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6 Best Walking Shoes for Hip Pain

6 Best Walking Shoes for Hip Pain

When you start to experience pain, tenderness, swelling, or aches around your hips and groin area, it could be the onset of hip pain. Hip pain is a serious issue that needs medical intervention from a qualified expert. 

In addition to seeing a specialist, what you can do to combat hip pain is to get yourself a good pair of shoes designed specifically for such issues. These shoes help to reduce the pressure exerted on your hip joints, ensure proper posture, and cushion your feet as you walk.

The best shoes for people with hip pain need to tick a number of boxes including comfort, arch support, and stability. We have since curated this list of the best shoes for those with hip pain so that you have a much easier time finding the right option for you.

Here are Best Walking Shoes for Hip Pain

Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis

Painful hips need a well-cushioned shoe with lots of support to keep excess pressure away. That’s exactly what you get with the Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis orthopedic walking shoes. 

A favorite with many people suffering from various foot problems, these shoes are designed to offer superior comfort thanks to extra cushioning. An orthotic insole with arch support helps to keep your feet in the right posture and distributes your weight evenly. The insole also helps to prevent overpronation, which can make hip pain worse.

A lightweight sole comes in a highly ergonomic design to provide extra cushioning and comfort to the legs. By absorbing the shock of foot impact when walking, these shoes ensure that your hips are well cushioned to aid in pain relief and recovery.

The uppers are also specifically designed to add extra comfort by being super lightweight, breathable, and soft. A layer of lining beneath the vamp holds your feet securely when walking to improve stability while providing relief to sensitive feet. Extra foam cushioning is also placed around the heal for more comfort.

If your doctor has recommended custom orthotics for your particular feet problems, you will love the deep footbed once the factory insoles are removed. They also have a wider footbed and extra toe room for those with swollen feet, bunions, and other similar problems.

In addition to the breathable uppers, the inserts and spaces in these shoes are made of microbial bamboo to keep bacteria and fungi at bay. 

These Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis orthopedic walking shoes have many more features in their favor, which makes them the obvious choice for those with hip pain.


  • Superb cushioning from the soft rubber sole to the orthotic inserts to help absorb the shock of footfalls
  • The orthotic insert adds arch support to keep the feet, legs, and hips properly aligned. It is also removable to make room for custom inserts
  • Breathable mesh uppers and antibacterial bamboo inserts help your feet to remain fresh even when you sweat
  • These shoes are lightweight and fit snugly on all foot sizes, even those with flat feet and bunions
  • Perfect for sensitive feet


  • These shoes are expensive
  • Unless the inserts fit your feet perfectly, you might end up replacing them after all


The magic in these shoes lies in the foam and cushioning technology. They feel like a dream to walk on, even for all-day walking and working. We only recommend that you test the inserts to see how well they work for you, and replace them if you still experience pain after a short time of wearing them. Note that while these shoes are for women, although you can order similar ones for men.

Vionic Walker 

The Vionic Walkers are shoes designed for busy women who don’t like to be hindered by pain. They look like regular sneakers, but the technology inside offers much better cushioning, support, and balance than any sneaker. That’s what you would expect from a shoe approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

To start with, these shoes have a footbed designed by a podiatrist to improve stability and foot posture. This EVA foam footbed is then covered by soft textile for extra cushioning and can be removed for cleaning or adjustments. It is designed to give a smooth transition from the heel area to the toe strike zone and thus improve the feet posture.

Full-grain weatherproof leather uppers grace the top of these shoes, which adds strength and durability. More foam cushioning on the inside around the collar and tongue ensures that the feet remain comfortable even during strenuous activity.

To finish off the design, a flexible thermoplastic synthetic heel on top of a TPR outsole helps improve shock absorption and stability. The sole also improves the grip these shoes have even on slippery floors such as cement, tiles, vinyl, linoleum, and marble.


  • Superb cushioning, especially on the heel and midsole area
  • Excellent arch support. The EVA footbed is removable if you prefer to use a custom orthotic insert
  • Strong and durable design thanks to the outsole and leather uppers
  • The interior is wide and spacious to allow proper positioning. They are perfect for those with foot conditions such as bunions


  • Some people with a really high arch report having the top of the shoe pressing painfully into their feet. 


Leather sneakers don’t usually make the list of best shoes for hip pain, these Vionic Walkers are a unique surprise. They offer excellent comfort and cushion while aligning your feet perfectly to allow relief from hip pain. However, if the fit isn’t right for you, consider the Vionic Flip Flops. Note that this shoe has both men and women’s versions available for order

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe (Men)

The ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 running shoe is easily the best shoe for men with hip pain. That may be due to the proprietary gel technology built into the rearfoot which greatly reduces the impact on the hips from rearfoot strikes as you walk or run.

Right off the box, this is an amazing shoe for stability and balance. The sole is designed from high traction rubber with a unique tread pattern to provide superb traction on and off-road. ASICS even added special AHAR rubber in high-wear areas to make the shoe more durable.

