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Best Shoes for HIIT Workouts- 2020 Reviews

Best Shoes for HIIT Workouts- 2020 Reviews

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the dominant principle in modern’s popular workouts. Activities such as Crossfit, Tabata, and great physique’s insanity are characterized by getting through bursts of movements at high intensity and resultant recovery periods.

It combines cardiovascular and dynamic training to form a challenging workout that gets you working quite powerfully throughout the regime.

Contrary to running workouts where motion is basically forward, most actions in HIIT activities are lateral, up/down and forward/backward.

This calls for a certain kind of footwear that can be stable, breathable, and provide excellent traction on different surfaces, while giving responsiveness, yet not too much cushioning for jumps and landings.

The shoe should also be of a perfect fit and strong enough to withstand the pressure and protect your feet, ankles, and involved joint systems.  However, finding the best training shoes can be a demanding quest and can take a lot of time before perfection.

If you are not new to HIIT, then you understand the compilation of various workouts that are extremely high intensity. As such, we have compiled a list of the ten best shoes for HIIT that are tested, recommended, and available for purchase.

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Nike Metcon 4 Cross Training Shoes

Great for cross-training and weightlifting, the Metcon 4 is one of the best options for those searching for a versatile training pair. The shoe is highly flexible and supportive and provides a considerable amount of traction on varied surfaces. Similar to other Metcons, this pair is incredibly lightweight and comfortable on feet while running.

The outer part is more waterproof compared to most of the other models out there. That’s why the pair is probably the best HIIT footwear in the range. The shoe comes with a more sophisticated cushioning on various parts of the footbed, including heel and foot curve. 

The shaft and upper mesh are highly breathable, making it easier for workout enthusiasts to wear for prolonged periods. The Metcon 4 also incorporates a removable insole that serves the same way a midsole would in conventional athletic footwear.

It boasts a softly cushioned forefoot, which is excellent for sprints. The heel is thicker and sturdier to ensure the maximum amount of stability when lifting and squatting. You will also achieve a good connection between the underfoot and surface as enhanced by the 4mm drop. Not to mention the insole comes with anti-bacteria adding, contributing to the overall health of your feet.


  •       TPU heel counter
  •       Sticky rubber outsole
  •       Lightweight built structure
  •       Flywire cables for support
  •       Anti-microbial layer
  •       Breathable mesh upper
  •       Cushioned Tongue


  •       Low heel
  •       Expensive

PUMA Cell Riaze WN Sneakers for HIIT

PUMA appeals to those who like the athleisure look without skimping on overall comfort and functionality. You will appreciate the benefits of having this shoe during those intensive workouts, knowing that support and stability are all well catered for.

With excellent customer support, we can confidently say that Cell Riaze is one of the best choices you can buy at present. Comfort and support are the major highlights here. You will get an all-around cushioning from the model’s midsole, the heel, collar as well as the tongue.

The cushioning is meant to offer support where you need it the most during those grueling activities. They are also designed to help those who have bad knees and joint problems to execute their sessions short of a struggle.

The cushioning around the foot curves heel section is revolutionary. It is composed of unique microfibers that accommodates the user’s weight while protecting the footbed from excessive pressure coming from the ground.

The best shoe for HIIT comes with a breathable textile upper designed to manage moisture as facilitated by the application of the Eco Ortholite sock liner. The pump also works hard to keep your feet fresh, dry, and healthy, thereby empowering you to endure more exercise than last week.

Finally, this is one of the most stylish shoes you can ever have in your closet. So apart from excellent comfort and support, the shoe will make sure you look stylish in just about any workout outfit.


  •       Highly breathable
  •       Padded collar and tongue
  •       Supportive overlays
  •       Stable cushioning
  •       Snug, comfortable fit


  •       Size runs small and narrow.


ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Mix

Technologies employed in the ASICS Gel-Venture 6 make it a one-stop choice for HIIT. ASICS has catered for all aspects of delivering a sustainable level of comfort, support, versatility, and traction. The shoe features gel cushioning and a highly breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cool and dry throughout the workout session.

