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Do You Wear Socks With Sanuk Shoes?

Do You Wear Socks With Sanuk Shoes?

Sanuks are some of the more popular best-selling shoes for good reason. Wearing Sanuk shoes feels a bit like wearing indoor slippers plus more cushion and presentability. Moreover, these shoes boast their own style.

They’re designed to look like shoes but wear like sandals. And as the name suggests, the fabric used in the making of these shoes is derived from the almighty hemp, with a chic fray on the edge of the upper. Sanuks are vegan as well. But do you wear socks with Sanuk shoes?

Do You Wear Socks With Sanuk Shoes?

You can wear socks with Sanuk shoes. However, similar to most footwear options out there, there’re various factors that go into pairing socks with Sanuk. The upper tends to stretch out a bit when worn with socks, which can feel rather sloppy when worn without socks. While these shoes like sandals have a footbed that has been enhanced with an antimicrobial additive, we generally recommend wearing socks with them.

Are Sanuks Good for Walking

Based on reviews, Sanuks are some of the best walking shoes for travel. Shoppers seemed to love Sanuk yoga sandals though some stated they don’t offer that much arch support. While the soles are soft and well-cushioned, we recommend walking around in them for short distances before heading for your vacation, just to make sure you like them.

Headquartered in Southern California, Sanuk offers some of the most comfortable footwear and relaxed styles. The brand has become a favorite source of footwear for surfing, camping, and hanging out too.

Speaking of style, Sanuks has always looked comfortable and sexy. We’ve checked out several pairs and the models we tested confirmed they are highly comfortable and ideal for people who live in a place with moderate temperatures.

Sanuks are also known for a patented sandal construction inside a shoe that allows the feet to flex and bend naturally, just like a flip flop, or in absence of the support of a solid shoe. They’re made from eco-friendly materials such as yoga mats and indoor-outdoor carpets.

Regardless of what specific shoes you buy, you can rest assured that the minimalist designs offer quality orthotic inserts for arch support and to subtly exercise foot muscles. Similar to orthotic sandals, Sanuk creations are lightweight and stylish, yet amazingly functional.

Are Sanuk Shoes Water-Friendly?

Sanuks are known to be waterproof but not water-friendly. While you can safely get them wet and even wear them in the water (given that the yoga mat footbed doesn’t have sealed edges) these flip flops tend to hold onto water like a sponge. Not to mention that they take a while to thoroughly dry out.

On the bright side, however, Sanuk sandal uppers are made from the same material as a yoga mat, which is an extremely popular choice for those interested in both comfort and style. These beach sandals are durable, meaning they’re perfectly usable when spending your vacation.

Another thing worth mentioning is that these shoes tend to stretch a bit with wear due to the nature of the fabric. Sanuk shoes and sandals are only available in whole sizes. The Sidewalk Surfers in particular tend to run full size to half size small. It provides some room to flex and bend so you might want to order a size up if you’re on the fence or usually wear a half size.

Perhaps the main aspect which most Sanuk shoppers rave about is comfort. You can consider certain models such as the Vagabonds if you want to look and feel laid back. The shoes are designed with a comfy footbed, have closed toes, and a soft upper that doesn’t restrain.

While you can wear Sanuks like normal shoes with your heel secured in place, certain models like the Vagabonds will allow you to fold down the back heel material and convert the shoes into sandals that can be easily slipped off. This is particularly great if you’re on the beach or want to make the shoes easier to remove.

Various Sanuk models are a merge between shoes and sandals. This makes them versatile and appropriate for casual wear, traveling, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and more. Moreover, these shoes would be great to wear while going through airport security.

The shoes are amazingly lightweight so they won’t weigh you down. A pair of Vagabonds, for instance, weighs only 0.7 lbs, which is just a couple of ounces heavier than a pair of flip flops. Sanuks are also easy to pack, as the canvas upper is much more collapsible, making them compact and friendly to store in your backpack.

Coming down to aesthetics, Sanuk shoes are developed with a unique design. They are maintenance-free and fun look. The overall appearance isn’t the best out there, but we think the shoes look pretty cool. Buyers stated that the shoes are fairly durable and will last longer than most options under the same category. Otherwise from the first impression, the shoes feel solid and durable.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, you can wear Sanuk shoes with or without socks. Either way, you might want to e consistent as the shoes tend to stretch with moderate wear. If you want to wear Sanuk shoes with socks, the shoes might feel sloppy when worn barefoot.

Aside from that, Sanuk shoes are well-suited for anyone, and you can comfortably have them for strolling along a remote beach. More importantly, the shoes are available at a budget price, retailing at around $55. Shoppers also stated you can find them for around $40 on Overall, the shoes are well priced, comfortable, versatile, and durable.