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Best Shoes for Shuffling-2020 Reviews

Best Shoes for Shuffling-2020 Reviews

Shuffle dance has been earning massive popularity ever since the 1980s. It is a kind of club dancing, which is believed to have originated from Australia.

The art of heel-toe dancing is the main action in shuffling. The activity includes swift movements as well as good coordination. People who specialize in shuffling are well-known for their elegance in the ability to execute different moves about their presence in public places.

Most shuffling dancers are presenting special requirements about their shoes, which apart from being durable, also need to be remarkably stylish and captivate the required attention during the performance, particularly in public view.

Therefore, if you’re planning for such activity, having the best LED shuffling shoes is vital. It is one of the effective ways to achieve the best moves short of a struggle. However, finding the best shoes for shuffling can be difficult tasks. After all, there is a whole range of shoes to choose from.

Well, LED light-up shuffling shoes are suitable for this kind of dance, but not most of them can deliver the best performance, as you may expect. Below, we have reviewed the. On that note, we’ve reviewed the ten best shoes for shuffling shoes that are currently available on the market.

Here are Best Shoes for Shuffling

Odema Unisex Light UP Shoes

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As the name suggests, this pair of LED shoes best suits both male and female. The shoes are known for their stylish overall design that makes the pair perfect for dancing. The Odema Unisex Light Up shoes are very durable, thanks to the premium PU leather.

Further, the LED lights come with excellent design and pretty attractive. However, the LED lights may cease to operate after some time, as the light-up quality is low compared to other models.

The shoes are built on a sturdy, comfortable, and long-lasting outsole, so grip and traction are rather assured. The fact that this pair light up whenever you’re dancing, the shoes will definitely captivate the required attractions allowing you to stand out while on the floor. They provide some little memorable moments that will take your breath away, thereby improving your life quality.

The best shoes for shuffling are made from superb PU leather while the outsole is crafted from rubber, creating a flawless dancing combination.


  •       Made from high-quality PU leather material
  •       Stylish and excellent design
  •       Rubber outsole enhances maximum stability
  •       Attractive design for all users


  •       Light ups can malfunction after some time.

MOHEM Shiny High Top LED Shoes

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Securing the best pair of shuffling shoes, that’s meant for both adults and kids is always difficult. That said, you may be impressed by the MOHEM Shiny Night High Top LED model as it is designed for both kids and adults.

These shuffling shoes are perfect and will seamlessly turn out the best anywhere you go. Included in the package is a remote control, so you won’t have to squat whenever you’re interested in altering color.

The shoes also boast a well-padded tongue and collar that ensures excellent comfort and safety. The collar is designed to protect your ankles and adjacent areas against chaffing during movements.

With the MOHEM Shiny High Top LED Shoes, you can be sure that your children will appreciate wearing them. They come with four dynamic colors and seven static colors. There’s a switch situated near to the charging port to help wake up the shoes.

This switch will automatically start the shoes immediately when you press it on. More presses on the switch will just alter the shoe color.


  •       Available in a wide range of colors
  •       Stylish and comfortable
  •       Easy to control remotely
  •       Made from top quality materials
  •       Comes with padded tongue and collar for added comfort


  •       Not the most durable
  •       Quite expensive

WONZOM LED Light Fashion Up shoes

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If you’re in the market searching for a lightweight, yet colorful and trendy best shuffling pair, then the Fashion Light Up shoes from WONZOM might be a perfect choice. The pair has been made with great looks and optimal performance in mind.

With the colorful LED light that brings an appealing and charming allure, the WONZOM Fashion Shoes are made for most users across the globe. It consists of seven different color/ascents changes that produce great and flashing sequences to keep your feet light throughout the day.

The switch for these best shuffling shoes is located below the USB station in the interior lining. The switch is designed to keep you safe from any kind of bruises and irritation on the ankles.


  •       Made with PU leather that guarantees comfort and durability
  •       Features colorful LED light, making it even more appealing
  •       Consists of up to seven distinct color changes
  •       Rubber outsoles ensure maximum grip
  •       It comes with a switch to keep you free from irritation


  •       No charger included in the package
  •       Glue work could be better.

AoSiFu Kids Light Up shoes  

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The AoSiFu Light Up model is a great pair for kids well known for its excellent style and available in many colors. The look and overall design are very attractive to make you stand out from the crowd whenever you’re on the floor.

The best shoes for shuffles are relatively flashy and made from top-quality materials that make them more durable. The outsole is made with rubber and is sensibly thick for shock absorption. The outsole features a great grip, so you’ll never lose balance while dancing.

They are made from lightweight materials that make the shoes even more comfortable to walk, dance, and execute different moves comfortably. The shoes come with a wide toe box that ensures your forefoot remains comfortable throughout. Besides, the shoes are also known to incorporate perfect ankle support.


  •       Comes in a flashy and attractive design
  •       Available in different colors
  •       Made from high-quality material
  •       Breathable upper material that keeps your feet always cool and dry.


  •       Not the best for persons with wide feet
  •       Batteries are not rechargeable.