The high abrasion rubber outsole comes with reversed lugs to enhance stability. Hard workouts are made easier with this footwear, thanks to the aerodynamic shape that gives more energy and agility to the user.

The Rearfoot Gel Technology Cushioning System is applied throughout the footbed to subside shocks and impacts, which is particularly beneficial for people with sensitive feet. The shock absorbency found in the Venture 6 Mix implies that you can go harder without wearing out your muscles due to disproportionate impacts.

The outsole is also a major highlight. It features a specialized high-abrasion rubber that is both durable and grippy, while the insole provides much-needed comfort, especially for those suffering from chronic foot pain.

The outer leather of these shoes is waterproof to protect you against rainy and harsh conditions while training. Lastly, the reverse lug pattern will give you traction on just about any surface, whether natural or synthetic.


  •       Rearfoot Gel technology cushioning system
  •       Removable sock liner
  •       Comfortable insole
  •       High abrasion rubber outsole
  •       Reversed lugs for more traction on all terrain types


  •       Size runs small

PUMA Fierce Core High Impact Training Shoes

We all know that PUMA is a leading brand in the footwear industry, and they shine so well in the production of workout shoes. That means they’re among the best in quality. With its bootie construction, the PUMA Fierce Core brings an exceptional optimal point between support and flexibility, making it one of the best training shoes to buy at present.

The Fierce Core model is well recognized for its higher upper mesh plus a padded tongue and collar that protects ladies’ ankles when executing hard training. The black color grants you a futuristic look that unquestionably sets you apart while in the gym. 

The outsole of this PUMA selection is made from genuine rubber, which does a remarkable job while indoors as well as outdoors. The thick heel will protect you from harmful impact while offering you some elevation that comes in handy during squatting workouts.

It is also flexible as enhanced by the flex groove in the middle. The pivot point at the toe box facilitates easy movements in any directions. What makes this pair a great standout is an outer part.

The exterior of these shoes is crafted from high-quality textiles, making the shoe highly breathable and lightweight. The material employed here helps you to manage the temperature within the shoe, so your feet don’t sweat.


  •       Extremely comfortable to wear
  •       Available in a wide range
  •       Stylish design
  •       Lightweight built structure
  •       The shoe remains true to size


  •       Not among the most durable in this list

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

The Crossfit Nano 8.0 by Reebok is another excellent choice for HIIT workouts. It features a great combination of low-cut design, splendid cushioning, and unparalleled shock absorption for comfy rapid movements.

The Crossfit line was purposely designed for Olympic athletes who perform heavy lifts and other high-intensity movements, so you can count on this a superb option for going forward.

The flawless look of the Crossfit Nano 8.0 is augmented by its ability to subside heat and moisture while allowing fresh air in. It has a mesh design that’s perfect for those extended sweaty sessions at the gym. This will also help in retaining the natural shape of your feet without experiencing any pain or discomfort during training.

The synthetic rubber outsole means that you won’t twist or slip your ankle as you would with some of the options out there.

The Nano 8.0 model features a longer upper mesh and shaft for arch and ankle support. This gives the ability to bend and flex your foot without sacrificing the anatomy of your metatarsals.

We also love the smart lacing system that’s strategically located to ensure minimal pressure to keep the shoe right on your feet.


  •       Low-cut design
  •       Synthetic sole
  •       NanoWeave upper
  •       CMEVA midsole
  •   High-abrasion rubber outsole


  •   Varied widths
  •   Durability

Adidas Powerlift 3.1 Interval Training Shoes

As one of the top-rated footwear options when it comes to HIIT, the Adidas Powerlift 3.1 can undoubtedly be expected to deliver.

Adidas is a synonymous brand in the range of footwear, and their Powerlift series is well among the best shoes for lifting. Their Powerlift 3.1 model is specially designed to fit the most description as far as workout shoes are concerned.

