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How To Stretch Converse

How To Stretch Converse

Converse is one of the most iconic and reputable footwear brands in the industry. Offering some of the most recognized and best-selling designs ever made, you can switch up your collection with the latest Converse versions for men, women, and kids.

While wearers tend to have different tastes when it comes to fit, there are various things you can do to make sure your converse fit well and stay fresh- one of them, and probably the most promising method is stretching.

Stretching Converse Shoes

There are several reasons why you might want to stretch your Converse shoes; from breaking a newly bought pair to adjusting a pair that’s way too tight. The good news is that we’ve all been there. You try a pair while in the stores, and it fits perfectly, but when you wear it out for the first time, they rub and leave you with sore feet.  In this article, we share some of the simplest ways to stretch your new Converse shoes into a perfect fit.

Thick Socks

The first and quite possibly the most convenient method of loosening a pair of Converse shoes is to wear a pair of thick socks. You can dig out such socks to slowly stretch the material without hurting your feet or affecting the integrity of the shoe.

  • Get a pair of thick socks and wear them inside your Converse shoes. Tie the shoelaces as you normally would such that they are not too tight.
  • Wear the shoes around the house for several hours at a time. You can repeat the process as necessary.

This method can be a great way to slowly and gradually stretch your converse shoes to loosen them the right amount so you don’t end up overstretching your shoes.


Another method to stretch converse shoes is to stuff them, especially if the shoes are particularly tight around the toes and need that extra bit of wiggle room.

  • Roll up several pairs of socks or screw up some newspaper, and push them right to the end of your converse shoes. Make sure they’re squeezed in tightly enough to stretch the material.
  • Then leave the shoes to stretch overnight or so before you remove the stuffing.
  • If the shoes have not stretched enough, repeat the process until you’re satisfied.

Alternatively, you can stretch your shoes by filling two zip-lock bags with water. Seal them tightly before putting them into the shoes and setting them in the freezer. The water will expand as it freezes, which will consequently stretch the fabric of the shoe. However, be careful as you do not want the water to leak inside your new shoes.


Just like freezing, heat can help stretch your converse shoes. An easy way to get around this is to put on a pair of thick socks with your shoes and use a hairdryer to warm the fabric.

  • Start by getting a pair of chunky socks and put on your converse shoes
  • Using a hairdryer, warm all the areas where the shoes feel too tight
  • Try to flex and wiggle your toes while warming to move the shoe’s material as much as necessary.
  • Keep the shoes on until they’re cool so that they remain stretched out for longer.

Give Them a Wash

The fabric used to make your Chucks may be a little stiff and unless you actually wear them in, it may take some blisters. So the point here is to speed up the process by subjecting the shoes to a wash to get the fabric softened up a bit.

  • To do this, first, separate the laces from the shoes
  • Soak the shoes in some warm water and mild soap. This should make the bristles a little gentler.
  • Scrub away any marks on the canvas as well as the rubber outsole.
  • Check that you do not use too much water to prevent water stains and to make the shoes easier to dry.
  • As for the laces, put them into a bowl of water and soap, and then give them a wash with your hands.
  • Put the Converse and the laces out to air dry. You can stuff the shoes withhold newspaper to make sure they maintain their shape.

Shoe Stretching Tools

If other methods don’t seem to work, and your Converse shoes are still a little on the tight side, they’re tools you can buy to help stretch the material. For instance, a ball and ring shoe stretcher can help loosen specific tight areas whereas a two-way stretcher is ideal for stretching the whole shoe at once.

Using a Ball and Ring Stretcher

Start by finding the area of the shoes which needs stretching the most

Place the ball side of the tool inside the shoe and the ring stretcher on the outside

Pull the arms of the stretcher together so that the ball on the inside of the shoe is pushing the fabric out to the appropriate amount and then use the integrated screw fitting to screw the arms into place.

You will notice some movement immediately but you might want to leave the stretcher in the shoes overnight to expand further.

Using Two-Way Stretcher

Put the stretcher inside your Converse shoes with the screw end at the heel of the shoe

Adjust the screw until the fabric starts to stretch

Allow the shoes to stretch overnight and adjust the screw one full turn every eight hours as necessary.

These tools are available online or perhaps your local cobbler might be able to help you source one. While shoe stretching tools can be great, it’s good to try to stretch your Converse shoes gradually so you don’t end up overstretching them.

The Bottom Line

Properly fitting shoes are important for your feet’ health and overall well-being. If you end up with a shoe that‘s slightly too snug, there are things you can do, perhaps with the help of a shoemaker to adjust the shoes so they fit you well. With the above tips, you can stretch your Converse shoes and make them perfectly usable for the outside world.