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Can You Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit?

Can You Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit?

Cowboy boots are so much fun. They are a crowd favorite and come in so many different colors, styles, and textures. While they go great with jeans, have you ever wondered if you should wear cowboy boots with a suit? Well, why not!

Wearing cowboy boots with a suit is a fashion statement. It will set you apart from the crowd. In fact, you can wear these boots anywhere you like, weddings, meetings, or even for a fun night out. When paired with a suit, cowboy boots show a unique boldness and sense of self.

How To Pick The Right Boots

When you look for cowboy boots to flaunt with your suits, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

Exotic Skins

Style is one of the most important factors when picking out a pair of boots to wear with suits. These boots come in many different designs for customers to choose from. Standard cowboy boots are composed of cowhide leather. However, there are now many different kinds of animal skins used to create boots.

These exotic animal skins are generally used on the vamp of the boot. Vamp is that portion of your boot that covers the foot, from the bottom of the shaft to the outsole. Commonly used skins include lizards, alligators, and even ostrich.


Nobody can deny how important comfort is. Uncomfortable footwear can make focusing on the outing a lot more difficult by constantly hurting your feet. Whatever terrain you will be visiting, it is better to carry a very comfortable pair of boots to ensure that you can walk long distances without pain.



The height of the heel is crucial as it influences how comfortable the boots are and how tall you will look. Cowboy boots generally have heels of over 1.5 inches. Ropers, however, have heels below 1.5 inches.

The best way to find the right heel size for you is by trying the boots on and walking around in them. People usually prefer wearing high heel cowboy boots with suits.



All cowboy boots come in different toe styles.

Square Toe

Square Toe cowboy boots only recently rose to popularity. In these boots, the toe is flat and wide. They are a rather stylish design and pair well with blazers. They are also more comfortable in contrast with traditional cowboy boots as they have more wiggle area.

Roper Toe

Roper Toe boots are a popular toe type in cowboy boots. In this design, the toe is fully rounded or U-shaped. These boots are often sported with casual clothes.

J and D Toe

Both of these cowboy boots have pointed edges. The main difference is that D Toe boots come with a snub tip. No wonder these boots match wonderfully with suits. 

R Toe

R Toe boots are tapered with rounding at the tips. They are a classic style and go well with suits.


It is better to invest in cowboy boots that you can pair with a variety of clothes. It helps you save money and even lets you pack less while traveling. You should pick a color that matches the clothes that you wear often.


Best Cowboy Boots For Suits

There are many different types of cowboy boots in the market. When it comes to pairing with suits, we have found these boots to be more suited than other types:

  • Western boots
  • Working boots
  • Roper boots
  • Walking boots

Western Boots

Classic Western cowboy boots are highly versatile. The toes offer a dynamic and interesting shape to the feet. These tips make sliding in and out of your stirrups much easier. They also add a little extra height. 

These boots have been a fashion statement for years now and do not go out of style. They even protect the rider’s shin from insects, snakes, thorns, etc. They even come with a toe box that protects the rider in case a horse steps on them.

Working Boots

Work boots were created essentially for providing comfort and safety in the workplace. They are more rugged and durable. The toe of these boots features a reinforced toe made with composite materials – allow oy steel, increasing the boot’s weight. The toe design accommodates the work needs of the users.

As they have been created for workers in all kinds of conditions, they offer high safety against known hazards. The outer soles of working boots are generally resistant to electric surges and hazards. They are reinforced in order to protect the ankle and feet.

Roper Boots

Roper boots come with a narrow toe box, quite similar to cowboy boots. However, they have a low-rise straight heel, in contrast to the high and rounded heels of cowboy boots. They were designed primarily for people who work with cattle or livestock and do not spend much time on horseback.

These boots are ideal for those who spend more time on their feet than the saddle. Roper boots have a more aggressive tread than cowboy boots. They are comfortable for those who do not prefer high heels.

Walking Boots

Walking boots are suited for all kinds of walks, from light strolls to hikes. They are an essential item for hillwalkers and walking enthusiasts. These boots are ideal for all terrains and can survive every season. Walking can be pretty strenuous on the feet, but walking boots make the experience smooth. They also pair well with suits.

Final Verdict

Can you wear cowboy boots with a suit? Yes, of course. You can wear anything you like with cowboy boots; jeans, slacks, anything! All you need to do is find the right pair of boots for yourself. 

Many factors influence your boots and need to be considered before investing in a solid pair. Your ideal pair of cowboy boots is the one that makes you feel comfortable and suits your style and budget.