The high-performance rubber sole is itself enough to have this shoe stand out, but the insole and uppers feature the same high-quality design standards. The sock liner is a removable insert that allows those with custom orthotic inserts to use them instead. This is important as the shoe does not come with native arch support.

These shoes also have plenty of toe room to support those with various issues such as a bunion or hammertoe. However, you will need to get the right size as these shoes are designed to offer a close, comfortable, and secure fit.

To complete the ensemble are the closed mesh uppers made of 100% synthetic material. These help the shoes to maintain a certain degree of water resistance while allowing some breathability and making them lighter and more flexible.

These are truly great quality walking and running shoes from Japanese manufacturer ASICS, and the workmanship in them is unbelievable. Even then, the price you pay for them is very fair and affordable. Take them out to the dirt on your walks or runs, and you won’t ever look back.


  • These shoes have phenomenal balance and traction, thanks to the unique outsole
  • The rear sole is equipped with gel cushioning for footfall impact absorption
  • Lots of toe room for various types of feet, especially if you go for the extra-wide models with an “E” suffix (e.g, 11 4E)
  • The uppers are flexible, comfortable, and strong to offer added foot protection
  • The inserts are removable to make room for orthotics if you need them
  • These shoes feature typical Japanese high quality at a very affordable price range


  • These are primarily offroad shoes. While they claim to be “multi-surface” and can work even on hardtop surfaces, they might be a bit too heavy for the average user
  • The sole feels hard at first until after you break them in properly. Even then, these shoes are best for heavier people


It’s hard not to love these rough and tough trail monsters that eat dirt for breakfast. The traction is out of this world, comfort is cushy, and they just want you to walk more and do more. There’s nothing to complain about in terms of quality and pricing. So, if you’re typical American suffering from hip pain, these shoes are for you.

While this particular model is designed for men, there is a similar one for ladies as well with slightly different dimensions including a smaller arch height. They also have different colors and designs, but with the same wonderful performance.

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  • Sketchers Shape Ups ( Available for Men and Women)

Most people need no introduction to the Sketchers brand. The Shape Ups are motion control shoes with a rounded sole shape which forces a slightly unstable, rolling motion from heel to toe.

Why is this important? Well, for one, this rolling motion enforces a proper walking stride and corrects overpronation, which is one of the best reasons to wear them. You can think of it as a rocker motion that forces a walking gait with follow-through to the toes and thus helps distribute foot impact directly.

Hip pain can easily result from improper walking or running gait. That is true of hardtop running especially, which impacts the hips much more severely. Rocker shoes like these are perfect to correct this – once you get used to them.

Apart from the unusual curve of the outsole, one other thing you will note is how thick the whole sole is. That is because Sketchers designed the shoe with a slightly softer kinetic wedge sole that provides super shock absorption. These shoes define what walking on rubber should feel like. 

The footbed also affords extra cushioning and comfort. The toe room is extra wide and comfy as well, and especially great for those with hammertoe. The natural curve of the shoe makes it easy for different types of feet to fit into them.

The leather uppers complete the designer look of the shoe with a distinct contrasting navy/white pattern, completing the look of an iconic shoe. Iconic because a decade or so ago, Shape Ups were all the rage when they were sold as “toning shoes” which work out the legs, thigh, and butt muscles. 

These claims are unsubstantiated, but a firm disclaimer needs to be issued: these shoes are NOT for those with balance issues. They are good for those with hip pain because they help to correct gait and absorb impact while walking. 

However, the natural instability designed into the sole can be good or bad for you, so make sure to wear them in short periods to test them out first and get used to the rocking gait. 


  • If your hip pain is a result of or causes hip pain, these shoes are a natural solution to this. The rolling heel-to-toe motion feels like second nature after a few weeks in these shoes, which will help you even when you switch back to regular shoes
  • They will help to correct overpronation and underpronation as well
  • The extra thick and soft kinetic rubber sole is great at shock absorption and cushioning
  • Lots of room for wide and problematic feet and toes
  • Durable leather construction for long-lasting use
  • If you can believe it, this shoe is still fashionable after decades of popularity


  • You must take the time to break in and get used to the unique rolling gait
  • The thick sole and leather uppers add quite a bit of weight to this shoe


These motion control shoes are certainly unique, but also highly effective at correcting gait. Add to the fact that they have superior cushioning, and you get a shoe that is very suitable for those with hip pain that isn’t the cause of injury or illness. Highly recommended for the right people.

Sketchers Performance Go-Walk 5

If you’re just looking for something normal, comfortable, and supportive to help cure your hip pain, Sketchers takes the cake with the Go Walk 5s. The Go Walks from the iconic brand is a whole ecosystem of sneakers, slip-ons, and walking shoes all designed to offer superior comfort. 

The Go Walk 5s is an even more affordable, albeit bland-looking, redesign of the highly popular Go-Walk 4s. What makes them perfect for those with hip pain is just how well-cushioned they are while being lightweight and roomy.