APTESOL Kids Youth Light Up Sneakers

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Specially made for kids, the APTESOL Kids Youth Light Up Sneakers is yet another excellent worth considering. The best shoes for shuffling comes with a more considerable heel section which is deliberated to be a mini boot.

Another impressive thing about the heel is that it protects the ankle from stiff shocks and impacts during movements. The APTESOL Kids Youth Light Up Sneakers comes in seven different colors alongside dynamic lighting modes such as smooth, fading, flashing, and color transitions.

The shoes are also recommended for their easy-to-change batteries using USB cables. It often takes between 2-3 hours of charging, which can keep you dancing for the next 8-11 hours. At brightness level, the lights appear like placing a mini flashlight under the shoes.

The charging port is veiled below the shoe, making it hard to be noted by others even after wearing. The APTESOL Youth Light Up Sneakers outsole is made of high-quality rubber which makes the shoes to be very flexible and supportive enough to help subside shock.


  •       The rubber outsole provides more flexibility
  •       Well-cushioned for comfortable dancing experience
  •       Outsole absorbs shock
  •       Rechargeable LED lights
  •       Available in seven unique static colors


  •       A bit expensive
  •       Materials used can wear out rather quickly.

SANYES Light Up USB Charging Shoes

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SANYES Light Up Shoes are meant for those who like stylish and trendy shoes; this pair is undeniably attractive. They are comfortable and lightweight, thus ideal for dancing. Moreover, the LED lights sequentially light up, providing a great dancing environment.

Apart from being among the most attractive shuffling shoes on the market, you can always charge your SANYES Light Up pair using a USB cable. For more convenience, the Light Up feature is hidden and can be changed whenever necessary. The LED lights are very accessible and easy to charge.

The shoes are made using high-quality PU leather while the outsole is made with rubber, making the shoe excellent for dancing. The rubber utilized in the outsole adds to the shoe’s flexibility and overall comfort. The PU leather, on the other hand, is well-ventilated to keep your feet cool and dry while shuffling.


  •       Trendy with excellent design
  •       Features a hidden LED light
  •       Rhythmic LED light up
  •       Thick outsole rubber for shock absorbency
  •       Easy to charge


  •       Might not hold up for vigorous use
  •       The LED lights can quickly stop functioning

LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes

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No doubt that the LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes are among the best looking shoes in the market, high for shuffling dance. This shoe has been crafted using knit fabric and slip-repellent rubber, which is one of the most reliable materials for dancing footwear. This is because they provide great comfort and flexibility.

The various steps you’re likely to make on the floor will best match this kind of shoes. The best thing is that the model is available for both men and women. What’s more, the whole thing is not only lightweight but also comfortable, meaning you can dance without worrying about any issues. 

Non-skid rubber employed in the making of the LeoVera Unisex Led Shoes is an exceptional choice of maximum grip and secure move. Users of these shoes can always achieve the right dance movements that go well with the music that will be played.

Breathable knit fabric means your feet will stay cool and dry all day long. This promotes the overall feel and experience regardless of the dancing intensity. The only downside to this pair is that the LED lighting doesn’t operate for a lifetime.


  •       Features knit fabric and non-skid rubber
  •       Made from lightweight materials
  •       The outsole ensures maximum grip
  •       Boasts a stylish Unisex LED
  •       The material used provides high breathability levels


  •       Suitable for people with flat feet
  •       LED lights don’t last long

Lxso Fiber Optic LED Shoes

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If you’re thinking about buying something for your loved ones, maybe at their birthday party, Christmas presents, or Valentines’ Day, then this pair can be such an ideal gift. Still and all, if you love shuffling, the Fiber Optic LED Shoes will fit you perfectly.

The shoes are easy to keep clean, so you don’t have to pay much attention to keep them neat. Moreover, the brand employs state-of-the-art technology in the manufacturing of these shoes. The shoe comes with a super lightweight outsole that ensures maximum grip and traction. It is simple to charge, and the batteries can serve for up to 8-hrs of LED light time.

The Lxso Fiber Optic Shoes are available in a range of colors, sizes, and styles to suit most dancers. These shuffling shoes are widely known for their excellent built quality, as supported by the one year warranty. That means the manufacturer will be accountable for any fault in craftsmanship and malfunctions within the first year.

The pair is available in a sheer number of seven striking colors. That means you’ll have the freedom to choose the one that suits you best. They boast excellent design and a charming look. The materials used are durable enough to bear the test of time, which will, in turn, make your dancing session even more economical. Not to mention the breathable upper material that keeps your feet cool and dry throughout the performance.


  •       Thick outsole for shock absorption
  •       One year warranty, so quality is assured
  •       Very easy to change the lights
  •       Highly breathable materials
  •       Available in seven different colors


  •       A bit expensive
  •       Not ideal for people with flat or wide feet

ATS Unisex LED Shoes

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The ATS Unisex LED Shoes are made to bring you comfort, fashion, and style under one roof. The shoes are designed to deliver the best combination of comfort and functionality.

