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Are Doc Martens Good For Orthotics?

Are Doc Martens Good For Orthotics?

Famous for its boots and sandals, Doc Martens is one of the most popular names in the footwear industry. The brand delivers great comfort and reliability to its customers. From boots to sandals, Doc Marten products are trendy and designed to meet customers’ requirements. But besides all these pros, people are confused, are Doc Marten good for orthotics?

Doc Marten Leather boots usually come with a thick and classy sole which is made from organic rubber while the outer side of the boots spots a brand stamp on them. With their soft and thick sole, these boots are highly recommended for people suffering from foot pain.

So Are Doc Martens Orthotics Friendly?

Yes, Doc Martens are good for orthotics. In fact, they’re the best option for custom orthotics. Dr. Klaus Marten, a German Doctor and the founder of Doc Martens developed a footwear design that would suit people who were agonized by problems of high arches. They ensure an excellent fit for your ankle while preventing the slipping of the ankle inside the shoe.

Doc Marten provides high support for high arches. Being flexible and highly cushioned, these boots can accommodate every shape of feet and arches, which is why they’re highly recommended for people suffering from foot problems. They come with an excellent quality of removable insoles, featuring a steel toe design that keeps your feet from any severe kind of injury.

Aside from people with high arches, Doc Marten shoes also deliver comfort for those people who have a flat fit. Soft and low arch shoes are particularly important for people with flat feet. Docs are highly flexible, meaning they can be easily bent into any shape as per the structure of your foot.

Are Doc Martens Comfortable for Your Feet?

Being very soft and carefully cushioned, Doc Martens are very comfortable for every shape of feet. The boots might feel slightly too tight when wearing them for the first time but will adapt to the contours of your feet for customized comfort.

For the size, they don’t offer half sizes but one width. If your normal size is 10.5, you can’t get the exact size, but a size 10 with Docs would be an excellent fit for you. Besides, the boots are soft and will stretch according to your foot shape.

You’ll also find these shoes very therapeutic for your feet as people with various foot problems usually don’t feel the same pain after wearing these boots. The soles are designed to deliver a comfy feel to your feet while still looking very attractive. These features combined with the durable structure of the shoes make them suitable work boots and other outdoor activities like hiking.

Doc Martens Are Good For Walking

While workaholics need shoes that provide sustainable comfort and minimize tiredness, Doc Martens are perfectly suitable for people who are mostly on their feet, such as laborers and other office workers. The leather used in the making of these boots is very hard and will blend smoothly with your feet. And the cushioned sole is likewise really comfortable.

The outsole is made of anti-skid material, which acts as a safeguard for your feet against water, mud, and even snow. Also, Doc Martens are great for walking in rainy water. However, similar to most shoes out there, Doc Martens usually calls for some time to break in properly. When wearing these for the first time, you may wear thick socks to help ease the break-in process. Oiling the boots and slightly heating them also work to help break in the shoes.

It’s good to state that while Doc Martens are designed to withstand the rainy weather, these boots are not actually waterproof. They are not as effectively water-resistant as expected, but for the best results, you can use water-resistant spray on the outside of the shoes.

The upper part of these boots is not waterproof but is tough enough to bear the harsh weather conditions including rain. The outsoles meanwhile are highly durable and are oil/water-resistant. They have been made with GripTrax Sole which provides grip and traction in rainy weather.

Breaking in Doc Martens

The break-in period of Doc Marten depends on the stiffness of the material. The average time required to break in Doc Martens is 3-6 weeks, but different materials may take different periods to break in. Speaking of leather boots, they’re usually soft and don’t require much time to break-in. Likewise, Doc Martens Vegan boots may take a week to break in due to their soft material.

The Bottom Line

Every product comes with its pros and cons. Despite having a few flaws, Doc Martens are perfect footwear. This brand offers very comfortable and durable shoes in a wide range so you can find every footwear based on your requirements.

Docs might be hard during the first time of wear and may feel rather uncomfortable. But after the break-in period, they become comfortable and very soft to wear all day. While it’s not necessary to wait until the break in period is over, you can speed up the process by using various methods of breaking in leather boots.

For instance, oiling the leather can help in the fast break-in of the shoes. Docs are also usually costly but the price marks the reliability and quality of these shoes.  And more importantly, they are packed with high-quality removable orthotics, which means they are orthotics friendly.