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Vans Alternatives

Vans Alternatives

Since the early 2000s, Vans has set its name on the skating scene. With the growth of the fashion industry, Vans shoes have become a part of the streetwear culture. In fact, anyone with a skateboard probably needs to know about or own a pair of Vans.

Whether that means having some of the most recent streetwear looks or just as poolside gear, Vans are all over and have already established the standard casual style, especially for summer. It’s a great footwear band for those looking to add versatility to their outfit.

But are there other slip-on alternatives to Vans? Below are the latest icons that are comparable to the California aesthetic but have an unexpected twist. Read on if you’re looking for some new spring/summer slip-on.

Here are Shoes Like Vans Worth Exploring

Sperry Striper CVO Salt-Washed Twill

For a boat-friendly option, coming in at just $60, you might want to consider the Sperry Striper CVO Salt-Washed Twill. It is undoubtedly one of the best Vans alternatives on the range that saves the pocket without compromising its overall product functionality.

These shoes feature salt-washed canvas that has a really nice layer of cushioning in the tongue and collar. The insoles are removable and are highly comfortable. The shoes also boast the Razor Cut wave-siping on the outsoles, making them an ideal choice for any surfaces, wet or dry.

The material and design featured here are comparable to a pair of authentic but delivers a distinctive fair. Interestingly, Sperry has been around the footwear industry for longer than vans; thus, trusting their use of high-quality materials isn’t a big deal. The designs and styles are pretty much similar to most Vans shoe models, making them an excellent alternative.

The Sperry Striper CVO Salt-Washed Twill, in particular, comes with a fabric upper, similar to all Vans shoes. The lightweight upper is well-ventilated and soft to touch. Speaking of the bottom, you will find a rubber sole with wavy grids that adds friction during movements.

There’s also the classic silhouette and the option of having laces or not. That means the shoes will go very well with a pair of chino shorts and maybe a bright summer shirt. The versatility level offered by this shoe is unquestionable, as it’s available in 19 different color selections for you to choose from.

Polo Ralph Lauren Thorton

If you’re looking for a more stylish sneaker, then you’re bound to be impressed by the Polo Ralph Lauren Thorton. At a great price, usually approx. $70, this model features leather accents plus an embellished pony logo on the outside. The insoles are well cushioned, and the outsole is both flexible and durable. The excellent lacing system is meant to provide an added touch to the shoes.

All things considered, the Polo Ralph Lauren Thorton is a nice shoe made from breathable canvas. You can pair them with shorts and a colorful shirt for a more casual spring/summer outfit. It’s an ideal option to add to your summer shoe collection. You can ideally wear them somewhat sparingly, so you don’t wear them too quickly.

Converse One Star CC Slip Pro

Very much comparable to the original Vans Classic Slip-On, the Converse One Star CC Slip Pro channels the same low-profile silhouette nuance while improving the style with skate-specific durability. The generous cushioning level is another plus.

Featuring a resilient suede upper, this shoe is enhanced with Ortholite sock liners and Nike Zoom Air Bags for maximum protection against impact.

Adidas Skateboarding SMC

Another affordable alternative to Vans, Adidas Skateboarding SMC, ticks every box that Vans shoes excel the most. These skateboarding shoes cost around $60 and can be utilized for much more than just skateboarding.

The comfy insole plus the cushioned collar make these shoes extremely well-rounded and a great value for the money. The material employed here is meant to help keep your feet supported during activity. So, if you’re planning to walk a lot, there’s always something for you. You can pair this with a more casual outfit of shorts and a T, or ideally dress them up with chinos alongside a fitted shirt.

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 ’07 Basketball Shoe

Next up, we have this exceptional off-brand Vans from Nike, the Air Force 1. This shoe is similar to the previous and latest models to a great extent, especially in terms of designs. Of course, there are slight differences in the upper structure and the base of the outsole, but that’s all.

Like all other Air Force series models, this pair features Nike’s premium leather upper- a high-quality upper with an excellent matte finish that makes all the colors stand out nicely. The holes are strategically placed on top, so your feet will have breathing space to reduce sweating. The interior is also padded to maximize comfort.

Another impressive feature stems from the rubber outsole: it is significantly higher compared to Most Vans shoes, which comes in handy for stability and to help you better engage in sports.

Common Projects Suede Slip-On Sneakers

Similar to most Common Project’s signature offerings, the Suede Slip-On Sneakers are just as minimalist as its predecessors, boasting great resemblance with vans iconic styles. Recrafting the classical comfort of a classic slip-on shoe, this model features a calf suede upper that’s complemented with a full leather lining. Moreover, this design is contrasted with a white rubber midsole and the brand’s popular core serial number at the heel.

Gucci Kura Denim Slip-On Sneakers

Aside from being among the best Vans alternatives, the Gucci Kura Denim Slip-On Sneakers is designed to merge a casual summer outfit with laid-back Italian craftsmanship. From Poolside to errand to errand running, these sneakers have transformed into a staple in the Gucci footwear lineup. They have faded denim on the upper, and the top is embroidered with a throwback Gucci logo that matches the brand’s classically loud logo. Lastly, the shoes are lined with top-notch leather insoles for excellent comfort.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking forward to standing out from the magnitude crowd, or you simply want to upgrade your style, a pick from our list of best Vans alternatives would be a great choice. That said, go for the features that emphasize comfort and durability to get a pair that will serve you for the long haul.