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How Long Does it Take SNKRS to Ship?

How Long Does it Take SNKRS to Ship?

The SNKRS app gives you a surefire way to ensure you lay your hands on the hot sneakers you’ve been eyeing. It allows you to score the latest and hottest Nike additions with the click of a button. Nike sneakers are a great way to add chic and style to your wardrobe, and this is one feature that makes Nike products fast-selling.

How Long Does it Take SNKRS to Ship?

If you wonder how long it takes SNKRS to ship, the answer is that it depends on your location and the shipping method used. Purchasing Nike may require tact as some of their products are limited, and others are hotcakes that get sold out before you make your way to the store.

How to begin with the SNKRS app

The first thing to do is download the app. The app reserves you a place when seeking to buy limited-edition sneakers. Although the app does not guarantee that you get that popular pair, it is your best shot to score the trending styles.

Installing the app, therefore, is the first step in securing your limited edition kicks. There is a download option for Android and IOS. A simple google search will provide you the relevant link.

After you have the app up and running, you can browse the vast collection of Nike products and place an order. It is also important to note that Nike reserves the right to reject your order.

You then need to show your shipping address and choose your preferred shipping method. If you are outside the U.S., you can use the services of a reshipping service that can then forward it to you. You can use the reshipper’s address as the delivery address in the SNKRS app. But this can be tricky as Nike states that they do not ship to reshippers and shipping forwarding services.

Where does SNKRS ship from?

All the orders placed through Nike’s website are shipped from Memphis, Tennessee.

What are Nike’s shipping options?

At the time of writing this, Nike temporarily extended its delivery timeframes to ensure the estimated delivery date shown at checkout includes a provision for known delays.

In every order, Nike members get free standard shipping. They also get a discount on expedited shipping. All they need to do is sign in before checkout to receive free shipping automatically.

At checkout, customers choose their shipping option of choice. Customers also include their delivery address and where the items will be shipped from. With this info, Nike provides an estimated delivery date with every item purchased,

The following are Nike’s shipping options:

Standard shipping

  • For members, this shipping option is free.
  • For guests, they charge $8 for all orders of less than $150
  • For orders above $150, guests get free standard shipping

Expedited shipping

Expedited shipping refers to a faster delivery freight option than the usual delivery speeds compared to the standard shipping option. With this shipping option, delivery trucks travel from the order’s pickup point to the customer’s delivery address without making any stopovers.

It is important to note that expedited shipping may not apply to all orders.

  • Nike members who sign in at checkout pay $5
  • Guests pay $15

Express delivery

Express delivery is the fastest shipping option as shipment to the customer’s delivery address is done between 24 to 72 hours. This shipping option may not be available for all orders.

  • Nike members who sign in before checkout pay $15
  • Guests pay $25

Store pickup

Nike also offers the option to pick up your order at the Nike store closest to you. This shipping option is free for all eligible orders. You only need to click on the ‘pick up’ button before checkout to see if your order is eligible for store pickup.

It is also essential to use Nike’s store locator to confirm whether the store nearest to you is open. Because of the safety of Nike’s staff and customers, some stores have been temporarily closed, and those that are open operate within limited hours.

What is Nike’s shipping process?

  • Nike processes and delivers orders from Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. On weekends, deliveries are available for specific orders.
  • They use a wide range of shipping carriers to ensure timely delivery.
  • Converse custom orders and Nike By You take 2-5 weeks and do not have the standard and expedited shipping options. 
  • For orders with APO and FPO addresses, shipping is free through standard USPS Military Mail and should arrive between 30-45 days from the day of dispatch.
  • For multiple items, you receive multiple deliveries with a shipping confirmation message for each item. The message lets you know when to expect which item.
  • The estimated delivery date provided in the checkout is set based on the shipping option you choose and your delivery address.
  • Nike does not ship to post office boxes, package forwarding services, and reshippers.
  • They only offer shipping in the U.S. for APO and FPO addresses. They currently do not offer international shipping but advise international customers to shop in the Nike stores available in a few countries or regions worldwide.

With the SNKRS platform, you can track your order and see its current status and updates on your expected delivery date. Sometimes you will have to wait in line for some products. For example, for Nike By You shoes, making them alone takes up to six weeks. Delivery then takes another 2 -5 weeks. But because they are custom-built, they are worth the wait. Nike may have you wait in line first to finish handling the orders of those before you.

When you sign in to be a member, you automatically qualify for the free standard shipping and the other discounted shipping options. With the app, you get instant access to the latest items, some of which never get to the stores. You are now on your way to scoring those trendy sneakers that Nike has to offer. The app makes it easy to revamp your wardrobe by bringing you close to scoring the newest editions.