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What Are Vegan Doc Martens Made?

What Are Vegan Doc Martens Made?


The modern-day plant-based fashionistas no longer have to feel that Docs aren’t for them. With a whole range of vegan boots, shoes, and bags on sale and without the additional premium associated with other brands after using compassionate materials, Doc seems to have gone vegan and for a great course.

Doc Marten has been around for more than half a century now and while animal activism has increased lately, Doc Martens has become synonymous with various counterculture movements such as grunge, punk, and lately the vegan fashion revolution.

The same company that introduced the combat boot into the streets launched its vegan footwear collection in 2011. Based on high-quality craftsmanship, and inherent durability, a great collection of their boots and sandals is now available on vegan-friendly materials.

What Are Vegan Doc Martens Made Of?

For quite a long time, Doc Martens have been recognized for their ability to last, not to forget the time it can take to break a pair in properly. But aside from blisters, the timelessness and reliability of this British brand have garnered so many fans. One question, therefore: what is vegan Doc Martens made of? Are they comparable to the original versions and do they last?

Doc Martens vegan collection is made mostly from a polyurethane blend. It is a non-leather synthetic material that’s less toxic to produce compared to PVS and is more breathable. The uppers do flex and give in quite well just like the classical leather, and without cracking where regular cranking occurs. That means as far as aesthetics are concerned, Doc’s vegan shoes and boots have good longevity.

That said, some countries have regulations on their factories such as vent controls to keep the amount of emission under control. After all, synthetically produced vegan leathers will become more advanced with the presence of more sustainable and eco-friendly methods.

The touch of vegan Docs feels smooth but not cheap. You’ll find a generous thickness to the uppers that delivers that signature Doc Martens quality feel. As for the sole, everything is as it’s always been: thick, bouncy, and hard to wear.

With a quick look, vegan Doc Martens are hard to tell apart from their natural leather-based counterparts, with the only difference being the loop at the back models that gives the game away.

Are Doc Martens Vegan Durable?

Doc Martens are naturally a mark of durability when it comes to footwear and their vegan collection is no exception. These boots are designed alongside a lifetime guarantee, with the minimum durability time being around 20 years. The shoes are made from solid materials and stitching is remarkable and carefully done such that if you handle them well, they can last you more than 20 years. Doc vegan shoes are practically indestructible and will hug the feet comfortably.

Another more impressive thing about vegan Doc Martens is that they’re waterproof boots. In fact, their vegan collection is the most famous range of boots made with synthetic materials that don’t readily absorb water or get wet. Thanks to the synthetic material they are made of.

They are easy to clean and can be worn in heavy rain without any problem. The synthetic leather is so slippery that water and such liquids can’t stand on the boots even for a second.

Vegan Docs are the best-selling products of Doc Martens and are offered in a wide range of colors. They are breathable, easy to clean, unisex, and highly durable. They are some of the most comfortable shoes around and all customers who wear them leave a positive review about their excellent comfort level.

Similar to other Doc Marten boots, vegan docs are also made with the slip-resistant sole, which is hand-sewn and more durable than the adhesive ones. Another good thing about this brand is the diversity of styles that they have veganized, allowing for fans to choose versions of”

Chelsea Boots

Characterized by the absence of laces, an easy pull-on style and elasticated side panels, vegan Chelsea boots from Doc Marten are available in cherry and black as per most regular Doc Marten designs.

Platform Styles

Boots and shoes have been given another twist in recent years, with platform shoes tapping into the modern fashion trends and gaining Doc Martens a new legion of younger fans.

Classic 8-Holes

This is a timeless 8-hole boot design that’s available in a myriad of colors including the traditional black and cherry red.

Vegan Shoes including Brogues

While Docs are largely known for boots, they also have smart shoes and brogues shoes. These ones come with the iconic yellow contrast stitching that makes them almost indistinguishable from non-vegan versions.

The Bottom Line

Though they take a while to break in, vegan Doc Martens available for purchase are a little kinder to the feet as well as animals. They are typically easier to break in and will get accustomed to your feet within a week or so. They might pinch and rub like leather ones, but not to the same extent.

Overall, vegan Doc Martens are a great example of a cult brand attending to the needs of informed consumers and responding with a diverse and agreeable range of products designed to cater to more than just demographics. Reading on the Docs’ website, the vegan collection hasn’t hurt the company’s sales figures. So whether vegan or not, anyone can always find perfect footwear from Doc Martens. Not to forget that the boots are designed to get comfortable with every wear.