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Best Shoes for Kickboxing- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020

Best Shoes for Kickboxing- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020

Kickboxing is an energetic sport that should actually not be performed by the faint-hearted. Similar to boxing or MMA, even run up wins could cause endless bruises from head to toes. As you probably know, most winning moments from this sport are spent in a hospital bed. The sport can be brutal even for the match winners.

Therefore, those doing this sport can’t afford to leave anything on chances. They basically invest in the most reliable gear in an attempt to keep the whole body intact after a match, which is really wonderful to know.

Kickboxing evolved over the past years, and it involves various forms of workouts in the training regimes such as dance, martial arts, killing workouts alongside other combination types.

Generally speaking, most professional kickboxers will find it hard to enter a ring without proper footwear. In essence, kickboxing shoes are a must-have part in their fitness gear, which could, to some extent, even save them from ruining their careers due to severe injuries.

Since kickboxing is one of those heftiest workouts, and therefore you need to have the right gear and outfits. Many factors can dictate the level of your performance while in the ring, but one of the most influential ones is the kind of shoes you are using. The best shoes for kickboxing can save from many instances, some of which you might not know.

Lots of brands out there have worked out to introduce apt models that can deliver the much-needed grip and proper hold on your ankle. Yours is just to pick the one that matches your needs and preferences. Below we have reviewed 12 best shoes for kickboxing. You can simply choose from this which model the best match your training needs.

Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Mesh Training Shoe

As you probably know, Nike is a trusted brand when it comes to quality footwear. They provide stylish, comfortable, and breathable models. The Nike Metcon 2 is promptly available for men.

For those looking for a perfect pair for kickboxing, the Nike Metcon could be their one-stop choice. The shoe comes with a rubber that is both comfortable and lightweight. It is also highly flexible, making it ideal for enhanced movements and support.

The bottom of the shoe features a solid sole that works excellently at providing maximum grip and traction while training. The shoe’s overall design makes it perfect for outdoor workouts too. The built structure of these shoes is dust and dirt retardant, and the outsole is slip-repellent.


  •       Easy to keep clean
  •       Rubber sole
  •       Synthetic built structure


  •       Might not be the best for people with wide feet

Otomix Men’s Warrior Bodybuilding MMA Shoes

Ranking as one of the most reliable and accommodative shoes for kickboxing, the Otomix Ninja Warrior is an excellent option that you’d like to see and check out.

An excellent way to ascertain the quality and reliability of the shoe is by paying close attention to the material used. On that note, the Otomix Warrior comes with a real suede construction, making them even more comfortable and hard-wearing.

Otomix was the first brand to manufacture shoes meant explicitly for weightlifting back in the ’80s. Since then, the company has just grown, perfecting their line of footwear and are currently among the most prominent brands, creating lightweight and versatile shoes.

The Ninja Warrior is incredibly lightweight, yet it keeps both comfort and longevity in check. They are indeed versatile for various activities, including kickboxing, yoga, wrestling, and more.

The shoe is available in six different colors and design options, so whether you want something simple and more muted, or something more bright and fun, you’ll certainly get a pair that suits your style and preferences. The tongue and the collar are well-padded, and it has an excellent lacing system for a more precise fit.


  •       Made from real suede for enhanced durability and longevity
  •       Cushioned tongue and collar
  •       Available in six different color and design selections
  •       Padded mid-cut height for ankle support and protection
  •       Lightweight construction with wider feet
  •       Provides more support for versatility


  •       Shoes might be slightly too big for persons with narrow feet.

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes

The Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes boasts high performance, cushioned midsole, and breathable mesh. It comes with a gum rubber outsole for enhanced traction and to provide much-needed support to your feet during training and movements.

The breathable upper mesh promotes excellent airflow so that your feet remain cool and dry throughout, thereby avoiding foul odor and fungus around the foot areas.

The EVA midsole featured by this shoe is exceptionally soft and lightweight, as facilitated by the cushioned layer under the heel. This ensures a snug fit from your toes to heel while keeping you balanced and stable during movements.


  •       Lightweight kickboxing shoes
  •       Shipping time is fast and convenient
  •       Superior comfort level
  •       Excellent traction for your feet


  •       Few color selections
  •       Not available for wider feet

Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoes

Made by Reebok, the Crossfit Nano model 5.0 features an extraordinarily durable Kevlar material, which is infused on the upper section for excellent support and protection. The outsole is entirely made from rubber, and measures around 2.75” from the arc.

The best pair for kickboxing ensures a sustainable solid grip during training. Another impressive aspect of this shoe stems from its perfect and comfortable design. Reebok Nan0 5.0 features are among the lightest, strongest, and most stylish models from the Nano series. And constructed with Kevlar, durability is pretty much assured.

