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8 Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

8 Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

As an expectant nurse, you are already familiar with the physiological changes experienced in the body during pregnancy from first-hand or work experience. They can include achy and swollen feet, aching back, and creeping lethargy. With all the walking during your shifts at work, a new pair of shoe shields be top on the priority list.

So you know that you need and deserve a pair (or five) of comfortable shoes designed specifically for pregnant nurses, we an A-list of such shoes for you to pick from.

Here are Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes 

When you need to walk a lot, or perhaps even take a jog, the TIOSEBON athletic sneakers are the perfect pair to keep you going. The most notable features on these lightweight shoes are the soft, bouncy outsoles and even softer woven breathable uppers.

For comfort, you get a pigskin breathable insole over a raised latex arch for added arch support. These super comfortable shoes are very comfortable, perfect for long hours on the clock without breaking a sweat. The breathable mesh uppers make sure that doesn’t happen.

Plus, TIOSEBON has made the same shoe available in various designs, including lace-up, tennis shoes, and gym shoes so that you can take your pick. And yes, they are stunning to look at, so you will feel like a star when wearing these. 

If you still aren’t convinced, all that comfy goodness in the TIOSEBON women’s walking shoes is one of the most affordable options on this list, which is why it has snagged our #1 position. You can buy five pairs of these amazing shoes and not feel the pinch.


  • Lightweight ad breathable for all-day wear
  • Raised and cushioned arch insert for extra arch support
  • Breathable pigskin insoles for more comfort
  • Solyte midsole for excellent cushioning on hard flooring 
  • Excellent slip resistance and grip, even on tiled floors
  • Very affordable


  • Not waterproof
  • These shoes are not very durable
  • The upper material is not light, so these shoes are restricted to urban use.


There’s everything to love and very little to hate about these shoes. About 13,000 people on Amazon agree, having given them a stellar 4.4/5 star rating. We particularly love the raised arch insert and super bouncy outsole, but it might be the soft woven uppers that stole our hearts. Pick up a pair for yourself and see for yourself.

Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes

They may not look like it, but the Vionic Women’s Fitness shoes are the kind that makes you feel like you have springs on your feet. That’s because of the unique biomechanical technology built into every sole, making them extra springy and comfortable.

When you need to walk many hours on hard floor surfaces, you will be grateful for the soft rubber sole, which offers the first layer of protection against mechanical shocks. This is important because the feet of a pregnant nurse has to deal with the extra weight of the baby. The outsole is also durable and tough to deal with external conditions.

A removable, orthotic EVA footbed provides the second layer of cushioning. That means it is very soft, has inbuilt arch support, cradles your feet comfortably, and is breathable to make all-day walking a breeze.

Mesh textile uppers make up the top of the shoe, making them even more breathable and lightweight. The inside of the shoe has extra panels all around the vamp to provide extra protection, so that the shoe feels solid and secure while remaining lightweight and comfy.

For its innovative podiatric technology and walking-on-a-cloud kind of springiness, the Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes bag our second spot. 


  • Well-cushioned against shocks on hard floors, which makes them perfect for work and walking.
  • The removable orthotic EVA footbed gives extra cushioning and arch support
  • The rubber outsole is soft but very durable. It also gives excellent traction on all kinds of floor surfaces, including tiles
  • Breathable and lightweight for extended use
  • They are perfect for those with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  • The textile mesh uppers will easily accommodate wide and swollen feet


  • You need to wear these with socks if your feet are sensitive to latex
  • The color and fit may not be what you expected, so make sure to check immediately you get them or otherwise send them back.


Whatever Vionic infused into these shoes, it’s working. The orthotic insert, EVA footbed, and rubber outsole combination make them one of the best shoes for pregnant nurses who still need to walk a lot. 

