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Can You Put Crocs In Washing Machine?

Can You Put Crocs In Washing Machine?

Are you a crocs lover and would like to know whether you can clean them with a washing machine? Yes, you can put crocs on the washing machine, but you’ve to program it for a gentle cycle, and the temperatures should range between 20 to 30 degrees.

However, if you want your crocs to last longer, you need to avoid washing them with a machine. Instead, hand wash your crocs using some soap and cold water.

When cleaning your crocs with the washing machine, you need to adhere to the following guidelines;

First and foremost, you need to know that crocs are made from Croslite polymer material. Croslite is quite different from the usual plastic and rubber materials. It’s filled with naturally occurring resin, and it’s porous. When the Croslite polymer is subjected to high temperatures for an extended period, it changes negatively.

Therefore, the most crucial thing you need to consider when cleaning your crocs is temperature. The water temperature in the washing machine shouldn’t go beyond 30 degrees Celsius.

In addition to closely monitoring the temperature ranges when cleaning your crocs, you also need to put your shoes into the washing machine while wrapped in a special bag. The special bag is important to prevent the crocs from losing their original shape.

If you lack the special bag to insert your crocs, worry less. You can opt to use the pillowcase. Alternatively, you can load several pairs of crocs into the washing machine with the old towels. That will prevent them from shrinking, losing their shape, and size reduction.

It’s also recommended that you disable the spin and drying option of the washing machine when cleaning crocs. Drying and spinning programs deform the crocs in the process. Moreover, use the non-aggressive powder to clean the crocs.

If you use harsh chemicals, the Croslite polymer material can easily get damaged, and your crocs become useless. Whatever reason that makes you clean the crocs, you need to have a vanishing substance that can clear away tough stains.

After cleaning your crocs with the washing machine, stuff them with a whitepaper. Finally, your crocs will have a pleasant smell, spotless look, and original shape.

You need to be keen not to damage your washing machine while cleaning crocs. Before putting crocs into the drum, inspect to identify any element that can cause damage. If there are threatening materials, remove them and clean the drum thoroughly to be free of unwanted dirt.

Can you put the Fuzzy Crocs on the Washing machine?

While a significant number of crocs are made from Croslite, other additional materials like fur lining are, for example, used to make the fuzzy crocs. Fuzzy crocs are warm and cozy, but they can easily get dirty. Fuzzy crocs are difficult to clean, but you need to use all means to ensure that they are sparkling clean for your next day out.

You can clean the fuzzy crocs using a washing machine. However, the best results are achieved when you adhere to the steps below;

  • Remove the liner lining of the fuzzy crocs. Crocs liner can be easily removed and returned when needed. Whichever substance makes the liners of your crocs get dirty, clean them only with scrub. Never put crocs liner on the washing machine because they can wear out or get stretched.
  • Brush the visible during from the crocs before throwing them into the machine. It’s important to remove visible particles from your crocs because such dirty objects can damage washing a machine’s drum.
  • When the crocs are inside the machine and ready for cleaning, don’t forget to adjust the temperature readings to be less than 30 degrees Celsius. Crocs are cleaned at low temperature because heat above 40 degree Celsius distorts the shape of the crocs and makes them shrink.

Once the crocs are clean, air dries them away from direct sunlight. Air drying is more important than machine drying and spinning to prevent stretching. Crocs take a very short time to dry up. Once dry, insert the liner and keep them in the shoe rack for later use.

What you need To Know about Crocs

Crocs are produced from Croslite, a Cell Resin polymer that is neither plastic nor rubber. Croslite resin is made from a polymer known as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Croslite is a unique closed-cell resin substance that is both soft and light.

Crocs are extremely comfy and large, so they properly suit your feet. Crocs also keep you from slipping, and your shoes shouldn’t slide upwards and downwards as you walk. The top, sides, and arch region usually embrace your feet gently, giving you a roomy comfort for adequate foot relaxation.

Crocs should be washed by hand with cold and soapy water. Crocs should not be washed in hot water since they are constructed of Croslite polymer, which may become brittle at high temperatures.

However, if the croc liner is not adequately cleaned, it might become filthy and stinky. It is not a good idea to throw them in the washing machine since they are difficult to clean. Crocs’ official website recommends using antibacterial shampoo and cold sewage treatment for both the footwear and the liner.

The fur lining of Crocs can be removed for easy cleaning. The fur queuing up will not loop around the back of the Crocs if you twist the sole. Keep the fingers on the exterior of the rivet as you delicately peel the liner out from the rivet. Repeat the two steps on the opposite side of the shoes, then pull up the lining to remove it.


If your Crocs are dirty, why not wash them to maintain them in excellent condition? The amazing part about Crocs is that they are quite easy to clean.

Hand cleaning with mild detergent and cold water is recommended for slides, traditional clogs, and other types built with Crocs’ characteristic Croslite foam material.

You may also use the washing machine to clean your Crocs, but only use the gentle cycle and place them in a wash bag to preserve both your Crocs and the washing machine.