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Is End Clothing Legit?

Is End Clothing Legit?

End clothing is one of the hottest clothing stores on the internet. The goal of everyone is to feel and look good in their clothes, and few places can do that better than End clothing stores. End clothing is a legit way to wear clothing! 

What is End clothing?

Is End Clothing legit? – This is a pervasive question among shoe fans all over the world. End Clothing is a trendy online retailer in the UK. Their main products are sneakers, and they host several brands.

Is End Clothing Legit?

End Clothing is a legit leading online clothing store founded in 2005. It features the latest designs, fancy and simple. Although most designs are relatively simple, they can be renovated or refreshed by adding cool and trendy touches. They feature designs from superbrands like Nike, making them a legit company. End clothing is the home of contemporary fashion. They offer classy and trendy streetwear style pieces. At End clothing, each piece is designed and styled uniquely.


End clothing is a UK-based company but operates as an online store. A simple google search is enough to lead you to End Clothing to see what they offer and maybe place an order. Their website is minimalist and to the point. Their customer interface is easy to use, with different sections featuring different products. You need to click on the area you want.

What products does  End Clothes feature?

End clothing features brands like Givenchy, Gucci, Balenciaga, The North Face, and Stussy. They feature the latest in fashion and style and the newest releases.

Their footwear includes casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, and luxury shoes for men and women. Besides footwear, they also offer branded and quality clothing such as jackets, pants, shirts, trousers, and accessories like belts, bags, and scarves.

End clothing has the best gift deals for men and women. Depending on the occasion, you will find personalized and extra-special gift packages.

They also have a section for lifestyle products like fragrances and grooming.

They also feature sales on almost all their products. You might find your favorite sneakers at a lower price. All you need to do is constantly visit their website to keep abreast with current sales.

The most fun segment is the launches. This is where the newest arrivals or releases are featured. You will find even the dates of the launch included on their website. If you love keeping up with fashion trends and styles, you will love the launches segment.

How End Clothing works

With their minimalist website design, finding what you want is a breeze. You will need to look around for the specific product you are looking for, add it to the cart, and checkout. You receive an email confirmation with your purchase receipt. Now you have to wait for delivery.

End clothing is genuine in its operations, and they deliver authentic products with the manufacturer’s labels. This makes them a reliable retailer.

You can usually find a list of discounted items in the sales section, which will give you a percentage of the discount. With this in mind, you can choose the discount option you want to purchase from. Wouldn’t you love a deal on the Balenciaga you’ve been eyeing?

End clothing order status

Your order passes through various statuses depending on the stage it is at.

  • Processing-This means that the payment for your order has been received, and it is being created.
  • Order received-At this stage, your order is waiting for the Dispatch Team to process it.
  • Pick-here, the Dispatch Team is working on your order, and you cannot make any amendments to your order at this stage.
  • Complete- at this stage, the Dispatch has completed your order and will reach you in a given time frame.
  • Closed- this stage means that your order has been refunded.
  • On hold means there could be a problem with your order, and you are notified about this within 24 hours.
  • At this stage, your order is in the waiting line to be processed. 

End Clothing shipping

They have a pretty decent shipping and returns policy that’s inexpensive and hassle-free. For returns, you must make them in 14 days, ensuring the product is unworn and in good condition. However, you may incur some postage costs for these returns.

They use the FedEx priority service to deliver orders made by clients in the US. Delivery is on Delivery Duty Paid terms, meaning the customer will not be charged extra charges upon the order’s arrival.

However, outside the US, the delivery is generally in Delivery Duty Unpaid terms. Regardless of the hefty amount you paid when purchasing your order, you will incur additional delivery charges. This may be unfavorable to most clients, and we can only hope that End clothing can adjust these delivery terms soon.

For deliveries outside the country, you will need a shipping forwarding service for your products to be shipped. A shipping forwarder provides you with a US-based address that will help when ordering. They can then send the order to your home country once they receive your order.

Ensure you find a simple, cheap, trustworthy, and reliable forwarder. Also, find one that can offer the required US-based address. 

Finally, you will need to choose a shipping method. You want to select an international carrier like UPS or DHL. The time it takes to ship your order will depend on your location.

The bottom line is that you will love the products that End Clothing features. It is essential to first read the item’s description before making the final purchase decision. Some of these brands will require you to spend a hefty amount of money, so ensure to be alert when placing orders.

However, a few negative reviews about End Clothing have been received, like receiving an empty box or the wrong order. The only hope is that End clothing will improve its shipping practices to ensure the maximum satisfaction of its customers.