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How to Diamond Lace Shoe

How to Diamond Lace Shoe


It’s difficult to believe that something as insignificant as shoelaces can make a considerable contribution to your overall foot health. But that is the reality. It is especially true if you are a runner or someone that spends a lot of their time in shoes. Lacing incorrectly, either too loosely or too tightly, can put you in danger of injury. But, of course, especially if you are part of the running world, an injury to your feet and ankle is the last thing you want to happen to you. 

It takes more than just the right footwear, gait analysis, and proper socks to maintain your feet in good shape. It also necessitates that you lace up properly. Various lace patterns can offer you comfort even with all sorts of conditions, such as bunions and corns. This article will take you through a quick breakdown of how to diamond lace your shoes.

17 Easy Steps on How to Diamond Lace Your Shoes

So, what are steps that will guide you on creating a diamond shape lacing design on your shoes?

  1. First, you are required to start with your shoes and laces separately.
  2. Place the laces through the eyelet, ensuring that they go below rather than the top.
  3. Next, please take one of the lace’s sides and insert it into the opposite side’s eyelet, the second eyelet up. Make sure it goes into the shoe.
  4. Insert the lace in the eyelet right above so that now it is going out of the shoe.
  5. Insert the lace to the eyelet directly above where you began going inside the shoe. Make sure it goes into the shoe.
  6. Insert the lace into the eyelet directly above so that it goes out of the shoe.
  7. Now insert the shoelace into the next eyelet on the opposite side. Ensure that it goes into the shoe.
  8. Put the shoelace in the eyelet above so that it goes out of the shoe.
  9. Next, move the shoelace where you previously ended on the opposite side of the eyelets and insert it into the shoe.
  10. Now, let’s get to the other end of the lace. Put it into the opposite side eyelet, the second eyelet up. Ensure that you go above the first lave and below the second one.
  11. Insert the lace into the eyelet directly above so that the lace goes out of the shoe.
  12. Move the lace to the opposite side of the shoe and insert it into the left empty eyelet. Make sure that the lace goes into the shoe.
  13. Put the shoelace into the eyelet right above so that it goes out of the shoe.
  14. Move the shoelace to the opposite side.  Ensure that you go above, below, and above before putting it in the eyelet
  15. Put the shoelace into the eyelet directly above so that it goes out of the shoe.
  16. Put the shoelace diagonally down.  Before finding its way in the third eyelet from the top on the opposite side, move below and above. Make sure that the lace goes into the shoe.
  17. Slip your foot in, tighten the laces, and you’ve got yourself a no-tie method of keeping your shoes on.

Additional facts about the diamond shoelace design

Shoe Required

The diamond shoelace design requires your shoe to have several eyelets. Thus, your boots and sneakers can go very well with this design. You can also use Vans styles and Vans. The aim is to ensure that the top of your shoe is clear enough to allow the diamond lace pattern to stand out. If your pair of shoes have a small tongue, the design will be less noticeable to onlookers. It will still be attractive, but not in the same dramatic way.

Required Shoelaces

The diamond shoelace design is a pattern that demands flat shoelaces. Though you can achieve it by using oval or round laces, they will not lay as flat against the tongue and eyelet of the shoe as they should. The crisscrossing of the shoelace pattern should be noticeable even from several feet away, which is part of the diamond lace’s intrinsic appeal as a design.

The actual length of the shoelace required is hard to determine due to different shoe sizes and types. However, the 36″ laces will give you an easy time on most Vans.

Required Eyelets

Due to the lacing pattern of the diamond lacing design, the shoe eyelets should accommodate a double length of the shoelace. Thus, it is essential to buy shoes with wide enough eyelets, or that can easily enlarge. A pencil or a pen inserted into a stitched eyelet can aid in this endeavor. In addition, metal and plastic eyelets will be less malleable.

Regarding the required number of eyelets, your shoes should have more than five eyelets on each row. That is because the diamond lace pattern will appear firmer the more they are present.

Finishing off

To complete the diamond shoe design, tie knots or bows in the shoelaces underneath the shoe, or cut the strings after putting Lace Anchors in place. The latter option will keep the shoes looking beautiful while also securing your design. A bow is not an appropriate finishing option since it will bring competition to your diamond shoelace pattern.

Additional options

When you feel like changing the diamond pattern, you can try one of the alterations below.

-Select a shoelace with a color that matches that of your shoes. That way, you will get a design that will add texture to your shoe rather than a pure geometric pattern.

-Select shoelaces in different colors. For instance, you can get a red one for your right shoe and a pink one for your left shoe. That way, you will get a diamond lace pattern that will stand out.

-You can also try using two different lace designs on your shoes. You can easily pair the diamond shoe design with other patterns such as Bar Lace or “NO” Lace.