The midsole of this pair boasts an exceptional design that’s meant to suit more comfortably on your foot. They provide a desirable level of support during heavy workouts. Besides, the 3MM drop base brings you more stability and balance during those swift movements and kicks. There’s also the elevated outsole lug pattern that comes in handy for better traction.


  •       Contoured heel counter
  •       Perfect for jump and dance boxing
  •       Durable Kevlar-infused upper
  •       The shaft comes in at around 2.75″ from the arch


  •       Price varies with size.


Puma Men’s Ignite Netfit Cross Trainer Shoes

The Ignite XT is one of the newest PUMA additions. The Netfit Cross Trainer shoe is purposely designed for kickboxing fanatics as well as those who perform high-intensity workouts comparable to kickboxing.

The Ignite XT pair brings you a customizable lacing system for a more supportive fit irrespective of your foot type. The extended rubber wraps-up around the forefoot to combat wear and tear from vigorous lateral movements.

It is a terrific option for those looking for a soft and durable shoe with plenty of comfort and support around the foot. The overall design of this shoe ensures great energy and movement while performing high-intensity workouts.

This makes it a great addition to anyone’s gym routine. The shoe also incorporates various enhancing features, including flex grooves, for fast and all-around movements, heel thickness for extra support, and full-length foam midsole for shock absorbency and responsiveness. So if you’re in the market searching for the best shoe for kickboxing, you can hardly go wrong with this IGNITE XT model from PUMA.


  •       Stable platform to support high-intensity movements
  •       Customizable lacing system
  •       Supportive extended TPU heel counter
  •       Track rubber coverage for enhanced traction


  •       The overall design is quite basic.

Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Boxing Shoe

The Ringstar Pro is yet another excellent choice as far as kickboxing goes. Besides the great support, you will feel empowered and execute your movements more comfortably when wearing these shoes. The lacing system, although slightly basic, delivers more bending stretch and power.

The outsole is rigid and long-lasting to withstand harsh conditions and weather. Moreover, the shoe is well-ventilated for breathability so you won’t have sweaty feet at the end of the training session. The removable insoles facilitate the cleaning process. Plus, you can always replace them with your custom orthotics to achieve the preferred comfort level. Wearing this pair makes you feel more confident and agile for the next challenge.

Lastly, the best shoe for kickboxing is offered in various select colors, and you can easily find one that matches your workout outfits. Overall, the shoe is an excellent purchase for anyone looking to improve their performance in kickboxing.


  •       Durable shoes for kickboxing
  •       Fastening structure
  •       Sparring shoes
  •       Very lightweight


  •       Not among the most versatile shoe on this list

Under Armour Men’s Toccoa

The Under Armour Men’s Toccoa is a great pair of shoes made for the most competent kickboxers. The shoe features a lower elevation alongside EVA sock liner that allows you to adjust orthotics, especially when you have an injury. The occurrence of injuries in kickboxing is quite high, so that this feature can help a lot.

The shoes are perfectly balanced from forefoot to the heel, which helps your toe fingers off the ground. The shoes are designed to improve your stability by distributing the mass of your body across the foot. In other words, it is designed to help you fight better and more efficiently.

Besides, Under Armour is a trusted brand that keeps importing most of its raw materials, and the Men’s Toccoa is a proof that you can get one of the best quality shoes to facilitate the attainment of your goals in kickboxing.


  •       High-abrasion rubber outsole
  •       EVA sock liner
  •       Webbing adds structure
  •       Cushioned EVA midsole
  •       Textile and synthetic upper


  •       Size may run narrow

ASICS Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

The Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe is a remarkable effort for ASICS to introduce as a kickboxing brand. This is one of the best pairs for kickboxing that can give more support and comfort to withstand all day long.

The gel technology comes in handy to subside extra pressure generated from the ground. The shoes are also breathable to prevent overheating and keep your feet fresh and dry during and after kickboxing.

The shoes are made from a combination of textile and synthetic parts that add to the waterproof character; without overlooking the fact that these shoes come with a built-in practical lacing system that allows for more convenience when putting them on and off.

The rubber outsole is durable, and it provides a reliable grip to secure your feet. Made with kickboxers in mind, the Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe will also protect and relax your toes from excessive pressure during workouts.


  •       Excellent arch support
  •       Rubber outsole
  •       Textile and synthetic built structure
  •       Maximum support and comfort


  •       The arch support might not be suitable.

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

The Ringside Diablo shoe is an excellent choice for competitive wrestling and kickboxing. The shoe is reasonably lightweight and supportive, which is a suitable feature for kickboxing sport. The interior of this shoe is softer, meaning you can easily wear them without having to stress about injuries.