The main feature of these shoes is their lightweight dual-density Ultra Go outsoles. They are infused with Ultra-Go pillar technology which is specifically designed to give high rebound capability and absorb shorts when moving on hard surfaces.

The rebound technology works in conjunction with Sketcher’s unique Goga Mat insoles, also with the same rebound cushioning. The pair adds fantastic comfort to these shoes which are perfect for all kinds of walking conditions.

The insoles are also breathable. The air spaces in them not only makes them perfect for fresh feet, they help to add to the cushioning effect. A soft, lightweight, synthetic mesh material is used for the uppers which make these shoes super lightweight and comfortable. 

For a very affordable price, you get these comfortable and well-cushioned shoes that feel like wearing a pair of padded socks. They are also machine-washable, which makes maintenance a breeze.


  • These shoes offer superb cushioning, thanks to the flexible Ultra Go outsole
  • They are lightweight and fit snugly for better balancing
  • The Goga mat insole is breathable and cushy
  • Soft lightweight mesh uppers are great for breathability as well
  • These shoes are very affordable
  • They are machine-washable


  • These shoes lack arch support
  • They may feel flimsy to some people


Light and comfortable shoes can be as effective as a painkiller because they provide stability and cushioning to the feet, legs, and hips by extension. Lots of people with knee and hip pain have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain and aching, and you will too. 

Vionic Women’s Brisk Aimmy

Support is imperative if you are to alleviate hip and back pain. That is especially true of those with collapsed arches. For women, there are few shoes with better arch support the Vionic Brisk Aimmy walking shoes. 

This support primarily comes from the EVA footbed designed by podiatrists, with technology dubbed Advanced Motion System. It is flexible and soft, but offers superb support underfoot and improves weight distribution amazingly. The insole is also lined with breathable mesh to increase airflow and reduce sweating.

The insides also feature an elastic strap and a hook-and-loop fastener coupled with a lightly cushioned collar and heel tab. These three increase the fit and security of the shoe when wearing so that it feels as one with the feet. 

Under that is a soft rubber outsole with added cushioning and foot protection. The sole is especially suited to hardtop surfaces when walking or working, which is why Vionic calls these “Athleisure” shoes.

The uppers are made of fabric and synthetic mesh to offer a unique combination of breathability, lightweight, and stylish design, and lightweight. Fastening is achieved using Velcro hook and loop straps, and you can get these shoes in a variety of chic colors including dusty rose, white, blush,  charcoal, or plain black.


  • Women will love the cushioning and comfort in these shoes. The soft rubber outsole helps absorb footfall impact
  • The removable EVA footbed with Advanced Motion System technology is flexible and offers lots of arch support. 
  • The uppers are very lightweight and breathable
  • They have a durable, high traction outsole
  • Excellent fit for those with narrow feet


  • The EVA insole has a latex Vionic label, so you might need to wear them with socks if you are sensitive to latex
  • They are not suitable for those with wide feet


These shoes would take a 4.8/5 star rating if they were just a little bit wider, but perhaps that’s part of the comfort package. That being said, Vionic Aimmys are fantastic! They offer excellent arch support and cushioning, ensuring that anyone with hip pain can enjoy the relief of a superbly designed pair of shoes at their feet – literally.

Buying Guide: What to Look for In The Best Shoes for Hip Pain

You may not know it, but shoes play a big role in your physiological state of well-being. They control things like gait, weight distribution through the foot, pressure exerted on the legs, and much more.

Thus, the right shoes can be very effective at alleviating or even eliminating hip pain. Some of the most important factors you need to consider when buying shoes for hip pain include:

  • Arch support – arch support is a necessity in these kinds of shoes. By supporting the arch, they induce better foot/hip alignment and reduce pressure. In time,  good arch support can help to heal your hip pain.
  • Cushioning – another way to reduce hip pain is to have excellent cushioning from footfalls. That’s because the shock gets transmitted to the bones, which can make the problem worse. Shoes with a lot of cushioning prevent this problem
  • Traction and balance – Poor balance, slipping, and improper gait is detrimental to the hips. It introduces undue pressure and can damage the ligaments and tendons in the hip area. Shoes with excellent traction and balance will help to protect you from such injuries
  • Fit – even good balance is of no use if the shoe doesn’t fit well. In addition to accommodating those with foot conditions, a well-fitting shoe prevents slipping and sliding inside the shoe.
  • Weight – You don’t want a heavy shoe when it’s a chore to even lift your feet. Lightweight shoes are imperative for hip pain.

You can also reduce hip pain in other ways that help relieve pressure from off the hip joint including lying or sitting down, avoiding lifting heavy objects, massage, and specific yoga exercises.


Hip pain is a serious problem that can arise from any number of reasons, but injury and illness are some of the most common ones. Since the hips act as the point of contact between the upper and lower body, it is imperative to have well-cushioned and support shoes to shield them from shock and provide as much support as possible.

These six shoes are perfect options for men and women with hip pain. Having been selected for their unique properties, they can help alleviate hip pain, but the first step to take when you experience such a problem should always be to visit a doctor.