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Are Cowboy Boots Snake Proof?

Are Cowboy Boots Snake Proof?

Cowboy boots have been in use since the 18th century. They are increasingly common among workers and farmers guarding their feet in harsh weather and long work hours.

Are Cowboy Boots Snake Proof?

Cowboy boots are not the safest option against a snake bite.One plausible question to ask about Cowboy boots is if they are snake-proof or not. The USA has its fair share of poisonous snakes, so any worker around the field needs to be all set.

Some snakes can pierce through the leather, while some cannot. If you still want to wear your cowboy boots, we have listed some protection methods down here.

Who Are You Up Against?

Although the most poisonous snakes are in Australia, most of the states in the US are home to some poisonous snakes. Some common snakes in America are-

Pit Vipers

The USA has a wide array of Pit Vipers, basically the Cottonmouths, Rattlesnakes, and the Copperheads. They are all venomous snakes and can sense their prey even in darkness. Pit Vipers are responsible for most snake bites in the country.

Coral Snakes

Coral snakes, a part of the Cobra family, are highly venomous snakes. They have a slow attack response and generally stay hidden. They are less responsible for snake bites in the USA, but you still need to be aware of them.

Cowboy Boots Against Snake Bites

Cowboy boots for sure aim to provide protection, but they don’t always prove effective against snakes. Some very adult snakes can bite through your cowboy boots too.  Let’s start by discussing the actual purpose of Cowboy boots.

Purpose of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots at the beginning were meant for riding. They were designed along with the high shaft and a heavy bottom to protect the rider while riding the horse. It prevented harsh rubbing against the horse, uncomfortable for both rider and horse.

Further, the long shaft aimed to keep the boot in place as it has no laces. Though protection against the weather was contemplated, making them snake-proof was nowhere on the agenda. 

Minimal Protection Against Snake Bites

Cowboy boots are officially not meant to protect you from snake bites. Still, the leather and the structure work as an initial barrier when a snake attacks. It might even prove effective against some small snakes.

Cowboy boots are made of leather; some small snakes perhaps do not penetrate through the leather. For the adult rattlesnakes, it may not be very difficult to penetrate as they use a lot more force. Further, they have an aggressive response.

The upper part of the foot of the cowboy boots is the least protective, and snakes can bite right through it. The bottom is made of heavy leather and effectively protects your bottom foot. 

The long shaft still aids as it protects the upper part of the leg. A snake can still bite through its leather, but it is better than just pants or denim. Some snakes also need time to envenomate their victims. Wearing extra layers gives some time to protect yourself at that moment.

How To Get Extra Protection With Cowboy Boots?

We have established that Cowboy boots don’t necessarily protect from snake bites. Few snakes can bite you through thick cowboy boots; nonetheless, some snakes do have the power to enter cowboy boots.

Precaution is better than cure. Here we provide you with some precautions to consider before fitting into cowboy boots around snakes.

  • You should wear loose trousers that expand till the highest point of the boots. This dead air between skin and pants raises the possibility of the snake not reaching your skin.
  • Make sure your pants are on the outward of your boots to ensure maximum security. It also ensures the pants maintain loose-fitting.
  • The trouser material ought to be either denim or some other form of hefty/thick material. This makes penetration even more difficult.
  • It’s ideal to wear a pad in the middle of the jeans and the boot. This will assist with decreasing the odds of the teeth infiltrating your skin.
  • You can choose to wear anti-snake gaiters or chaps. These provide more protection against snake bites. 

Snake-Proof Boots

Snake-proof boots are simply the most productive approach to protect against snake bites. Despite everything, most bites happen around the leg and feet. So, good boots are a good option.

Here are a few snake-proof boots: 

Irish Setters Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17” Hunting Boot

Did you know that the Vaprtrek boot is built in a way that it is 40% lighter than different Setters? This Irish Setter selective is added to linings and leather to execute all microbes that cause smells. The RPM composite sole provides ease in moving forward without hindrance. 

LaCrosse Men’s Adder 18” Pull On Snake Boot

With a covered texture, brown leather, and a ravishing outside, these boots make a perfect fit for your feet. The Adder boots permit dampness to disappear to keep your feet new and cool the entire day. With the PU footbed and the EVA padded sole, you can scarcely tell if what you’re wearing is a pair of snake-proof boots or sneakers. 

Danner Men’s Sharptail Snake Boot

With predominant craftsmanship, excellent parts, and protective exterior makes these boots among the top choices while looking for cowboy boots. To ensure that your cowboy boots are resistant to snakebites, these have adaptable snake insurance texture in the middle of the liner and outside the boot. The flexible clasp ties the opening, giving a custom and ideal fit.

 Summing Up

You likely got the answer. No, cowboy boots won’t shield you from snake bites very well. That being said, you must stay alert all the time. Most snakes wait for their prey to pass rather than actively seeking it. 

Cowboy boots may provide protection against small snakes, but that may not be the case always. So gear yourself up and follow the tips provided in the article above.