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How to Get Early Access on SNKRS

How to Get Early Access on SNKRS

If you are a Nike lover, you know how to access the latest and most outstanding products right from your PC. As a member of the Nike family, you have the right to know everything about the newest releases, upgrades, favorites, and all other Nike products. Being a Nike fan, you stay on top of all the latest releases, including the all-time favorite app, the Nike SNKRS. The Nike SNKRS is the number one selling running shoe in the world!

Like most people, you too should be excited about this new technology that grants users early access to some Nike products.

What is SNKRS app

When you become a member of the Nike Club, you can access almost any new and latest releases. But did you know that you can also get early access to the Nike App? The Nike App allows you to get your hands on tons of great new products. You can get your sneakers, shoes, accessories, special offers, and so much more right from your computer.

During an All-Star Weekend in 2015, Nike launched the Nike SNKRS App. This digital platform is a unique channel for delivering the most coveted price drops in the newest release footwear, making it ground zero for top trending footwear. The system works by draws, which are random lotteries granting random entrants the once-in-a-lifetime chance to purchase hot sneakers.

Above this release tier, the procedure is exclusive access. Nike SNKRS provides a few select users an opportunity to purchase hot-shoe designs ahead of the actual selling schedule without waiting in line or blindly hoping to buy.

How to get SNKRS early access

By now, you are itching to know how to access this VIP-like level list. Although Nike chooses random entrants, they consider some factors to help their algorithm make the selections.

  • The exclusive access invites are sent out to the SNKRS community members based on their engagement with the app. If you are yet to engage with the app, sorry, you cannot make this list.
  • They also consider how active a member is in engaging with the app and with specific releases and content series. Such a member receives a more personal exclusive access invite.
  • Being active means participating in particular content series, which includes entering launches and trying to buy sneakers regardless of your success, participating in polls, watching ‘Behind the Design’ videos, and making interactions during the live sessions SNKRS holds. Doing all these will increase your chances of getting a slot in the coveted exclusive access invitations.
  • The exclusive access invitations date are set. This date is when the product is slated to be released. The members will be allowed to make their purchases from that date up to a few days afterward.
  • These exclusive access invites are only helpful for a limited time.

The takeaway for this exclusive access, therefore, is that SNKRS rewards member engagement and participation. If you are a dormant user who never gets to do anything, including entering the draws on Saturday mornings, you may never get to taste this exclusive access experience. There is plenty of info in the content series enough to make you knowledgeable on the subject matter of sneakers while increasing your chances of being selected for exclusive access to purchase the latest sneakers.

Also, it is essential to note that exclusive access applies to almost every major release. If you never want to miss out on such a life-shaping experience, start participating and engaging with the app and the content therein.

How to download the app

To download the app, head over to Nike’s website, where you’ll find a link for Android and IOS. The app will provide you with insider access to Nike’s hottest events, launches, and exclusive releases. The app lets you stay updated on upcoming releases so you can set notifications for your dream pairs.

It also allows you to keep abreast with current drops and helps you learn more about your favorite kicks. Free sneaker history class, anyone? The content series in the app includes features from top athletes and the style secrets from the large SNKRS community.

Once you purchase shoes through the app, you can pick them at your nearest retailer. SNKRS offers this delivery platform to allow a seamless experience on the launch day. How convenient is this! The app is undoubtedly the best way to bring Nike sneakers to your doorstep. Further, the app does not contain malicious attacks, threats, or viruses.

For example, select SNKRS users received exclusive access to the new Off-White Dunks in August, with purchases rolling out a couple more days.

As earlier said, your participation will make you a valid candidate for the exclusive access invitations. Over the coming months, you will want to become among the most involved members to qualify for exclusive access invitations for the next hot deal.

The app is not a platform to merely leave Ls (for love) or Fs (for following). You need to engage with all the content available intentionally and actively. If you are yet to download the app, you sure are missing out. Please download it now, not later- that’s, of course, if you are a sneakers lover. If you want to gain early access to the SNKRS app, you need to be a power user of the app. SNKRS app is an enormous hit and still will be many years down the line.

To get into the game:

  • Join the Nike community to receive first-hand info on upcoming releases
  • Download the SNKRS app and sign in to your Nike Member profile to find all the newest and hottest releases.
  • Follow Nike on its social media platforms for info and announcements.
  • Enter the SNKRS Draws for an opportunity to reserve your favorite pair before its release date.
  • Update and save your checkout info for faster checkout.
  • Look out for new releases on the SNKRS calendar. When it is release time, be sure to act fast as Nike only preserves your pair for a short time.