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Can You Get Rainbow Sandals Wet?

Can You Get Rainbow Sandals Wet?

Summer is always a time to bask in the glistening sun and enjoy the gushing tides splashing on your feet from time to time. However, like most beach enthusiasts, we are always vigilant on the skin and swimsuit, forgetting to spare a thought about the beach footwear. Rainbow sandals especially get the brunt of getting little care despite being caked in sand and mud from all the seaside action. Even worse, most of the beachcomber crowd remains clueless on adequately cleaning and handling rainbow sandals.

To counter this, we have prepared a laydown of helpful information on rainbow sandals, cleaning them, and handling them better. But first, we get to explore one of the most common questions bugging rainbow sandals fans,” Can you get rainbow sandals wet?” Let’s find out.

Can You Get Rainbow Sandals Wet?

Of course, rainbow sandals are bound to get wet within time, which is entirely okay with most pairs. Most beach footwear is washable, for starters, and it won’t hurt if water gets splashed onto your rainbow sandals. So, the answer to the question is rainbow sandals can get wet, and it remains normal.

Still, rainbow sandals getting wet should not have you let your guard down on protecting these beach footwear. The goal is always to not get the rainbow sandals too much saturated with water since it can damage the sandals and your feet. Obviously, cracks and breaks will appear with the wet rainbow sandals, leading to the destruction of the rainbow sandals with further wearing. 

If not, then the soaked rainbow sandals can also lead to the leather construction stiffening with the potential to cause bruises when walking. Other occasions would have the wet rainbow sandals staining the feet, especially after use for long periods.

How To Fix Wet Rainbow Sandals

By now, its prominent Rainbow sandals can get wet, but you have to ensure they don’t get water-logged to instill damage. If you expect to always have your rainbow sandals wet, then it’s only fair to have prior knowledge on a fix whenever water gets to them. While the steps may vary depending on the situation, here are the surefire cleaning of the rainbow sandals you might have. But first, ensure you get the following.

  • A soft brush or an old toothbrush
  • Cleaning towel
  • Soft cleaning rags
  • Mild dish soap plus a laundry detergent


  1. Start off by cleaning any dirt and debris off the rainbow sandals’ top surface. Get to dry scrub off any visible sand or dirt on the top and bottom surfaces while the toothbrush works on the hard-to-reach areas of the rainbow sandals.
  2. Get one of the wet cleaning rags and rinse as much water out as possible. Take the damp rag and give the rainbow sandals a wipe-down.
  3. If the surface cleaning is not enough, you can take the option of cleaning the rainbow sandals in a soap mixture.
  4. Take lukewarm water and mix in your detergent for deeper cleaning. With a clean cloth, dip a small section and scrub the rainbow sandals in a circular motion.
  5. Focus on tackling the less dirty areas while leaving the caked areas as the final step.
  6. If there are tough stains the soap mixture can’t quench, then be ready for extra deep cleaning to retain the dirt.
  7. First, get the toothbrush and dip it into the soapy water. Begin by scrubbing down the stained areas, especially with the foot-bed stains. You will have to use a stiffer bristles toothbrush and some hotter water to scrub out the tough stains. However, consider too much hard scrubbing can shred the leather, so you might as well go easy in this process.
  8. Once all the cleaning is done, take a dry towel or paper towel and wipe down any excess water on the surface. 

Keep in mind, the wipe down is not enough and air drying them naturally in the sun is the best recommendation since it’s a good heat source. The only downside to avoid is too much sun heat which often dries out the leather leading to cracks.

If sun drying is not possible, there is the option of a weaker heat source such as a hairdryer to help out.

How Long Do Rainbow Sandals Last?

On average, you can expect your rainbow sandals to last two years. According to most users, this is true. However, there is chance rainbow sandals could last longer if rarely used and have better maintenance. As such, how long rainbow sandals last is expected to be two years, but still, several factors affect the longevity of these sandals.

How To Break-In Rainbow Sandals?

Although rainbow sandals are comfortable beach footwear, they often come stiff or a little tight for your feet at the start. The snug fit will usually need a break-in period to allow the rainbow sandals to stretch and accommodate your feet. However, the break-in technique for rainbow sandals is unique. It uses water to have the sandals adapt to the users. This water break-in technique will have you wear the rainbow sandals, submerge your feet into a pool of water and walk around in them. After a while, the water softens the leather construction allowing it to stretch and conform to your feet shape. Just be sure that your rainbow sandal leather responds well to water before dunking the whole pair inside.

Are Rainbow Sandals Worth It?

Rainbow sandals are definitely worthwhile footwear to have regularly. While they were explicitly created for the beach settings, rainbow sandals have found use in all kinds of leisure settings. This is since the sandals are super comfortable, easy to clean, and are lightweight enough to be packed for any travel. In addition, these sandals come in different construction to give users a variety to pick from and wear. 


We hope our informative piece has provided enough answers to the question,” Can you get rainbow sandals wet?” All-in-all, you can get them wet, but that should not always spell doom for your rainbow sandals and have you write them off. You can now have your rainbow sandals damp and know how to get them back into good condition.