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Are Chacos True To Size?

Are Chacos True To Size?

While you’re packing for a trip (especially a long one), you know how important it is to pack lightly but also carry the items with the most use and value. And when it comes to packing footwear that is high-quality, suitable for travel and hiking, the iconic American brand, Chacos, would have definitely crossed your mind.

But are Chacos True to Size?

Yes, Chacos are true to size! If you choose your perfect size, they will give you a cozy fit and make your feet feel very comfortable. They have set high standards over the years with a variety of different shoes that include shoes, sandals, and flip flops that come in different colors, sizes, and fits! 

Whether you are someone who has never purchased a pair of comfy shoes from Chacos or has already purchased one but still doubtful, we are here to help you choose the perfect size to give you a perfect fit!

If you’d like to find out the perfect fit, keep reading!

What Are Chacos?

Chacos are a well-known American brand of footwear that is widely known for their line of comfortable shoes and sandals. 

They are versatile as they can be adjusted by using one single strap that goes on every side of the foot and gives the wearer a very cozy yet comfy fit. They are mainly used in adventure sports like hiking, water sports, and more. 

The only drawback of this footwear company is that it only comes in whole sizes and does not offer half-sizes. This makes it difficult for people who usually wear half sizes as they may be confused about which size is the perfect fit in Chacos. 

How To Find The Perfect Size In Chacos? 

When it comes to Chacos, finding the right size can be a little complicated. As mentioned before, Chacos offers more whole sizes than half sizes. 

If you wear a half size, the best advice here would be to go for the next size. For example, if you usually wear a size 8.5 size, the best recommendation would be to size down to 8 for Chacos. 

However, choosing the right fit with this brand is so much more than just sizing down. Unlike most shoes where the size of the feet is measured, Chacos use the ball to heel size measurements. 

Choosing the perfect size shoe may not seem like a big deal, but what most people forget is the fact that the feet are the main foundation of our body. It carries the weight of our body throughout our life, and if our feet are injured, there’s no chiropractic or yoga solution to help fix it. 

Read on to find out how to find the preferred pair of comfy Chacos for your feet. 

Measure Your Feet With The Brannock Device

If you’ve been out shoe shopping anytime recently, you will know that there is a device in stores with numbers on it. The assistant will help place your foot on this device in order to measure the size of the feet. 

You can either measure the size with the help of a professional or do it on your own, as it is fairly easy to use.

This will prove to be very useful to you, especially if you have plans to order your Chacos online. If you do not have access to a Brannock device, you can print out a size guide for feet and get your measurement. However, the accuracy of this depends on the print quality.

Another disadvantage of using a printed size guide is that it cannot measure the heel to ball size. This measurement is extremely important as Chacos usually manufacture their footwear based on this measurement. 

Comfy Fit For The Toes

When you buy a pair of Chacos, make sure there is ample room for your feet to rest.

When you buy a pair that is one size smaller than your actual measurement, there tends to be a lot of room between the tip of the foot and the sandal. This may sound like it would be comfy, but it can cause a person to trip often.

On the other hand, buying a pair of sandals that is one size bigger than the actual measurements may cause the toes to stick out. This will also be a very forced fit and will not be comfortable to run or walk in for the wearer.

Buying a pair of the perfect size can just give the wearer just the right amount of space and sights comfortably, hugging the feet. 

Orthopedic Support In The Footbed

The reason why Chacos manufacture their footwear based on the measurement between the ball and heel is that they come with a footbed called Luvseat Orthopedic. This feature is also associated with Chacos and is authorized by the APMA (aka the American Podiatric Medical Association). 

This measurement is considered an extremely vital one mainly because this footbed will help hold up the arch and also helps to support the heel. 

The footbed also helps in providing a comfortable cushion for the heel. This will keep the wearer comfortable while doing physical exercises like running, hiking, etc. 

Know The Meanings

You may have noticed certain markings on the back of Chacos footwear before. The markings on the back usually come with a letter (either M or W) and punctuation (either . or  -). 

The M or W stands for “Men” or “Women” to help people pick footwear that is better fitting. The dot indicates that the footwear is of standard width, whereas the dash indicates that it is wider.

Knowing what these markings mean could help a person find their perfect size and help avoid any confusion. 

Adjustable Straps

Chaco sandals are known for the immense level of comfort they provide to the wearer’s feet. Thanks to the adjustable straps. 

However, it is essential to keep in mind that these straps will only secure the foot and keep it comfy when you buy the right sized footwear. The adjustable straps will still feel loose when a small size sandal is purchased. Similarly, it can be too tight when one purchases a bigger-sized sandal.

Buying the right sized footwear will help hold the foot in place and keep it comfortable when even when you’re wearing it outside for an especially adventurous day. 

Summing Up

Chacos are the most preferred footwear when it comes to adventure and water sports. The reason is that they are extremely comfortable, and the straps help in securing the foot in place. 

Thanks to the orthopedic cushion, it provides the user with ultimate comfort and ease. 

Finding the right size of Chaco footwear can seem a little challenging since the measurements used in this company is different from the others. 

And that’s why we hope this article helped you understand how to measure your feet size to help you find the perfect fit!