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Express Suits Review

Express Suits Review

Gone are the days when warehouse suits used to be the go-to places for men shopping for suits. Times have changed and options have become much better.

Modern men no longer have to squeeze into ill-fitting suits that will look antiquated within a year or two. Good quality suits for men should fit well, based on tested and durable fabrics, be cut in timeless styles, and more importantly be priced decently.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing Express Suits Review, and alongside the various factors to consider when buying your next suit.

What are Express Suits Made Of?

Express Suits are usually made from a wool-polyester blend (which is why Express can offer such a great price) with a little spandex to enhance movements. The stretch fabric blend helps you to move freely while keeping the suit in good shape in the long run.

Express suits may not be quite the best quality suits out there but when they’re on sale, they look really nice with no alterations needed saving you money. They fit well considering that they’re usually made with polyester.

Express Suits Review: Various Surprisingly Good Options

Express Cotton Suiting-Spring/Summer 2011

Express suits have become a one-stop option for adult male seniors. Their Suiting-Spring/Summer 2011 comes with a ticket pocket, lapels that are contemporary, yet not too skinny, while contouring through the waist/torso of the jacket. The shoulders are a tad strong, but not in a bad way, so long you get something that fits well.

Considering that the brand ran a pretty big suit sale in early March last year, you’ll be wise to keep an eye out for a similar sale this year. Note that any of these models discussed here might be a solid budget at around $200.

The Express Cotton Suiting-Spring/Summer 2011, falls in a distant third to the other two suits, but it’s an excellent budget alternative for those who can dish out the cash for J. Crew’s cotton Ludlow. The cording of the cotton appears to be made a little stiff, but not in a plastic-hard way. It might not be as soft as expected.

Express Pinstripe Cotton/Silk Blend Suit Jacket

The Express Pinstripe Cotton/Silk Blend Suit Jacket couldn’t just get away without the extra tailoring. The 80% Cotton plus 20% silk blend is genius. The silk provides a smooth enough texture so the suit doesn’t feel like chinos, yet it doesn’t feel like wool either.

According to previous buyer’s reviews, the whole thing is extremely comfortable: the fabric feels strong but light, making the Express Pinstripe Cotton/Silk Blend Suit Jacket quite possibly the best-looking suit on the market.

The tonal stripes are thin and relatively subtle, making up for a reliable investment at $350. The only catch, again, is that Express suits usually don’t last for a decade. So be ready for a sale.

Express Cotton Twill Suit Jacket & Matching Pant

Express finally takes the “sateen” sheen out of their premium summer Cotton Twill Suits. These ones used to have a shine to them, which has been done away with and for a greater course.

The jacket strikes an agreeable balance between lines and dress-up structure, but it feels relaxed and comfy at the same time. It’s a perfect choice for a summer wedding. One more impressive thing is that Express offers free shipping on purchases $100 and above.

Things to Consider When Buying A Suit

Before you start browsing a variety of suit brands, there are various key features that you might want to think about before making your purchase. But you don’t have to worry, even if it’s your first time. The details we’ve highlighted here will be easy to follow and remember.

Most adult male brands offer up different interpretations of the wardrobe staple. That means the stores are stacked with a huge variety of choices for judicious shoppers. From the fit to fabric and construction design, a seemingly standardized suit can be spun off in so many different ways. Yet, that doesn’t even include cost.

The good news is that there’s always a suit for everyone. On the flip side, trying to find it can be such an overwhelming endeavor. To help you find your perfect match we developed a list of the various things you should care about when purchasing a suit.


Perhaps the most important feature to check out is the quality of the suit itself. Granted that you’ll likely be wearing the suit for an entire day, and even of course for several years, you’ll be wise to opt for something that bears the test of time.

Please note that we aren’t saying that there are some excellent options available for purchase, (indeed there are), but what we mean is that if you go way too aggressive in an attempt to find a cheap or budget suit, chances are you will be compromising heavily on quality.


Knowing the right style suit isn’t the easiest thing for some men. However, it really doesn’t have to be. When buying a suit, you will find that they’re available in many different styles, all meant for a variety of occasions. This might include tuxedos, party or prom suits, regular workwear, wedding suits, etc.

The subtle difference between these styles stems from the type of material sourced, pocket style, lapel type. The lapel type could be stitched, notched, or peaked. That said, you don’t need to hold a degree in fashion to stand a chance to make a sense of it all. Within this post, we have highlighted a few suit brands that offer models applicable for a variety of scenarios.


Just like any fashion-related item, brand names usually have a substantial amount of weight to the whole shopping process. No doubt that some brands like Express, Tom Ford, and Canali are among the best men’s suit brands, probably due to their well-executed tailoring and fabric.

Nonetheless, an ill-fitting suit will never come out good no matter how much money you spend on it. We, therefore, recommend that you with the brand that you’re already familiar with, or have tried on successfully in the past. Else, you can leap and try something new. Besides, no one will ask to see the inside label of your suit.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Express suits are a great starter for those guys looking for a young trendy fit- a slim shoulder, structure-hugging cut, and tapered pants. Their suits are made from a wool-polyester blend and a little spandex weaved in to keep you moving smoothly. As stated before, the polyester bit is the reason behind Express’s great prices.

The bottom line is that Express Suits are a solid choice for a suit that you might only wear and own for one or two seasons. Still, there are better options available if you’re willing to spend more. Our best advice would be to compare prices and look at the suits that offer the most value per dollar spent.