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Do Columbia Jackets Run Small?

Do Columbia Jackets Run Small?

If you are familiar with Columbia jackets, you are aware of the quality and functions of the brand’s apparel. For starters, the Columbia apparel brand has carved out a niche in the sports apparel industry with quality outdoor clothing lines to keep the vast fan bases warm and dry. This is besides the plenty of fabrics in use that add extra comfort above the already great looks that come with Columbia jackets.

However, like most situations with brand clothing, most customers may want to ask,” Do Columbia Jackets run small?” Unfortunately, Columbia jackets can run small, with customers reporting the jackets fitting before shrinking. But for the Columbia jackets fan base out there, this should not be a cause for alarm. All that matters is getting the proper sizing beforehand.

What Size of Columbia To Get

Of course, most of us would want to go for a suitable option with clothing such as jackets while avoiding any baggy or loose jackets. Then again, going for the perfect fit does not mean getting a tighter variant, as this also could spell problems later on.

As such, anyone looking for Columbia jackets would want to balance the sizing and get the right fit. So, the question remains how would you determine if a Columbia jacket will fit or run small in the future.

In such an instance, it is always safe to consider the right factors that can help you determine the right size for your Columbia jacket. Among these factors to weigh in your purchasing decision include

Type of Fit

If you are familiar with Columbia, you know how many specifics go into the fit dimensions available. If not, you are in luck since the next section explores the different fit types available with Columbia jackets. Currently, the brand provides four fits available as

Performance– this category includes Columbia’s body-contoured fit that straight up measures the body shape plus movement.

Modern Classic– the Universal fit here accommodates different body dimensions and motion.

Active– Columbia’s body-skimming fit is an excellent design for all-around use and body mobility.

Relaxed– the loosened fit option includes apparel with generous sizing to allow for full-body movement.

Body Dimensions

Aside from Columbia’s fit dimensions, your body size also comes into range when considering what size to get. The chest, shoulders, and arms measurements are usually the regarded figures, although the whole upper torso needs measuring. In particular, the chest size remains the most critical dimension that you might need before finding a fit size.

Jacket Dimensions

The jacket dimensions also come in handy if you want an actual Columbia jacket size that fits perfectly. As per the Columbia brand, each jacket dimension makes consideration for

  • The jacket design, i.e., style and cut
  • Possible insulation layers included in the particular jacket
  • The body movement freedom that comes with the jacket’s extra space
  • The wearing of extra-base layers under the jacket

In general, the jacket’s physical dimensions matter a lot. They should always be greater than your body dimensions to allow extra room. Also, consider the specific design plays a considerable role in the sizes since each has different allowances.

Jacket Type

The Columbia jacket lineup is not short of different apparel models that focus on warmth, outdoor use, and adverse weather protection. Such a wide brand selection means the jackets vary in size depending on the type you pick. Therefore, it all comes down to what kind of Columbia jacket you prefer and measure the dimensions to ensure they match. 

Columbia Jackets Sizing Review

If you are still not aware of the correct sizing for your Columbia jacket, you can always count on the brand size chart to come in handy. You can not go for a straight fit but rather size up a bit to leave extra room for balance. In this instance, the brand provides an official size guide for men and women to compare dimensions according to their jacket fit. Here is Columbia’s jacket sizing chart

It is safe to say not all Columbia jackets are expected to run small, so the sizing up is unnecessary. Most of the Columbia jackets fit true to size, making them comfortable and decent looking without much effort.

Do Columbia Rain Jackets Run Small?

Columbia rain jackets count as one of the best outdoor clothing to fend off adverse weather conditions and keep you warm. As a selection under outdoor apparel, Columbia rain jackets can end up running small due to several factors.

First, the rain jackets come with a wide range of extra insulation layers to provide warmth in wet and cold weather. In addition, there are hardshell jackets that carry weather-resistant coatings to repel water and also keep heat. Other Columbia rain jackets have only the lightweight waterproof layer to keep you dry.

Overall, you will have to pay attention to the layer details since every construction affects the sizing. To be safe, it’s wise to always go for a slight size-up from your dimensions to give extra room for the jacket’s interior detail.

  • Do Columbia Toddler Jackets Run Small?

If you found a good deal on Columbia kids’ jackets, you should know that the category runs true to size. However, customers report Columbia infant jackets running a tad larger without looking oversized or loose. Still, you will have to consider that each situation is unique. Plus, the potential to run small depends on making the right choice beforehand. Keep in mind; this means getting the toddler sizing right by using Columbia’s guide to identify the kid’s right fit or, if possible, the correct size-up dimensions in no time. You would also want to consider whether the toddler will get to wear the jacket alone or have extra layers underneath.

  • Conclusion

From this perspective, we can be confident in answering our query,” Do Columbia jackets run small?” We can ascertain that Columbia jackets can run small. However, a lot goes into determining how each apparel turns out. Fortunately, our article gives you a head-start on the laydown of what to expect when looking to buy a Columbia jacket.