The extra comfort, breathability, and padding beneath the vamp give them a solid feel. These Vionic Women’s fitness shoes are highly recommended if you don’t mind the price.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy House Slipper

A fur house slipper probably isn’t what a nurse would think of first, but take a moment to think about it. Thick memory foam cushioning, wide soft uppers smothered in fur, anti-slip sole perfect for both outdoors and outdoors, and warm fluffy comfort for your feet. 

Despite our love for clinically efficient footwear, the warm and cozy comfort of these clog-style slip-ons slipped into our hearts and stayed there. After a little deliberation, we also decided that it wouldn’t be so bad if an expectant nurse kept a pair of these in the locker to pull out when at work, right?

For starters, these slip-ons feature a thick memory foam cushion to isolate your feet from the cold hard floors you walk on. They offer extra padded comfort even to achy, tired feet.

The synthetic sole is designed to be strong and durable with a textured bottom surface to protect you against sliding and slipping. It’s perfect for walking indoors, but will work for a pop outdoors now and then.

But the topper is the luxurious faux fur all around the hells, vamp, and interior. The plush comfort is just what you need to give your feet an extra treat for supporting you and baby so well. 

Jessica Simpson is renowned for designing fun fashion items. You probably won’t look too out of place wearing these at work, but they are 10/10 recommended anyway – you can always wear them at home.


  • Extra memory foam cushioning for when you need to walk a lot
  • Plush comfort, thanks to the faux fur
  • Fun and fashionable style you can wear anywhere you like
  • Strong anti-slip outsole
  • They are extra wide to handle swollen feet
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning (use a mild setting)


  • They might be too warm for extended walking, which can cause sweating
  • They need extra molded cushioning, especially to provide arch support


If you still can’t reconcile yourself with the idea of wearing fur slip-ons at work, Jessica Simpson has a lot more options for you including fur-lined bootie slippers. We can all agree that the luxurious comfort in these clogs is what every pregnant nurse needs. 

Sketchers Women’s Walking Shoes

Meet one of the most popular maternal women’s shoes. Sketchers Go Walks are in their fifth iteration, and previous models have been massively popular. That’s not surprising, considering that these shoes are super comfortable and perfect for walking.

These are the right shoes for an expecting nurse to ensure comfortable walking and working on and off duty. They are lightweight but strong, offering protection from slips, falls while cradling your feet in a cushion of soft comfort.

The soft dual-density rubber outsole starts by absorbing the impact of your footfalls as you walk, thanks to embedded pillar technology. This provides the first layer of cushioning. 

A Sketchers Goga mat insole is the second protective layer, adding air-cooled cushioning for your feet with proprietary technology. An even softer heathered mesh upper makes each shoe as comfortable as a Christmas sock, except that these shoes are very stylish and fashionable. 

After days of comfortable wearing, you can simply pop your Sketchers Go Walk 5s into the washing machine for a tumble before airing them out to dry, making cleaning effortless. These are great shoes all round, no doubt about it.


  • Super comfortable shoes perfect for walking, thanks to extra cushioning
  • They are lightweight and breathable, thanks to the mesh uppers and breathable mat insoles
  • Convenient cleaning options since they are machine-washable
  • The rubber outsole offers superb traction on all kinds of surfaces



Sketchers Go Walk 5s are a favorite with pregnant women for a reason. They are super fashionable, affordable, and offer quality cushioning with a springiness that lasts for ages. Even without arch support, these are highly recommended.

Konhill Women’s Casual Walking Shoes 

When you find a user comparing shoes to walking barefoot on clouds, you know that you have hit upon something special. While the Konhill casual walking shoes are cute and fashionable, their appeal lies in their supreme wearability.

These shoes feature shockproof insoles designed and produced by MD Cushion, an American producer of superb cushioning products. They offer excellent rebound to protect your heels from footfall impact while being resilient and durable. 

The rubber outsoles are also springy and elastic to add extra cushioning. They are molded for extra grip on any floor surface, which gives them extra traction and non-slip capabilities.