The whole thing is designed to fit snugly over your foot to offer the best possible support and comfort all over. It is also perfect for strict workout regimes, especially for its breathability as it allows an ample amount of airflow to combat bacteria build-up and comfort issues.

The tongue and the collar are slightly padded with mesh to increase the breathability. The Adiwear outsole is very durable and delivers the right amount of traction on different surfaces.

Speaking of closure, the Powerlift 3.1 features a highly adjustable lacing system plus a midfoot strap that holds the feet over the instep, ensuring zero chance of lace-failure.

The shoe comes with a particular midsole that supports your weight while keeping your footbed pain free. So you don’t have to stress about lots of pressure impacted from the ground.

Moreover, the outsole is sturdy enough to endure adverse weather conditions. It is also equipped with top-notch lugs that offer you better traction over all types of terrains.


  •       Breathable mesh upper
  •       Lightweight HIIT shoe
  •       Very durable
  •       Hardwearing outsole
  •       Midsole layer for added support


  •       Size runs narrow

New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V1 Plyometrics Shoes

The New Balance Arishi V1 model is ideal for ladies. This series of plyometric shoes has been presented as one of the best shoes for HIIT and has remained to be the best seller- longer than most brands out there.

The shaft and the upper mesh are strong and flexible to keep your feet safe from controversial pressure from the ground. The shoe also provides adequate protection and support to your ankle area. The insole is made to remain softer even after long workout sessions, while the unique cushioning around the heel keeps you pain-free from shocks and impact.

Besides, the Arishi V1 features a convenient lacing system with superior laces to ensure more safety when running. This will keep your feet right in place every time.


  •   Synthetic mesh upper
  •   Rubber outsole
  •   Textile
  •   Lightweight and comfortable


  •   Size tends to rub wide
  •   Not among the most durable

Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Cross-Training HIIT Shoes

This Inov-8 F-Lite 195 is an excellent choice from a prominent brand that manufactures top-quality shoes all the time. It is a special edition, purposely made for men, and has been categorized as one of the most reliable shoes for HIIT workouts. It is designed to make a difference during your movements.

The durable outsole will not make any noise, and it allows you to perform faster with little to zero fatigue. The insole is meant to remain softer than average, while the excellent cushioning system accommodates the whole footbed for a more comfortable workout experience.


  •       Wide toe box
  •       Lightweight construction
  •       Available in many colors


  •       Purposely meant for men
  •       Issues of the sole ripping off

PUMA Prowl Alt 2- Best Sneaker for Hiit

Lightweight, breathable, and fully customizable, the PUMA Prowl Alt 2 is the latest version of the brand’s training shoes. It is made for those who want the functionality alongside stylish looks.

Available in black or monochrome grey, this is definitely the best-looking shoe on this list. While design and aesthetics might not be of much importance, the cushioned midsole and insole might impress you. They ensure excellent shock absorption irrespective of the type of workouts you’re performing.

The lacing system is entirely unique in that it’s designed with loops that start from midfoot to the heel, therefore allowing you to customize the fit for a great session. The midsole of the Prowl Alt 2 is made from IMEVA, a lightweight version of the regular EVA foam that alleviates and disperses shock without adding much weight.

The upper of the Prowl Alt 2 is designed with breathable mesh, featuring three supportive straps around the toe area to ensure sustainable support and prevent sliding and slipping inside the shoe.


  •       Lightweight rubber sole
  •       Breathable mesh upper
  •       IMEVA midsole
  •       Customizable lace closure
  •       Soft Foam sockliner


  •       No arch support
  •       Runs narrow

Reebok Crossfit Sprint Training Shoe

The Reebok Crossfit Training Shoe made with great comfort and protection to make all the difference. If you’re looking for the best shoes to keep you safe throughout the session, and perhaps one that presents a stylish design, then you might be impressed by the Crossfit Sprint model.

