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How to Find a Sneaker Plug

How to Find a Sneaker Plug


Sneaker plugs or connects play a significant role in helping you find and buy good kicks as soon as they hit the market.

Some of these plugs work in shoe stores, while others are simply friends or buddies with a passion for finding and collecting the most recent and trendy sneakers as soon as getting released by different designers.

With just a little effort, it should be easy to locate a sneaker plug or sneakerhead near you who is good at finding sneakers that meet your taste and preference.

This article will share a total of 9 tips you can employ to find that plug that will connect you to the nearest and most dependable sneakerhead or store for you to acquire the sneakers that meet your budget and taste.

9 Ways to Find a Sneaker Plug

  1. Websites that Trade in Sneakers

Whether you are a diehard sneakerhead, a parent looking for pocket-friendly back-to-school shoes, or a passionate collector of sneakers, one question that often lingers in your mind is: where can I find the best deals on sneakers?

Part of your answers to the question above is likely to be one of these websites: Finish Line, Champs Sports, Foot Locker, Eastbay, to cite four such sites.

These sites belong to giant shoe companies and are visited by several sneakers lovers because they also offer a wide range of sneaker choices, including designer kicks like LeBrons and Kobes.

The companies often stand above the rest because they offer discounts worth pursuing.

The only challenge you are likely to face is their failure to have the type of sneaker you need in their physical locations due to the massive traffic of sneakerheads pursuing style and comfort like you.

  1. Visit your Nearest Mall

Malls provide you with the next destination to visit to find a sneaker plug when the big online Stores purchase don’t work for you.

In these malls, you will find sneaker plugs that will inform you when the next sneaker release is expected.

This gives you the advantage of being among the first to visit the mall to grab your next trendy sneakers or kicks.

They will also make you know when the mall has offers or discounts on sneakers, which will save your budget.

Sneakerheads have been lucky to get discounts as good as $80 for sneakers that ordinarily sell for as high as $200 by having a plug share information on discounts offered by their mall.

Checking your nearest mall regularly is a brilliant idea for periodic sneaker deals and enjoy great discounts on good sneakers.

  1. Take a Visit to Sole Steals

Sole Steals retains the reputation of being a 100% legit dealer of sneakers.

The advantage you get from patronizing Sole Steals for your sneaker kicks is that you eliminate the probability of being sold B-grades or fakes.

But you have to pay Sole Steals for this legitimacy.

You have the option of signing in and subscribing for a weekly, monthly or annual advantage at a fee of $7.99, $1,999, and 19,999, respectively, to enjoy their savings on your shoe of choice.

As a sneaker plug, Sole Steals has the advantage of an Instagram page which provides you with updates on their new stock every Sunday at 6 p.m.

  1. Have a Date with Kixify

Kixify was founded in 2013 and has since grown into a major sneakers store in the net.

This is another place you will find all types of shoes.

The store is a known vendor of Nike, Adidas, and other small and oversized shoes.

However, there is some possibility that you can deal with an unauthorized shoe reseller.

So take note of the ratings given to various sellers and ensure that the reseller of your choice is listed as a ‘verified seller’ just to be assured of peace of mind during your sneakers purchase process.


  1. Patronize eBay

eBay is another sneaker plug that the internet has placed very near to you.

The site also offers you other items that match your sneakers, including clothes.

But you have to bid for that sneaker that fits your taste and budget.

eBay has the reputation of teaching sneakerheads to be keen and patient to get discounts as they journey through building their sneaker closets. So, prepare to be patient as you patronize and buy your sneakers via eBay.

Taking your time to review the ‘Best Offer’ options offered on eBay remains a sure way to get a good deal on your next pair of sneakers.

  1. Attend Fashion Shows

Take your time to physically attend the next fashion show featuring great threads and kicks.

You can meet sneaker dealers and their employees through these events since there is fierce competition among the plugs and connectors for sneakers that can be found in the fashion industry.

Apart from sharing their contacts and the range of items to buy from them, the plugs will let you know where and when the next exhibition will be held, which is another chance to extend your chain of sneaker plugs.

You also get to meet other sneakerheads who become friends and part of the network for sourcing great sneakers.

  1. Get in Touch with a Professional Stylist

You are to a professional stylist what an advertisement plate is to a marketer.

The stylist needs you to sell their wares-including sneakers- and reach other customers interested in their products.

There is a perfect chance that the stylist will include you in their mailing list to promote or sell their products.

Many stylists will also let you into the latest materials, colors, and designs that customers prefer.

This is a sure way of helping you save the time and energy you spend shopping for sneakers that meet your taste and preference.

  1. Attend Sample Sales Events

Top designers and high-end boutiques periodically organize sample sales galas where a range of sneakers and other kicks are sold as samples.

While such events represent a chance for them to show off what they have, for you, it’s a chance to find your next sneaker.

Remember that when you are nominated as an influential customer, these designers will reach out to you with the best items from their inventory, as they need you to attract other sneakerheads.

You also become a reliable source of feedback on how customers perceive their sneakers and other items.

  1. Befriend or Become a Celebrity

As trendsetters, celebrities get free samples from manufacturers and designers to create awareness and demand for items like sneakers and more.

As a friend of such a celebrity, your access to the latest arrival of sneakers will be assured.

If you are lucky, the celebrity may also give you a free sample of the latest type of sneaker shoe given to them for free or at a considerable discount for promotional purposes.