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Is 6PM Legit?

Is 6PM Legit?

If you’ve ever considered buying shoes at 6PM, then you’ve probably come across a question or a statement concerning the legitimacy of the website, maybe due to their surprisingly cheap prices.

Since we have reviewed many footwear brands and have fielded some of the most common questions, we feel it’s about time now we explain a few things about 6pm’s history, coupons, and shipping policies.

First off, before even jumping into the actual review, we’ll tell you that is definitely not a scam. It is a good and legit shopping website. While any statement needs facts to validate itself, we will present you the facts that prove that 6pm is legit, alongside various things you should know before making any conclusions and purchases.

Facts That Proves is Legit

Here are the five facts that provide a positive response regarding the legitimacy of the website. is a Reliable Website Owned by Amazon

Everyone knows that Amazon is the most trusted and reputable e-commerce Company. The multi-billion company (owned by Jeff Bezos) justify the trust through their work and manner. is a sister site of Zappos, which in turn is owned by Amazon.

Initially established under the name Shoedini in 1999 by Gary Weiner, was purchased in 2004 by eBags, but until one year later Zappos acquired the footwear and accessories site for an undisclosed amount. In 2009, Zappos was in turn bought by Amazon for $940 million in a stock and cash deal.

That doesn’t not, however, mean that has sub-par customer service- it is first and more notably a discount site that is geared towards offering items at really deep price cuts.

Besides, Amazon, Zappos, and 6PM usually ship from the same warehouse, though some things may vary considering that 6PM is price-centered and not really a customer-centered marketing positioning.

So, yes. is a good and legit website owned by Amazon. Alternatively, you can order most of 6PM’s products directly from Amazon. Moreover, on the off chance that you purchase something from 6PM, and for any reason didn’t like the product, the website allows for returns within 30 days of the purchase.

The main downside to 6PM’s return policy and the whole return procedure is that the buyer will have to incur the cost of shipping the returned items. Once the company receives the returned item, buyers will be credited for the full amount they paid while making the order, but they won’t get any shipment fees back.

The website return policy seems a bit unsatisfying for the customers, but they still do accept returns and provide a full return, which further justifies the legitimacy of Does Not Sell Fake or Second Products may sell old styles, discontinued products, and clearance merchandise, but never fake products, defects, used products, or factory seconds. The products they provide are the same original and authentic items offered by Zappos, only at further discounts.

In fact,  is an authorized retailer of Stuart Weitzman shoes and UGG boots and sandals. Zappos also discount items, but only to a certain extent. These items are eventually removed from Zappos and moved to 6PM. Due to the high operating cost, shoes and items at Zappos will hardly be discounted more than 25%.

Items that don’t sell within a few months are moved to discounted up to 90%. This explains why 6PM items are usually cheap. However, as mentioned, buyers don’t get free expedited shipping. They will have to pay for return shipping.

6PM’s Return Policy and Exchanges

Now turning the focus to the company’s return policy, one thing worth mentioning is that does not accept exchanges. Instead, they accept returns for goods purchased within 60 days. As soon as the return is processed, buyers will receive a refund for the amount paid through the initial method of payment. Again, you will have to pay for the return shipping for yourself.

In case you’re wondering why does not allow for exchanges, it’s simply because the online retailer cannot guarantee to offer the same item in a different size or style.

Considering that the inventory at 6PM consists of discontinued stock, closeouts, limited quantities, and hard-to-find styles and sizes, simply exchanging something for a different size, color, or even for the same exact item, is a rather tough thing to do.

It makes sense that upon realizing they would be letting down their customers by constantly saying “sorry, we’re unable to exchange X item for Y because it’s not available anymore,” they simply refund the money.

One-Day Sales at 6PM

The early morning sales at 6PM are a well-treasure trove for the budget crowd. If you see something you like, we suggest that you place an order as soon as possible. Items sell out really fast and some products receive extra discounts for just a few hours. Be sure to go through the clearance section for shoes and bags discounted up to 90%.

No Hidden Terms & Conditions at

While scam and unscrupulous websites have hidden Terms and Conditions, which are mostly disclosed only after the customer has been tricked, you can always check out the “Terms & Conditions” section of to see what exactly the company practices. is completely transparent with their practices and has clearly explained their return policy and that they don’t accept “Exchanges.”


The Bottom Line: Is  Real and Legit?

Overall, is 100% legit and great online retail to shop for shoes and clothes at a discounted price. You can go through the website and place your order for the desired items without any worries. We’ve discussed the various indisputable facts that respond to the question “is legit?” The short answer is Yes. The website is real, legit, and trusted.