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Shoes Like Balenciaga

Shoes Like Balenciaga

Most people want to get hold of shoes like Balenciaga. Thankfully, the vast sneaker collection on the market today makes it easier to get exactly what you want. Balenciaga are one of the most recognized brands in the footwear industry. However, the most striking feature about their products is their price tag. These shoes come in at a not-so-pocket-friendly budget, approx. $750.

The good news is that the market has lately seen the rise of the trail sneaker. That means you can get your hands on a pair similar to real Balenciaga for a fraction of the price. Below, we developed a budget dupe guide for kicks that are giving Balenciaga’s original silhouette a run for their money.

In this post, we included everything from models like the Triple S, Track Sneakers, and the sock-like Speed Trainers. You’ll also get Nike, Adidas, Fila, and Diesel dupes.

With the price range starting from as low as $50, expecting off-brand sneakers to hold the fashion-circle credentials of the Balenciaga might not be so feasible. But on the bright side, these are designed to deliver, almost the same way in terms of style and performance.

Here are Balenciaga alternatives

ASOS Design and Knitted Sneakers

This pair of sock sneakers from ASOS boast the same sock-like fit, great sole, and futuristic cool that make the entire construction worth consideration. One would even say that the only difference between these shoes and the original Balenciaga is the price. These cost $50 and we can’t stress enough how much of a difference that is from the $750 going up.

ALDO Goorari Sneakers

Thanks, ALDO; for offering some of the coolest-looking Balenciaga sock sneaker alternatives for the budget crowd. The Goorari is an all-black kick that boasts a seriously alien bottom that’ll have onlookers feel as if they’re being abducted.

The shoes are easy to slip on with the presence of the back loop that comes in handy to help wiggle your preference. If you’d like something else other than black, or you just like playing with shades, the Goorari is also available in blue and orange.

Adidas Yung-96 Chasm Chunky Shoes

Adidas are incredibly popular and opting for an alternative from this brand is a nice move. The Adidas Yung-96 Chasm, in particular, is an excellent pair of sneakers that looks like Balenciaga shoe dupes. They spot the trendy chunky outsole and come with a similar shape to the Balenciaga Triple S.

A hint on pros, the shoes are soft, yet durable and deliver a comfortable fit. They come at a handsome price point, so much affordable compared to Balenciaga sneakers. Plus, it’s a chunky retro style.

On the flip side, however, the back of the outsole doesn’t protrude as much compared to Balenciaga Triple S. Also, this can be a little clunky and heavy, but that’s not so different from Balenciaga trainers.

Nike Women’s Air Max 95 SE Premium

No doubt Nikes are great. And if you’re searching for Balenciaga look-alikes from this brand, the Nike Women’s Air Max 95 Trainers are excellent Balenciaga dupes. These shoes are a little cuter, a little rounder than the classic Triple S style, which makes them rather versatile for most people.

They’re offered in a range of adorable colors that look so fresh and fun. Colors are definitely a consideration with the 80’s vibe dominating the fashion industry. You might want to pick a pair of colorful chunky trainers for the new footwear staple.

Nike  Max 270 Running Shoes

For those looking for shoes that look like Balenciaga Track Sneakers, our favorite pick under that description has to be the Nike Air Max 270 Running Shoe. These shoes boast a similar look to the Track Sneakers and are offered in a range of colors.

They feature a lightweight design for a trendy and agreeable look. They’re durable and available in so many great colors- not to overlook the wrap-around air unit that comes in handy for shock absorbency. The only gripe is that they may take a while to break in properly, especially if you have wide feet.

Diesel  H-padola Sock W-Sneaker Mid

While other sneakerheads would like shoes that look like Balenciaga Speed Trainers, our top pick in this case is the Diesel H-padola Sock W-Sneakers. They look so cool to the eye and have the extra sequin detailing for a more distinctive spin. These features make them fun Balenciaga Speed trainers look-alikes.

In summary, the shoes are great with a comfortable rubber sole. The knit-upper is breathable and comes to mid-height. They have a long-lasting phylon outsole that provides a seamless sensation during movements.

And more importantly, they’re made of great quality material and offered at a reasonable price, actually a fraction of the price of the Balenciaga Speed Trainers. Perhaps the only catch is that they’re not the easiest to get on, but once sorted, the shoes are comfy walking in and look great too.

PUMA Thunder Rive Gauche Sneaker

The Thunder Rive Gauche Sneaker by Puma is really similar to the design and feel of the Triple S by Balenciaga. The heel of the outsole is made to stick a little further compared to Nike and Adidas models discussed in this article.

The shoes are made of Chunky rubber soles, featuring beautiful and loud color blocking for a fashionable look. They are comfortable and fairly lightweight to walk in. One thing, however, is that these shoes tend to run a little tight, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Fila  Ray Tracer Tl Shoes

We found this Fila Balenciaga look-alike to be quite affordable. The shoes are carefully made employing great texture and color that make them so unique and fun. Some of the pros include the chunky rope laces and comfortable outsole.

You will also find pull tabs that make it easy slipping on and taking off and mesh upper to ensure breathability. Some said that the shoes are a little hard to style, so you might want to stick to a plain design for a more casual shoe.