Their lightweight woven textile uppers are breathable and very comfortable, giving that ecstatic feel the user described of walking barefoot. Indeed, these shoes are the closest thing to walking barefoot, no “pregnant and barefoot” pun intended.

The textile uppers are also expandable. That way, even if you have swollen feet, you can still have snug but comfortable shoes. Best of all, these sweet kicks are literally a dime a dozen. 

You can pick up different versions of the Konhill Women’s Casual walking shoes, but these mesh slip-ons are definitely the best


  • Superb comfort and cushioning from impact
  • They are very lightweight and breathable
  • These shoes offer excellent traction and balance
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Very affordable


  • Like other shoes of the same design, the Konhill women’s walking shoes are not very durable
  • They lack arch support, although you can get an additional orthotic insert if you need it.


Simple and economical rarely meets the high-quality standards required for maternity shoes, but these casual mesh slip-ons seem to have found a niche. Women and girls of all ages can wear these fashionably and enjoy the plush comfort of their double cushioning. We wholly recommend the Konhill Women’s Casual Walking shoes, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Madison Sneaker

Dr. Scholl’s is a household brand, especially for those with foot problems. The brand has been in operation for over 100 years, but what matters is that today you can buy the incredibly comfortable orthotic Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker.

This pull-on shoe is perfect for those with foot problems and those in advanced stages of pregnancy. The rubber sole and side walls offer cushioning as your feet hit the floor, while the soft lining and insert cradles your feet as you walk and work.

It is this insert that makes all the difference. Dr. Scholl’s is known for its orthotic inserts, and the one in this shoe is the Be Free Energy Technology insole with three different zones designed for maximum cushioning and arch support.

You can choose from a variety of uppers made of different materials, including python, lizard, textile mesh, patent leather, and many more. 

Each shoe also features twin gore panels beneath the vamp as well as comfort collars just above the heel. What these do is that they make it much easier to slip the shoe on and offer extra cushioning. If your feet swell during the day, the panels will expand as well and allow you to remain comfortable and chill.

Best of all, these are incredibly chic and fashionable shoes, as Dr. Scholl’s shoes tend to be. We fully recommend any shoe from the brand, but especially this particular one for pregnant nurses.


  • The orthotic insert offers extra support and comfort even to those with a collapsed arch
  • The rubber outsole is made of elastic rubber which cushions footfalls
  • The rubber outsole also gives this shoe an excellent grip on all surfaces to prevent sliding
  • Gore panels on each side allow the shoe to expand if your feet swell
  • Durable uppers available in a wide range of stylish choices


  • A few fakes of these shoes are about, so make sure to buy authentic Dr. Scholl’s
  • They are expensive depending on the model you choose


You can hardly go wrong with Dr. Scholl’s. Even 100 years ago, the brand made some of the best shoes for those with feet problems. However, we do recommend that you go for a model with a mesh textile or woven upper which will be more breathable and comfortable. It will also be cheaper. 

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Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Ombre

Usually, sandals are hated for terrible cushioning and walkability. Not these. The Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Ombres are the kind of shoe that makes you want to walk, and walk, and keep walking some more. If you are a pregnant woman who just happens to be a nurse who needs sandals you can work in, these are it.

Sanuk sandals feature a Happy U sponge rubber sole for impact absorption and better traction on various floor types. This sole is thicker than most sandals you find out there, making for better comfort. 

You will be happy to know that the sole is partly made of recycled EVA and straw, which makes it environment-conscious. The material comes from recycled yoga mats, which adds all the soft comfort we know so well from our yoga sessions.

Instead of being a naked sole, Sanuk also added a cushy Yoga mat footbed for extra cushioning. This double layer makes walking in the Sanuk Ombres a dream.

However, the clincher is the stretchy two-way knit fabric straps that make these sandals perfect for those with wide or swollen feet. It expands when it needs to and tugs gently in so that your feet have the feeling of a snug, secure shoe.

