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Shoes To Wear With Knee High Socks

Shoes To Wear With Knee High Socks


A throwback to the 1990s fashion always harks back those school-girl-inspired knee-high socks. Surprisingly, this classic trend was inspired by one of the most iconic TV-show dubbed as FRIENDS. Rachel Green was reportedly to be the spring of this trend when she paired a plaid schoolgirl style mini-skirt with knee-high socks in the course of the show.

That said, you’d be mistaken to think that knee-highs were reserved for sports fields and school girls. These sexy socks have recently seen a resurgence and have consistently been a major fashion trend on runways and style blogs.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about knee-high socks is they are not only cozy and comfortable; they’re an agreeable way to add some personality to a lackluster outfit. They are great for both everyday and semi-casual wear and are an excellent choice for someone who wants to create an attractive silhouette to make their legs look even more fabulous.

We have discussed various shoe styles that you can pair up with your knee-high socks alongside complete details on how to achieve the looks.

Here are the Best Shoes To Wear With Knee High Socks

Riding Boots

If you want to look good in the snow without skimping on warmth, all you need is a pair of warm and fuzzy knee-high socks that can be worn alongside classy riding boots.

Red is always a remarkable color to wear on dull snow days, so you’ll be wise to invest in a pair of red riding boots. Moreover, red riding boots mean that you can wear them over black tights or pants any day whether you’re heading to work or just hanging out with friends.

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes with knee-high socks are an easy recommendation for traveling. While you don’t want to pack lots of socks, tights, and shoes when traveling, the good news is that you can manage through a whole week-long trip with just two pairs of knee-high socks and one oxford shoe.

Oxford shoes are not largely recognized as menswear-inspired footwear type, thus, pairing them with knee-high socks will balance the look by delivering you just the much-needed feminity for the outfit.

Rain Boots for Rainy Days

Walking to work or classes during those wet days can be a daunting task. It’s for such days that you need to have at least one pair of rain boots in your wardrobe. Rainboots are generally constructed with breathable and water-resistant material so they keep your feet dry and comfortable.

When paired with knee-high socks, a good pair of rain boots can help achieve different looks suitable for various occasions. You can have a more of a semi-formal one that’s appropriate for work, or opt for a more casual outfit that is perfect for a walk in the rain.

Winter Boots

Wearing knee-high socks and winter boots is another combination that’s tough to beat. Consider a pair of thicker knee socks with loose-fitting, ultra-soft fleece-lined boots for a seamless cute style. A good pair of winter boots can be worn inside as well.

Meanwhile, if you’re stepping out and braving the cold in a pair of well-designed winter boots, go for a thinner pair of flat-knit knee highs- these socks are specially designed to fit under snug boots without adding bulk to your legs.

If the climate is cold enough and needs to cover your entire feet, consider laying your knee socks over a pair of tights. It’s one of the best ways to stay toasty without compromising on style and sex appeal, no matter how cold it gets outside.

T-Strap Shoes

Those planning for a date night will be glad to know that T-straps heels aren’t just one of the most comfortable types of heels; they also give off the much-needed romantic vibes you can expect from a date outfit. T-straps shoes in oxblood color, for instance, can make for a really sweet date look.

Pointy Flats

If you want a classy college look, a pair of pointy flats and knee-high socks are the way to go. While most college students tend to avoid high heels, they also don’t want to go with classic sneakers or converse shoes. So they take things up a notch by pairing a great pair of flats shoes with knee-high socks. The resultant combination doesn’t just look great but also makes sure that you’ll last all day long without experiencing tired feet.

Blue Hunter Boots

If you want to stand out with your unique taste and funky look, then nothing beats knee-high socks with blue hunter boots. So if you’re planning for a style statement, opt for a bright and funky pullover and pair it with great ocean blue hunter boots.

Of course, genuine hunter boots might seem like a risky investment to you, but rest assured they’re truly worth the price. One reason why we say that stems from the quality and durability of these shoes. They originate from a British brand and are offered in really good quality, meaning you can keep wearing them for many years.

Wondering why we suggest the blue color? That’s because everyone’s already got the black ones, thus the need for trying something else. Besides, the blue ones are equally classy and versatile and they look fabulous with jeans and tights.

Remember that when shopping for hunter boots, it’s always recommended to go for something at least half a size bigger, so you can comfortably wear them with your thickest knee-high socks on cold days.

Tall Flat Boots

For a classically sexy combination, knee highs and tall heeled boots are an easy recommendation. As the heels stretch and lift your calves into a flattering shape, knee-high socks accentuate and draw attention to your legs. What’s better, there’re endless ways to pair this style with the right outfit.

You can try it with an ultra-feminine, long flowing bohemian skirt, or dress it down with a casual mid-length A-lined skirt. Alternatively, you can add an extra layer of texture and interest to your outfit by pairing flat-knit knee highs with suede heeled boots. You can still spice things up with the rock-n-roll sex kitten vibe of tall leather heeled boots.