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Do You Wear Socks with Keds?

Do You Wear Socks with Keds?

Founded in 1916, Keds have long since established their place in the footwear niche, offering some of the best outdoor shoes. Their products are meant for both value and comfort, while also being sleek and versatile. Keds can be worn with just about anything casual, and are available in a plethora of colors.

However, as Taylor Swift put it, there are only two types of people in this footwear category; those who wear Keds with socks and those who don’t. These shoes do have a well-cushioned Ortholite insole that makes them ideal for long walks, but should you wear Keds with socks?

The truth is you can wear Keds either with or without socks. Depending on the outfit you’re going for, pairing socks with Keds may or may not be an option. However, keep in mind that wearing any kind of shoes without socks can compromise the integrity of the shoes and increase the chances of your feet becoming smelly.

If you’re planning for a no socks look, consider wearing shoe liners or trainer socks as an alternative. Socks with Keds might not be a concern if you’re wearing pants that cover that area. When exposed, socks usually make Keds look almost different and less mature.

Do You Wear Socks with Keds?

Yes, you can wear socks with Keds but with all matters fashion, it waters down to personal preferences. Keds are made of Canvas. Perhaps this is the main reason why the shoes are generally comfortable with or without socks. Canvas is a coarse cloth fabric made of hemp that’s used in several things including tents, sails, boards, and obviously shoes. Keds canvas shoes are a basic type of casual footwear. They are constructed very simply with canvas and rubber soles.

Keds, similar to most canvas shoes, can be purchased in low and high tops and are available in just about any color you could possibly ask for. Some Keds shoes, especially those made for kids, feature cute designs. However, shoes made of canvas are not associated with much shock absorption, support, or cushioning. That means they might not be the best for any type of vigorous activities like those that involve pounding the pavements often.

If you run, play tennis, do aerobics, or any other type of sports, be sure to go for an honest pair of sneakers and leave the canvas for the backyard and the beach. Canvas shoes are casual, fun and versatile, and are also budget compared to sneakers made of other materials. One big advantage of Keds shoes is that they are low maintenance and no fuss sort of footwear. Taking care of them is a nap.

Do Keds Run Small?

Similar to most Keds products, these shoes do have quality. However, they tend to run a little small on the top. On the bright side, the fabric is stiff and they may improve with wear. That said, we would recommend a half size larger than usual.

Most buyers stated that the shoes fall on the tighter side right out of the box, but they tend to stretch out a bit and get more comfortable. The arch support might not be the best compared to models from Nike and Adidas, but it’s much better than you might think. You can have them when planning to be on your feet as they’re pretty comfortable flats.

Stylish Ways to Wear Keds

Style #1

If you’d like to keep the look of a ballerina flat, while enjoying the comfort and traction of a sneaker, then you might want to check out for a nice hybrid. Keds shoes do not only look great with a pair of jeans or shorts but also go well with skirts and summer dresses. You can have them paired with a denim skirt, a sleeveless button-down shirt, aqua handbag, and a pair of hoop earrings probably from the Banana Republic.

Style # 3

We’ve seen animal print flats, so why not animal print Keds? For a casual look, a style like a Zebra pair could add some flair to your look while still keeping it easy. For such outfits, you might want to style Keds with a pair of skinny pants, red tunic, black handbag from Aldo, and probably silver and black hoops.

Style # 4

One major highlight about printed Keds is that the pattern tones down the starkness of the classic white oxford look, making them much more agreeable when worn with bare legs. Moreover, the prints are subtle enough and can be treated like tan sneakers. That means you can wear printed Keds alongside a variety of colors in an outfit.

Style #4

With a pair of classic Keds in red or blue, most people usually think about being three or four years old. Well, classic Keds may not at first be viewed as the high point of style, subject to how they are worn, they can be pretty chic. It all stems from how you wear them. We do recommend wearing red or blue Keds with flora bell-bottoms and an at-shirt that falls anywhere near a tacky coach.

In this outfit, you style your classic red Keds with a pair of distressed jeans, a cropped striped top, and a fun red, white, or blue lobster scarf. A metallic handbag and some silver earrings may also help compliment the outfit.