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Shoes Like Birdies

Shoes Like Birdies

Birdies is a footwear brand that initially made trendy indoor slippers but customers liked how comfortable the flats and slides were and began wearing them out and about as well. With multiple layers of footbed that conforms to your foot shape, Birdies combine the softness of a slipper, the support of a sneaker, and the style of a designer flat.

However, there are several brands that make shoes like Birdies, incorporating just about the same features including the memory foam with heel and arch support to absorb shock. While the supportive footbed and trendy silhouette make Birdies a staple for most people, their models discussed here are also widely popular among reviewers.

Here Are The Best  Birdies Alternatives

Allbirds Tree Breezers

The Allbirds brand is largely recognized for its runners- a lightweight sneaker-like and other universally beloved shoes. That said, All birds also make ballet flats dubbed “Tree Breezers.

These shoes are designed with wool insoles, soft woven upper, and sugarcane-based soles. These flats are lightweight, breathable, and sturdy enough to hold up to long walks. While they don’t actually reinvent the look of ballet flats, these shoes look perfectly nice, featuring a classic almond-shaped toe.

They are machine washable though, given the construction, these flats will hardly develop any odor or dirt that requires laundering. In terms of sizing, most reviewers on the Allbirds site stated that the shoes tend to run small whereas others said that they run large at the back due to the stretchy, supple material they are made with.

The good news is that All Birds makes it super easy to exchange or return its shoes. You just need to click on the shipping information email, answer a few questions regarding why you’re making the return/exchange, print out a label, and then take the box to either USPS or FedEx location. Also, in case you’re between sizes, you might want to consider ordering two pairs and keep the one that matches your fit.


You may be excited to try out Rothy’s, which are crafted from recycled plastic bottles. That means they’re machine washable and almost indestructible. We also found the pointed style more refined-looking and pretty much comparable to Birdies.

However, wearing Rothy’s can be a painful experience, which supposedly makes their washability even more valuable. Some users stated that the back of the shoes tends to rub the feet which might cause discomfort. On the plus side, the feel and heel of the shoes will improve a bit with every wear, and wearers will achieve the desired comfort level in about a week.

Overall, Rothy’s are an excellent alternative to Birdies, provided you’re ok with Keeping bandages close by at least for the first week and you’re not so much interested in maximum arch support. Also, if you convert the style of a pointed flat, Rothy’s are very much likely to work for you.

Everlane Day Glove Reknits

Everlane offers a lot of sensible apparel so it’s no surprise that their leather flats, Dubbed Day Gloves are a favorite among those who like shoes like Birdies. Lately, Everlane released an improved version of the flats, the Day Glove Reknits, which are designed with a woven fabric upper, keeping them well in the completion of comfort-oriented Instagram flats.

Reading on the reviews, these shoes are like a pair of slippers that you might wear when in the hospital and not, for instance, alongside a sweater dress or skinny jeans. Nonetheless, style is subjective, as Everlane reviewers seem to like the way they look.

Moreover, the stretchy, sock-like upper as well as the cushioned leather insole make the shoes very comfortable- not quite exactly the level of Birdies or Allbirds, but close. But unlike Birdies, these can’t be machine washed.


Tieks is one of those popular leather brands with a devoted fan base that includes a wide range of people. Most shoppers praise the shoes’ long-term comfort and how they’re designed rolling up into small tucks into a purse as well as the trademark bright blue soles.

On the flip side, these shoes are highly priced and the breaking-in period is nearly that of Rothy’s discussed above. Also, the fact that Tieks are made of leather means that they’re not machine washable. The insoles are slightly stiff but thin, so they’ll ultimately feel just okay after walking and standing for long periods.

Several reviewers said the leather looked wrinkly on the feet and that the upper seemed so thin that the big toe could easily poke through. All things considered, Tieks, though very comparable to Birdies, don’t do enough to justify their cost.

But if you’re excited about the prospect of packable shoes with blue soles, and you won’t mind doing some dreadful work to break in, then Tieks are an easy recommendation.

Xero Phoenix

Xero is a footwear brand that specializes in bare-style running shoes, hiking boots as well as sandals. Some of their most popular offerings are decidedly athletic, which are the brand’s bestselling styles with laces and plenty of mesh.

However, Xero shoes are mostly minimalist, meaning they don’t offer the kind of padding you get in the Birdies and Allbirds. On the bright side, the shoes are not totally flat. You will find a curve around the area where the arch of the foot goes. Also, the removable insoles are lined with a thin yet cushy material that’s designed to mold to the shape of your foot.

Overall, Xero shoes are undoubtedly comfortable, but we think Birdies and Allbirds flats are cuter, true to size, and slightly more comfortable. Still coming down to quality, Xero has a lot to offer. So if you want to give your forefoot the much-needed breathing room, and prefer a minimalist sole, you’ll be impressed by a pair of Xero Phoenix flats.