 2E, 4E, or 6E. Going by the opinion of many of their fans, the New Balance shoes run true to size.

How Do Nike Shoes Fit?

Nike is highly popular due to its stable features. However, when it comes to fitting, the shoe is slightly smaller than those from competitor brands. Most of the time, they will run small in both width and length. If your feet are flat, you are likely to experience discomfort due to their arch size. However, those who prefer a natural or a high arch find these shoes excellent for fitting.

Additionally, the shoe series you are willing to purchase is a crucial determinant of the size of Nike shoes. To accommodate a broader range of widths, they come in wide and extra-wide sizes. While most Nike shoes do not accommodate wider feet, a few unique series, such as the Nike Zoom Vomero and Nike Air ZoomStructure, are specifically designed for broad feet. In addition, Nike’s smaller sizes provide an excellent fit for those who hate wearing too-big shoes.

Sizing guide for the New Balance

While most of the shoes fit true to size, this brand makes selecting the proper size a breeze. Below is their sizing guide to help you find a fitting shoe.

Men’s shoe sizes range from 4 to 20. Each size is available in both EU and UK versions. The conversion scale for a standard 4 US men’s size is 5.5 of standard 4 US women’s size. Similarly, the UK size scales up to 3.5 and 36 for the EU. The dimension in centimeters is 22.

For women, the conversion guide has a variety of ranges. For example, a regular 4 US women size is 2.5 for US men and the EU scales to 34, and the UK size is 2. The length comes in cm and is 21.

Below is a width guide of shoes

  1. Widths for men shoe

D- Standard 

B- Narrow 

2A- X-Narrow

6E- XX-Wide

4E- X-wide

2E- Wide

  1. Widths for women shoes 

B- Standard

2A- Narrow

4A- X-Narrow

D- Wide

2E- X-Wide

4E- XX-Wide

  1. Width for kid’s shoes

XW- Extra wide

W- Wide 

M- Standard 

Sizing Guide For Nike 

Compared to the New Balance shoes, the sizing of Nike shoes goes a little differently. For instance, regular Nike shoe’s 7 US Men are 9.6 inches, equating to 9.8 inches for the New Balance. The men’s Nike shoe size scales from 6 to 18. The US size 6 is 5.5 of the UK and 38.5 of EU sizes. The dimension comes in inches and is 23.7

On the other hand, the women’s shoe size ranges from 5 to 12. The US size 5 equates to 2.5 UK and 35.5 EU sizes. It also has a length of 22 inches. The kid’s shoe collections scale between 0C to 13.5C.

How Do You Select The Right Shoe Size?

When buying a shoe, it is essential to ensure that it fits you well and offers optimal comfort. Below are tips to help you select a suitable shoe for your feet.

  • Trace and mark your foot
  • Measure both of your feet 
  • When trying the new shoes, try standing and walking in them to find out whether they are comfortable.
  • Consider your comfort level 
  • Consider the widths of the shoe
  • Properly examine the sole to ensure that it is sturdy enough to protect your feet against sharp objects and that it provides your foot area with good cushioning. 

Final take

When buying a new pair of shoes, make sure to verify the size and level of comfort they provide. Both Nike and New Balance will give you excellent results. Your contentment, however, is more important than the brand name.

The New Balance is simple to put on and will provide you with excellent performance for a long time. On the other hand, Nike sneakers are more miniature and require that you get your feet measured before purchase. They do, however, provide good performance for individuals with narrow feet.