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Allbirds Alternatives

Allbirds Alternatives

If you’re one of those fashionable and trendy shoe fanatics, chances are you’ve heard about the Allbirds shoes. This footwear has become incredibly popular among sneakerheads and has been regarded as one of the best shoes on the market. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Allbirds is that they are made of wool.

That means they are exceptionally comfortable and provide a warm feeling on your feet. And while they are a bit expensive, you might be able to afford the originals, but there are various Allbirds alternatives that you can count on.

After conducting thorough research, we felt that these are the best shoes like Allbirds that you can buy.

Here the Best Shoes That Look Like Allbirds

Baabuk  Urban Wooler’s

The Baabuk  Urban Wooler’s from Baabuk are one of the best alternatives to Allbirds. Similar to Allbirds, these shoes are made from Merino wool, and the uppers are made of pure leather.

The shoes are designed in Switzerland and made in Portugal. As such, they are packed with numerous features, most of which have made Allbirds popular. They feature wool outers that make them water-resistant and are incredibly comfortable when it comes to temperature.

You will also find elastic laces that come in handy for convenience. The outsoles are made from TPU rubber, which is slip-resistant. What’s better, just like Allbirds, these wool sneakers are machine washable.

Skechers Women’s Cleo-Scalloped Knit Skimmer Ballet Flat

So what’s special about the Skechers Women’s Cleo-Scalloped Knit Skimmer Ballet Flat? Well, these shoes are made with special air-cooled memory foam. They are the knit ballet flats, similar to the Allbirds Tree, in both comfort and style.

The cushioning inside will allow you to walk in them for long periods of time, while the woven fabric is stretchy and airy to keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout.

The Skechers Women’s Cleo-Scalloped Knit Skimmer Ballet Flat features a cute scalloped design and is available in your choice of black or taupe. According to previous buyers, the memory foam is comfy, and the shoes are machine washable. You can wash them on gentle/cool and air dry them.

Urban Fox Men’s Parker Wool Sneakers

If you’re searching for a cheaper wool shoe like Allbirds Wool Runners, then you might be impressed by the Urban Fox Men’s Parker Wool Sneakers. They are among the best alternatives in the range.

While they lack the overall polish of Allbirds, both models do have some comparison, mostly style and look. Also, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the Urban Fox Mens Parker Wool Sneakers won’t hurt either.

They feature synthetic and wool upper, making them feel comfortable, lightweight, and naturally soft to wear. The outsoles are derived from a foam rubber, which gives your feet much-needed traction on different surfaces.

However, one thing to note is that these shoes are not entirely eco-friendly, considering that the upper is a mixture of wool and synthetic, making it rather difficult to recycle. But speaking of looks, the Urban Fox Parker Wool sneakers are among the best Allbirds alternatives on the market.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Luna Sneaker

One impressive aspect of Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Luna Sneaker is that they are designed to slip-on easily. According to reviewers, these shoes sport a similar style to the original Allbirds Tree Loungers.

They have a breathable, mesh-style fabric that makes them incredibly lightweight and breezy. The soft microfiber material is refined to feel as comfortable as possible against your skin.

Moreover, to the breathability, the perforations contribute to the overall style and chicness of these shoes. This, in turn, makes them ideal for dressing up or down, subject to your preferences. Besides, they are available in a wide range of colors.

Sperry Men’s Captain CV Wool Sneaker

For those simple outdoor walks, there’s actually nothing Allbirds can do that Sperry Captain CV Wool Sneaker can’t. Like Chuck Taylors and Allstars, these minimalistic shoes allow you to flex, walk and perform multiple activities while pulling out all the crazy fashion statements you prefer.

To take the functionality to a greater height, like Adidas and Nike, these easy-going shoes boast of a soft textile upper, super-lightweight, adaptable outsole, and a contoured footbed. The footbed, although designed to fit snugly, is removable, meaning you can throw in your favorite varieties short of problems.

All things considered, the Sperry Captain CV Wool Sneaker also features a soft, abrasion-resistant lining for ultimate comfort. These shoes don’t need much time to break-in. Instead, they run true to size and are offered in a few eye-catching color selections. 

LeMouton Classic Men’s Wool Sneaker

LeMouton is another popular brand that offers excellent shoes similar to Allbirds Tree Runners. They’re made typically from Merino wool, featuring 100% wool lining plus 73% Merino wool outer. The knitted wool is utilized on the upper to make it flexible and suitable for different uses, from walking to traveling.

Another best thing about the LenMounts wool sneakers is that they’re machine washable. Not do they look so comparable to the Allbirds, but they are also straightforward to clean. They are made from lightweight material and designed to feel comfortable. The outsole, in particular, is derived from synthetic rubber for maximum traction.

Similar to Allbirds, the LeMount brand is concerned with their environmental impact and employs a number of processes to ensure this, including the use of recycled bottles for laces, employing merino wool, and doing packaging in recyclable materials. They are certainly among the best choices as Allbirds alternatives.

The Bottom Line

Allbirds are known for excellent shoes, but unfortunately, they are usually expensive. However, similar to anything in this world, imitations do exist and play a significant role in certain situations- where duplicates tend to get the job done at a fraction of the original product cost. 

Many Allbirds alternatives are available, which you can wear and save yourself from spending too much. With this rundown, we hope we’ve saved you the hustle of having to scout for Allbirds lookalikes by discussing some of the most reliable and comparable options.