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Zara Suits Review

Zara Suits Review

While Wearhouse suit stores used to be the go-to stop for men to buy shoes, the time has changed and numerous brands have emerged, making the overall shopping experience much more prolific.

No longer do we have to squeeze ourselves into ill-fitting suits that will look dated in a couple of years. Well, those suits were great looking in their time and we appreciate that they still held up well- it is just that some of them were fashioned over five years ago so they look odd when you put them on.

That said, even if you haven’t bought a suit from those high-end brands for years, you’ve probably heard of Zara suits. They are among the best for several reasons:

Zara Suits Style

If you’d like your suits to be stylish but not too stylish, then Zara suits have exactly that. The fact is that even if you wear the suit often (for instance charcoal grey) and it starts to come apart after three or four years, chances are the cuts of the suit, the lapels, or even the position of the buttons will look antiquated, thus calling for a replacement.

At that point, the suit will cost you less than $200 per year in comparison to $400-$700. Needless to say, you can use the $400-$500 you saved for something other than suits. (And for some of us with kids, we’re sure to think of other things to do with that money).

Zara Suits Quality

Standard suits at Zara are very lightweight fabric (although the brand changes a lot, the last time we checked that was the case. The construction dry-cleans really well, comfortable to wear any time of the year, and looks great too. As low-end suit makers use non-natural fibers for their suits.

Zara uses mostly wool- though they also feature cotton for the spring/summer lines, to deliver a dry cleaner dream suit. You will find better quality wool in premium suit brands, but you will have to pay considerably more for that.

Although the fabric is good, and the price is decent, the overall construction of the suits isn’t the best either. You don’t want to expect any of these suits to last longer than 4 years- though most people would be tired of the suit by then, so you might not feel that bad about ditching it.


Zara suits are almost everywhere. There are a number of them in Toronto, including discount stores like Winners.

While buying clothing at discount stores is really hit and miss, the one in Bloor near Avenue Road in Toronto usually has a great selection with high-end lines such as Armani, Costume National, and Valentino, all of which are highly recommended. And like most guys out there, you might want to hit the stores and get it done. Zara is a great brand for that.

Zara Suits Price

In Toronto, for instance, premium suits that are not on sale can cost as much as $2000 and maybe more. On that note, a typical Zara suit costs between $300-$400 (not to mention that they can cost less than $200 on sale.

Things To Look For When Buying a Suit


Of course one of the most important considerations when buying clothing is fit. With all the choices available, you should opt for the best-fitted suit for your body type. The various suit fits (and how they differ) including the following:

Regular/Classic-Fit- With enough room around the waist and chest, classic fits are designed for both comfort and flexibility. This type is not as restrictive as a slim fit, yet it shouldn’t fit too baggy.

Tailored Fit- This is one of the more common picks for men. Tailored suits are taken in just about both the waist and the pants while offering a liberal range of movement.

Slim Fit- Slim fit suits are designed to conform much closer to the body. There is usually very little excess fabric throughout the entire clothing.

Pants on slim-fit suits usually rest just below the navel, providing a more aggressive form-fitting cut throughout the pant leg. Slim fit suits are currently the most popular with men today.

Skinny Fit- these ones are very similar to the slim-fit suits. They feature a tad more trim on both the length of the jacket and lapel width by removing excess fabric. Such cuts are best suited for men who have a thinner or toned frame.

Extreme Fit: This refers to those form-fitting suits that leave very little excess fabric on suit pants or blazers. Also known as Extra Slim Fit, we recommend this option to those men with slender bodies.

Athletic Fit- Athletic suits work best for men with larger frames. They are designed with extra movement in both the chest and thigh areas. They are more like the classic/regular fit mentioned above, but they leave the excess fabric for flexibility and comfort.


Another crucial feature to consider will be the quality and construction of the suit. Considering that you will most likely be wearing the suit for an entire day, and maybe use it for several years, you should buy a suit that will bear the test of time.

While we’re not saying that there are excellent budget picks available for you, be informed that going too far in an attempt to find a budget suit can leave you compromising heavily on quality.


Knowing the right style to get along with can be a little complicated for some men, but it really doesn’t have to be.

When buying suits, you will find that there are many different styles designed for a variety of occasions, ranging from part prom suits, wedding suits, daily workwear, tuxedos suits, and more. The difference between all these types generally stems from the material utilized and the lapel type.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, Zara may not be perfect but it’s an exceptional brand for suits. Their footwear line isn’t the best in the range in comparison to other brands like Browns, B2, and even Aldo for casual purposes.

Their sweaters are great, but for really basic stuff like T-shirts and casual wear, you might be better off with H+M, Walmart, or Old Navy for that matter.

Club Monaco we also recognize for coordinates, though they typically cost more than Zara (the overall construction of their slacks is better). Same case with the Banana Republic: cool clothing than Zara but we found better value in Zara.