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Do You Wear Socks With UGGs?

Do You Wear Socks With UGGs?

With more than 45 years of experience in creating and selling admirable boots, U.S UGG (formerly UGG Australia) has been thriving on the quality and natural benefits of their A-Grade Merino Wool. According to their website, they’re committed to showing their customers just how they can style too.

Should UGG boots be worn with or without socks?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to UGGs. The simple truth is that real UGG boots (produced using genuine Australian sheepskin) are not meant to be worn with socks, of course for very good reason.

To get to the bottom of this, we read out numerous reviews and consulted experts at UGG: Do you wear these classic boots without socks? Although the choice usually comes down to personal preference, most reviews explained there’re benefits to wearing UGGs sans socks.

Being a natural ventilator and insulator, UGGs’ A-Grade Merino wool has soft, hollow fibers that play an important role in settling body temperature to ensure more comfortable wear throughout the day. While wearers can best experience the feel of these fibers by allowing the skin to have direct contact with the wool, that means not wearing socks with your genuine UGGs might be a great idea.

Real-blue Australian sheepskin like that of UGGs feature moisture-wicking and temperature regulating properties. These features allow the inside of the shoes to regulate their microclimate. However, this is unachievable when worn with socks.

The shoe’s ability to regulate body temperature in any climate has invaluable health benefits. One being that optimal temperature regulation within the body ultimately improves the regulation of blood pressure, which is a fundamental aspect of overall health and wellbeing.

UGGs Construction

The plush inner construction of most UGG boots may seem deceptively toasty, but it’s designed to keep your feet warm, yet not too hot, even when you sport them in more mild temperatures.

The stated sheepskin is naturally thermostatic, meaning UGG boots construction will keep your feet warm in cold climates and cold in warm weather. Sheepskin is naturally moisture-wicking, which comes in handy to help keep your feet dry.

This can ward off bacteria and most likely cause odor to form. Besides, sheepskin against bare feet often feels incredibly soft and supportive. The material is not only cozy but also has natural cushioning that forms to the shape of your foot with every wear.

Similar to any footwear that’s heavy in your rotation, UGGs may likewise require some upkeep over time. The brand doesn’t recommend cleaning your UGGs in the washing machine, but they do offer special care kits to help revive the boots. The brand carries a set that comes with a cleaner and conditioner for rejuvenating worn-down sheepskin. You’ll also get a deodorizing spray to help keep the boots smelling their finest.

The thick fiber density of UGGs A-grade sheepskin cushions the feet, providing optimal support and even distribution of weight on pressure points to prevent muscle strain. On that note, wearing socks with UGGs can inhibit the wool from molding properly to your feet. This, in turn, limits the effectiveness of weight distribution and lowering support and cushion levels.

Why You Should Wear UGGs without Socks

You might be tempted to wear socks with your UGGs to protect them from the brunt of unpleasant odor. But one thing you should note is that UGG boots were originally meant to be worn without socks for such reasons. In all actuality, a key indicator of wearing real UGGs is that your feet will always remain clean.

They shouldn’t smell even with consistent wear due to the presence of the natural fibers found within the skin and the moisture-wicking properties and ventilation of sheepskin. Synthetic or lousy sheepskin, on the other hand, doesn’t allow your feet to breathe, in the same way, meaning your boots will become smelly a lot faster.

In case you haven’t tried a pair of genuine UGG boots before, consider them as a simple solution to combat unpleasant odor and smelly feet. Another best part about UGGs is that they’re ideal for those prone to sweaty feet. These boots have replaceable insoles, meaning that when the time’s right, you can always replace them with the factory-made sole of the boots with a fresh pair of inserts.

Another downside to wearing UGGs with socks is that you deny yourself the priceless natural properties that these fibers have to offer. Nonetheless, wearing socks is a personal preference. If you want to, we recommend only wearing socks made of natural fibers such as wool or cotton, as synthetic fibers can interfere with the integrity of natural fibers within the wool. Else, you can simply take off the socks and indulge in the benefits of UGGs Merino wool.

The Bottom Line

There are too many seasons of wearing UGGs without socks. We know it’s mixed up, but UGG recommends wearing them sans socks. Rest assured that you won’t be giving up on the comfy and effortless styling or have any problems with yours smelling or getting nasty at the end of the day. While the choice comes down to personal preference, you will be skimping on several benefits by wearing this classic brand’s boots with socks.