The material employed in making these shoes are highly breathable to ensure your feet stay fresh and dry throughout the dancing session. The entire built structure is meant to help you execute multiple moves without having to exert most of your energy, changing the shoes.

The insole is carefully cushioned and can be easily removed. That means you can replace the factory-made inserts with your own custom orthotics. These shoes are also designed to keep your feet comfortable and right in place. So you don’t have to stress about sliding or slipping inside the shoes.

The overall construction of this shoe is sturdy and durable, meaning you can count on without stressing about the shoes wearing out any time soon. The soles are repellent to slip and oily or wet surfaces, so confidence and stability are pretty much assured.


  •       Lightweight shuffling shoes
  •       Breathable upper material
  •       Sturdy and durable
  •       Removable footbed
  •       Thick, yet flexible outsole for shock absorption


  •       Take a bit longer to dry up
  •       Relatively expensive

Fiber Optic LED Shoe Sneakers

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The Fiber Optic LED Shoes Sneaker comes with seven distinct colors and a total of seven flashing colors. It’s a great pair for both men and women who love to stand out from the crowd. They feature a slip-repellent durable outsole that provides remarkable cushioning when walking. The upper of these shoes is made from fiber optic material, which is lightweight, soft, and breathable for sustainable comfort.

Besides dancing, you can have this pair for other events, including evening riding, night-time parties, music festivals, etc. You can also count on it as a great gift idea. Moreover, it is easy to clean, charge, and maintain.

There’s also the hidden switch button located within the heel trap. The lighting function can be charged for 2-3 hours via a USB charging cable. When full, the batteries can hold the charge for up to 8 hours. However, how long the charge will be maintained is subject to the mode of light up.

The cloth upper featured by these shoes is water repellent and considerably lightweight. These best shoes for shuffling will also protect your foot from harsh weather conditions. Plus, you can get this pair in pink, black, and white.


  •       Easy to clean
  •       Excellent cushioning for maximum comfort
  •       Made with quality PU leather material
  •       Rubber outsole to enhance flexibility
  •       Water-resistant upper


  •       Not among the most durable on this list
  •       Quite expensive

Best Shoes For Shuffling: Buying Guide 

The best type of shuffling shoes is the one that grants you more room for freedom, especially to the forefoot area. See, the most balance largely depends on how easily you can move your toe fingers. The toe box in the shuffling shoes needs to be wider and more accommodative than regular footwear.

Moreover, the insoles of the shuffling shoes should be well-cushioned for added comfort and agility when dancing. Not to overlook the fact that the tongue should be accompanied by a reliable lacing system, strategically placed to manage pressure and strains on the foot arches. This is important for dancers that are sensitive to the shocks and impacts on the ground.

There are various types of shuffling shoes in the market. As such, it can be quite difficult for persons who are searching for shuffling shoes to tell apart the best shoe in the market. Below are essential factors to consider when shopping for the right pair for shuffling or dancing.


Perhaps this is the most important aspect as far as shuffling shoes are concerned. Note, you can never dance properly or rather efficiently if you’re not comfortable. So when deciding on the best pair for dancing, comfort should be the first priority.

This is important as dancing can get really vigorous at times and may necessitate a shoe with extra protection such as insole padding. Excellent padding comes in handy to keep your feet protected when performing even the most demanding dance moves.

The best shoes for shuffling come with excellent breathability and dependable built material. They are well- cushioned for comfort while soles are made from rubber to promote flexibility and traction when you’re completing different dance moves.


A precise fit is a must if you’re to execute your moves well. Dancing or shuffling shoes need to fit perfectly without causing any irritation during the performance. Dancing with a shoe that doesn’t fit properly will only increase the risks of injuries along with other foot-related problems caused by friction. Make sure the shoe you chose provides some hugging advantage around the ankles. They should also offer a perfect transition while on the surface.


No one would like to choose something that will fall apart after several dancing sessions. Check whether the shoe in question is sturdy and durable enough to withstand the test of time. If you don’t pay close attention to the model’s durability, you may end up buying a sub-standard and even lousier quality. Inferior shoes often call for replacement after a short time, which can be costlier in the long run.

Design & Fashion

Trendy looks and overall design are also important, especially when you’re going to use the shoe for showcases, dance recitals, or any other performance where attention matters. Luckily, there are more shoes out there that are designed to deliver the highest level of comfort and style.  


There’re many factors to think through to make sure you buy the right pair of shuffling shoes. These include making sure the shoe is comfortable enough to avoid problems amid the dance. The shoes also need to be lightweight so they don’t add any unnecessary weight on your feet, as this may cause fatigue and compromised performance. Besides, the lightweight feature dictates how comfortable the shoes are.

The next thing is to ascertain the quality and durability. You don’t want to purchase something that will come useless even before the dance is over. You also don’t want the LED lights to cease functioning after a few minutes of use. Therefore, choose something that can serve well and for a longer time.

Hopefully, you’re in a position of determining the best shoes for shuffling with ease. The top ten models listed above stand out from a wide variety of shuffling shoes currently available in the market. Before making the final decision, be sure to take some time and go through the essential factors as they can guide in determining what exactly to check out for a while in the market.