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Are Keds Good for Walking?

Are Keds Good for Walking?

There’s something special about Keds. You can throw on a pair of Keds and be able to do literally anything from hiking with friends to wearing them on the beach. They’re also wonderful, versatile, and comfortable while dancing and are always offered in multiple colors.

But Are Keds Ok For Walking?

While most people ask whether Keds are good for walking, the good news is that these shoes have long since secured their place on the list of best walking shoes. They’re designed to offer value and comfort, while also being very sleek and versatile.

Based on reviews, you can wear Keds with just about anything casual, and they are available in a plethora of colors. Note that you’re not getting a Cadillac of shoes with Keds. These shoes are very basic with not so many bells and whistles. What you’ll get is a classic, iconic style that goes well with just about any mood.

Keds are also packed with cushioned Ortholite insoles. That means you can wear them for long walks without experiencing discomfort. Another pro is that the shoes look nice and are incredibly versatile for all situations. In fact, the only gripe we noticed as far as walking shoes are concerned is that Keds tend to fit a bit narrow.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

The problem with walking shoes is that there isn’t one certain pair of shoes designed to match everyone’s needs. There are so many different types of shoes out there, which make it rather hard to please them all with one style or shoe type.

It is therefore important that you understand your feet and what you need when shopping for the right pair of shoes. That way, you’ll be able to choose the right pair of shoes that match your personal needs.


Perhaps the most important criteria to understand before buying a shoe is the size of your foot. Chances are it’s been a while since you set your foot on one of those shoe foot measurers at the shoe store and realize what your actual size is.

You’d be surprised to realize that your foot can change size and shape over the years. If you’re purchasing online, it can be quite a hustle to find the right size, so be sure to check the sizing guide and read what other reviewers have said regarding the fit.

Speaking of Keds, these shoes do run a little small on the top, but the material is very stiff and likely to improve with wear. We would recommend going half a size up than usual. If you’re not ready to head into a store to have your feet measured, (given that nowadays most people prefer buying shoes online), you can buy a foot measuring device. They are affordable and easy to use and will help you determine the length and width of your foot.


Another important thing to consider is how you’re planning to use the shoes. When we say walking, obviously we expect you’re going to have the shoes on your feet. But what type of walking is it? Are you planning to mainly walk around town? Will you be performing adventure activities? Or will you be spending most of your time hiking? These are some of the important questions to consider.

As we stated before, there’s no such one shoe that can fit every purpose, which is also agreeable if you don’t mind taking a few pairs of shoes with you. That said, if you’re planning to pack light, sometimes all you need is a comfortable pair of flats or sneakers. Luckily, you can find a great pair of Keds that’s ideal for extended walking sessions.


Occasion or area of application is probably one of the significant aspects most people have trouble with. When it comes to walking, you mostly need a pair of shoes that you can wear during the day to walk around town. Likewise, the shoes should be designed to fit well with several different outfits.

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of walking shoes that can cover them in more than one situation, then you need to pay close attention to the shoe construction, style, and even color. Will it be casual or dressy, or both?

Your Foot Type

Finding the right walking shoes can be a bit difficult, especially if you have a specific foot issue or foot type that you need to accommodate. For example, if you’re trying to find the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, then you might want to dive a little more into the description and reviews of the shoes in question to be sure they match your needs.

In most cases, good insoles or custom orthotics may work best for such specific needs. One would even say, it’s easier to find an insole for your shoes than actually finding the right pair of walking shoes as per your specific foot needs. Of course, there really are some good, supportive walking shoes out there, but with the factory-made support, such shoes can lead to other problems including foot pain, knee and back problems.

The Bottom Line

Based on reviews, Keds offers some of the best walking shoes on the market. We recommend trying both shoes and checking if they fit properly before buying. Wiggle your toes to check that the shoes are wide enough. The side-to-side fit of the shoe should feel snug, and not overly tight. Again, those with wide feet should consider going up half a size up.