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How to Unshrink Crocs

How to Unshrink Crocs

Crocs are special types of footwear used to protect the human feet and offer the superiority of comfort for proper alignment of the foot arches. They are stylish and breathable to suit any personality.

However, when crocks are exposed to excessive heat for a more extended period, they tend to shrink. In other cases, crocks can shrink if washed using the dishwasher or left in the hot vehicle’s interior.

It’s pretty frustrating to realize that your crocs have shrunk, and you’ve no expertise to help you unshrink it. When crocs shrink, they can lose two or more sizes. Therefore, it’s easier for you to know when your crocs have shrunk, and you need to intervene as soon as possible.

The best way to fix shrunken crocs is to wash them with hot water and immediately wear them as they cool down. Hot water makes the material used in crocs loose, and when you wear them, the crocs will conform to the shape and size of your feet.

To unshrink your crocs with hot water, first you need to have a pot of boiling water. The water should have boiled for some time before you remove it from the heat source. That means that the boiling point should be attained for the water to work effectively in unshrinking the crocs.

Drop the shrunk crocs into the boiling water and count approximately 60 seconds before removing them. As soon as you remove them and you can bear the temperatures, wear the heated crocs and walk around with them for a while.

Heating crocs and wearing them immediately after removing them from the hot water will bring them back to life. If you need to stretch your crocks to fit bigger feet, slip your foot covered with socks into the boiled crocks. You can try wearing 3 to 4 pairs of thick socks. Wear them as you move around. Do it for some time as the remodelling process tries to capture the shape and size of the thickly socked foot.

Other  Ways to Unshrink Crocs

Use of Dryer

The technique of using a clothes dryer to unshrink crocs takes 2 to 3 minutes. Hot hair dryers can also be used since they produce the heat required to loosen the material used to make crocs.

Tie the shrunk crocs using a towel and set the package in a good position where you can easily turn when needed. Switch on the dryer and direct the heat into the pair of crocs covered with a towel. Do it for 2 to 3 minutes as you move the shrunk crocs around from one point to another to ensure equitable heat distribution.

The heat from the dryer will penetrate the piece of cloth and warm the wrapped crocs. The warmth makes the crocs stretch. Immediately you uncover them, you need to slide your foot and walk around with them. 

Remember, the Crocs Company doesn’t recommend that you place your shrunk crocs on the microwave. That is detrimental since it can cause many problems to your body, house, or even the neighborhoods.


Honestly, the technique of heating the shrunk crocs and wearing them immediately to make them unshrink can sometimes work, and sometimes it can fail. There is no magic formula that can be used to unshrink all types of crocs. The fact remains that different crocs are made from a different batch of materials with variable maintenance formulas and the general shrink ability.

You need to know that older crocs are more prone to shrinking after they are left in areas of high heat for a long time. Crocs tend to shrink if left in high heat conditions for as little as 30 minutes. The fast-heat methods discussed above are more effective to help you unshrink deformed crocs.

To avoid the endless struggles of trying the different methods used to unshrink crocs, it’s better that you keep your crocs safe. Store them in cool and dry areas when you’re not wearing them. When by any chance, you leave your crocs in high heat unknowingly, try to insert your feet immediately and wear them until they are cool to help in re-stretching.

How to Maintain Your Crocs

Crocs are simple to maintain. You should avoid keeping your pair of Crocs in places where they are easily exposed to heat, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, or hot automobile. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight since the crocs shrink or deform.

Crocs should be cleaned with soap and a magic eraser. It’s easy to execute crocs cleaning process, and the proper use of a magic eraser helps in the removal of the deep filth.

If your Crocs are metallic leather, wipe them carefully with a soft rubber sponge or a moist towel. To enhance the shine and ability to repel water, use leather cream and a protective spray.

Patent Leather Crocs may be wiped clean with a moist towel or cleaned with a professional solution specialized in patent leather. Don’t ever use chemicals like alcohol or harsh detergents on your crocs since they will make them look dull.

If you have crocs made from Smooth Napa Leather, use a smooth and moist towel to remove dust and debris. Apply natural waxy shoe lotion or wax using a cotton brush. Slowly apply the shoe lotion in a spiral motion.

For the suede and lambswool crocs, clean the uppers carefully with a soft wire brush or plastic brush, then spritz with an impregnation spray to increase water repellency.

Crocs clogs were initially made of foam, but now they’re made of the Croslite polymer. It’s a resin that’s neither rubber nor plastic. It’s a soft substance that offers plenty of cushioning and is believed to repel odor and bacterial development.

Crocs are comfortable, lightweight, incredibly durable and easy to maintain because of the material they’re made of. Compared to some other famous shoe brands, their minimal upkeep and durability make them a delight to clean.