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Do Yeezy Slides Run Small or Big?

Do Yeezy Slides Run Small or Big?

Whether you love them or not, the new Yeezy slides are almost everywhere and are oppressively pervasive. While some think that these shoes look like hospital clogs, others refer to them as future footwear, but the fact is: Kanye West has done it again.

While the first version of Yeezy slides seemed more comically undersized (and a classier take on the conventional Adilette-Style shape), the latest slip-ons look very much like the future of sandals.

The croc style foam runner which is proudly made in America makes most models on the Yeezy Slide series feel like a full-on sandal. In fact, according to reviews, if the latest Yeezy slides are the way to go, everything in the future will be super comfortable.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty, the Adidas Yeezy Slides are more like a new member of the Adidas Yeezy collection. In a footwear range full of futuristic sneakers, the brand went further by providing a cool Yeezy Slide for men, women, and kids. But how does the Yeezy slide runway fit? Should you size up or down your Yeezy Slide? Do these shoes run small?

Do Yeezy Slides Run Small?: Sizing and Fit

You should take your normal size as the Adidas Yeezy Slides run true to size and do not run small. In fact, Yeezy Slides fit the same as the rest of the Yeezy styles. These are open footwear that fit true to size with enough space for your feet. However, while Yeezy slides are roomy, you might want to consider going half a size down according to your preferences.

Going half a size up might be preferable as these are open-toed shoes and if you’d rather have more room at the toes rather than just your feet poking out the front.

The overall design of the Yeezy Slides is huge in comparison to other sandals, which means if you take a size up, it can make your feet look big. Perhaps the main reason why these sandals are popular is comfort. They are exceptionally comfortable as the material as well as the wide strapless shape make you feel really comfortable.

They feel like walking on clouds and while you might expect to be comfortable from looking at the pictures, previous buyers stated that the shoes feel even better when you actually try them on. The fact that they don’t have seams or edges means that they don’t cause any cuts or scratches associated with some other slides.

They also feature a well-rounded silhouette that makes them roomy to accommodate different types of feet in one size and still be comfortable. You might want to wear yours with socks for that ultimate comfort. Yeezy slides are undoubtedly the comfiest slides available for purchase.

Considering the limited edition sneakers sold exclusively online, which counts for slides as well, we included the Adidas Yeezy Slide size and fitting chart.

Yeezy Slide (US Size) Yeezy Slide (UK Size) Yeezy Slide (EU Size)
3 2 36
3.5 2.5 36.5
4 3 37
4.5 3.5 37.5
5 4 38
5.5 4.5 38.5
6 5 39
6.5 5.5 39.5
7 6 40
7.5 6.5 40.5
8 7 41
8.5 7.5 41.5
9 8 42
9.5 8.5 42.5
10 9 43
10.5 9.5 43.5
11 10 44
11.5 10.5 44.5
12 11 45
12.5 11.5 45.5
13 12 46
13.5 12.5 46.5
14 13 47
14.5 13.5 47.5
15 14 48
15.5 14.5 48.5
16 15 49
16.5 15.5 49.5
17 16 50


What You Need To Know About Yeezy Slide

The Yeezy slide collection was first launched in 2020 and has since become one of the most comfortable loungewear essentials ever created. Kanye West fans received a pair that they never knew they needed.

The footwear debuted at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, which means most people were either indoors or in national lockdown. This marked a great time to launch a pair of sliders. The classic three colorways are still among the most sought-after models. Some even have it that there will be a release very soon.

Given that a whole load of people are waiting to secure a pair of Yeezy Slides, it’s important to note that sizing on this footwear design has proven to be quite a hustle. Luckily, you can easily find a pair that matches your feet with the above-mentioned tips.

All things considered, Yeezy Slides are worth the money and you might be surprised by their comfort level. You can wear your Yeezy Slides with socks and maybe your comfiest joggers.

Another plus is that Yeezy Slides are available even in children’s sizes. The slides come from EU size 16, UK size 0, and US size 1. That means starting from newborn age, children can wear Yeezy Slides comfortably. For newborns and toddlers, the mold has been developed with a comfortable back strap to keep the slides in place. Yeezy Slides for kids come in unisex sizes only, which means the Yeezy for boys is actually the same as Yeezy Slide for girls.

Adidas Yeezy Slides for adults are available in Unisex sizes only. While unisex sizes are displayed in men’s sizes, you can always find your Yeezy Slides in US, EU, or UK sizes. Again, they fit a little roomy so if you’re someone who loves the snug fit, you might want to go half a size down.