These shoes have been loved by tens of thousands of American women, and will probably be loved by thousands more. They are affordable and dressy, and the various styles on offer mean that you can even pick one you can go to a fancy dinner in. 


  • Superior comfort thanks to a double cushion of spongy outsoles and yoga mat footbed
  • Made of partly recycled raw materials
  • Stretchy fabric uppers offer a snug fit that expands with swollen feet
  • Very affordable
  • Classy and dressy sandals you can wear anywhere


  • The footbed is a bit slippery, which means walking on an uneven surface could cause slipping
  • They lack inbuilt arch support


The concept and design of these shoes are simply ingenious, considering that the sole and footbed are made of recycled yoga mats. They are very cushy and comfortable, and perfect for extended walking on hard surfaces. Plus, the price is unbeatable, which makes these shoes a tough deal to pass by.

TOMS Women’s Canvas Classics

The story of Toms is as inspiring as any. Founded in 2006, the founder Blake Mycoskie was inspired by the traditional alpargata or “everyman shoe” worn by the women there. 

Toms are designed to be comfortable walking and lounging shoes made of canvas uppers and a rubber sole. They are flexible and durable, just the like original.

What makes them great for pregnant nurses is the fact that they are lightweight and well-cushioned from impact. Wearing them feels like a pair of comfortable socks, but one you can venture outdoors in for a walk in the park.

Even better, these Toms also come with a latex arch support insert for those who need it. They are affordable, stylish, and Toms still donates one pair for every one pair purchased in the US. 


  • Very light and comfortable
  • These shoes are well cushioned, thanks to a rubber sole and EVA foam insert
  • The flexible canvas uppers, plus the fact that they are naturally wide, make them perfect in case you suffer from swollen feet
  • Stylish and cute
  • It doesn’t hurt that buying a pair also helps support poor children in Argentina, where the inspiration for Toms came from.


  • These shoes are not for walking on uneven or rough surfaces
  • Even though they are well cushioned, extra-heavy expecting women might need to swap them out for a more comfortable option after a time


The Toms Women’s Canvas Shoes make this list because they are lightweight, very comfortable, and stylish. Their rubber sole is also quite effective against foot impacts on most hard floors. Since they are quite affordable, given them a chance to impress you with their comfortable wearability.

What to Look For When Buying Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

A pregnant nurse is a busy nurse, having to flutter about at work taking care of other people. That means they too should have a pair of comfortable shoes that will take care of their feet, taking into account all the various foot problems that can occur.  What you should look for in your shoes includes:


The shoes should have more than decent cushioning to handle hours of walking on hard concrete and tiled surfaces. That means a rubber sole with additional cushioning in the footbed. 


Pregnant women can experience swollen feet, especially pregnant nurses. If you’re going to be walking for hours, you need shoes that can stretch and accommodate your feet without cutting into them.

Arch support

Pregnancy also tends to bring about collapsed arches due to changes in blood flow in the legs. Thus, to prevent discomfort and pain, extra arch support might sometimes be necessary. However, there are also third-party insoles that can be bought for this.


Shoes for nurses need to be flat and perfectly balanced, but even more so for pregnant nurses. They need to be flat, well-cushioned and have an appropriate treat pattern.

Grip and traction

More about treads, nurses tend to walk a lot on wet and slippery floors. Thus, they need rubber or synthetic soles that will grip the surface securely and prevent the risk of slipping.


Not just nurses, but everybody loves a shoe that will allow their toes and feet to breathe. After hours of walking, you can sweat and have dangerous and smelly bacteria growing from your feet. Thus, a breathable pair of shoes for a pregnant nurse is perfect.


Being familiar with mom-to-be problems, we know some of the most important features you need in such shoes. We took the time to curate this list to ensure the best for pregnant nurses.

These are all shoes designed with you in mind. Whether you will be putting in 8 hours at work, taking a stroll in the glorious outdoors, or simply lazing about at home, these maternity shoes have got your feet covered, no problem.