The shoe is designed to boost your confidence while hitting those unforgiving trials or doing hefty lifting at the gym. The best training shoe comes with stronger side parts to combat supination and probation issues after vigorous training.

The genuine leather is waterproof so that you can count on this shoe on practically any surfaces. The insole and midsole are comfy enough and are removable, making the shoe easy to clean. Besides, you can replace the custom orthotics with your preferred inserts to attain a more comprehensive comfort level.


  •       Very comfortable
  •       Comes in multiple color selections
  •       Mono-mesh protection for added protection during rope climbing.


  •       Narrow fitting
  •       Soles might rip off after some time.


Best Shoes for HIIT: Buying Guide (what to look for)

With the huge variety of workout shoes available, it can be quite difficult to identify the best one to get along with. On that note, below are some important aspects to check out for when shopping for the best training shoes for your regime.

Shock Absorption

Cushioning might not be emphasized on the list of features to check out for because too much of it will affect the shoe’s ability to flex or bend as per your foot during those intensive movements. Nonetheless, reasonable cushioning comes in handy for shock absorption and to avoid painful rubbing.

Lightweight and effective padding can make a firm and supportive shoe comfortable where the environment would not be friendly to your feet with regular footwear. Look for shoes that feature light padding on its interior as well as the collar and the tongue.

The insoles of your shoes should have enough cushioning to combat shocks and hard impacts that result from intense workouts. However, the cushioning should be thinner and lightweight enough not to hinder the shoes’ ability to bed or adjust with your foot when executing various moves.

The midsole section can intensify the effect of extra thin insoles by offering an additional layer of cushioning and support. Shoes that don’t have a midsole (or have sub-standard midsole) are not reliable.


The outsole comforts your feet more than you might think. The outsole is the first line of defense against your hurting grounds and environmental hazards.  The outsole should, therefore, be flexible, supportive, and cushioned enough to enhance shock absorption to counter the disproportionate impacts generated by HIIT workouts.


Admittedly, HIIT workout sessions involve a lot of extreme moves that can lead to heavy sweating on your feet. Doing too much exercise on shoes that are not well ventilated for breathability is a sure way to turn that particular footwear into a revolting sweat-drenched swamp, which can result in painful blisters and foul odor.

The most common approach used by shoemakers to ensure proper temperature management is through the application of mesh upper in the shoes’ design. When looking for the best shoe for intensive training, choose from those that incorporate mesh panels that can allow your feet to breathe.

Mesh upper is associated with added benefits of flexibility and stretchiness, which are all essential for vigorous workouts. The shoes also need to be lightweight and to keep your feet right in place without adding too much weight.


When performing HIIT activities, you need something light yet useful enough to offer much-needed stability, support, and traction throughout the session. Minimalist shoes are not typically best for this sector.

You, therefore, need to choose a shoe that doesn’t feel too heavy and bulky. In fact, the shoe in question should offer all the features as mentioned earlier. A level-headedly cushioned shoe serves best, as too much cushioning can restrict your ability to flex, thereby raising a hindrance to your workout.

Lightweight shoes are less likely to cause fatigue at the end of the exercise. However, be sure not to sacrifice essential safety and comfort features for a lighter shoe.


The above models come highly recommended by most fitness lovers, looking to get the most out of their workout sessions with the most suitable footwear. As intense as HIIT activities can be, you definitely need a pair that delivers the right fit, an excellent amount of cushioning and stability, and be as supportive as you need it to be.

Wearing a pair of training shoes that do not fit well will only intensify your risk of injury and prolonged recovery before the next workout. Using a workout shoe that’s fitness-oriented will only facilitate the result you want to achieve from your regime while maintaining comfort and safety for your and the overall health of your feet.

Intensive workouts are much effective when it comes to keeping fit, and you similarly keep your feet safe on the ground by having one of the best shoes for HIIT workouts. Otherwise, our feet are too important to risk injuring, as they are our first mode of transportation.