Cushioning is present in the heel to offer you extra protection against shocks and impacts. The toe box, although it seems a bit narrow, can comfortably accommodate your forefoot while allowing for natural mobility.

Additionally, stability and balance are pretty much ensured with these shoes, which in turn helps you to have successful kickboxing. The shoes also provide excellent traction and breathability to keep you comfortable and thriving throughout the game.


  •       Stylish and rubber outsole
  •       Nylon mesh upper
  •       Non-slip and breathable
  •       Excellent grip


  •       May problem

Adidas Kick Shoes Martial Arts Kickboxing Sneakers

Adidas Kick is an exceptional purchase, especially if you want a comfortable pair for kickboxing. The insoles are softer, and tender allowing you to get used to the shoes much faster.

Also, the shoes come with a built-in anti-sweating layer to keep your feet fresh and dry free from odor. The shoe does not come in multiple colors as compared to other options on this list. However, the entire structure is designed to please most kickboxers.  So you can count on it to boost your confidence and agility towards kickboxing.

The shaft and the mesh are well ventilated for breathability. This helps to moderate the temperature within the shoe, especially when performing intensive workouts. In short, this is a grand pair for kickboxing, which is worth having.


  •       Rubber sole to enhance traction
  •       Short lace system
  •       Very lightweight
  •       Excellent fit and traction


  •       Fewer color options

Rival Boxing Lo-Top Guerrero Kickboxing Boots

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this pair stems from its innovative coloring. Not to mention that these shoes are made to last featuring a unique rubber. The outsole area comes with extended lugs to improve grip and traction to the most desirable levels. This is a significant way to help kickboxers achieve more stability during the action.

The shoes are unquestionably among the most comfortable. They come with cushioned insoles alongside foot arch and heel areas, thereby establishing a comfortable environment for the most sensitive parts of your feet. You will also appreciate the mesh sock liner that serves for maximum airflow to your feet.


  •       Durable outer sole
  •       Ergonomic insole
  •       Thin and flexible
  •       Mesh and suede construction


  •       Minimal color options
  •       Size runs small

Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 4 Kickboxing shoes

The Men’s Combat Speed 4 is a highly sophisticated pair of kickboxing shoes from Adidas. It is one of the most recommended shoes for kickboxers in our list currently available for purchase. The softer insole is meant to help you last longer while in the ring.

The tongue and the collar are carefully padded to cover the foot arch and give you the much-needed protection against injuries.

The shoe is highly breathable with some bit of aggravation to persons who had experienced some kind of injuries. The whole design of this shoe is just awesome and features a breathable mesh upper. Overall, the shoe is very supportive and reliable for kickboxing.


  •       Grippy outsole
  •       Lightweight and flexible
  •       Ample ankle support
  •       Die-cut EVA midsole
  •       Very comfortable


  •       Not the most durable

Best Shoes for Kickboxing

While kickboxing is a special type of sport, choosing the right pair of shoes to do the trick will involve taking various features and quality aspects into consideration. The best shoes for kickboxing should make you feel prepared and ready for work. They should also bring you the necessary support and present all the features that you need. The main features that we found to be the most influential are discussed below:


Perhaps this is the most important aspect to consider if you are to achieve great comfort and protection for your feet. It is a good note that some shoes tend to run slightly larger or smaller. So you need to keep that in mind when making the purchase.

When the shoes are too small, they will squish your feet, which can be very uncomfortable and sometimes can also cause pain in your feet. Shoes that are too small to fit are associated with a high risk of athletes, bunions, and ingrown nails. Not to mention, they can make your kickboxing session very painful afterward.

Similarly, it is not suitable to fight or train on shoes that are too big. This is because such shoes will leave too much space unoccupied, making your feet slide around in it. This can throw off your stability and even make you roll an ankle during those bursts of movements.


Breathability is another essential aspect when it comes to kickboxing shoes. Breathable shoes are more comfortable and energetic for any players or athletes. So make sure the model in question is well ventilated to keep your feet at the right temperature.

If the shoe can allow your feet to get some airflow, then you will stay more relaxed and comfortable throughout. No one would like to have awful feet or smelly shoes due to poor ventilation of the workout shoes. With no ventilation, your feet will become sweatier during the game, which might make you bother and consequently deteriorate your performance.

As such, choose something that features a breathable mesh upper and microfiber as these enhance sufficient airflow. A considerable air circulation system provides relief from stiffness generated during the action. Your feet will get more comfort alongside pleasant playing time. Breathable shoes can also improve your concentration on the game, and result in good participation.


The point is to make sure the pair you choose makes you feel as comfortable as possible, especially during movements. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will only lead to poor performance- this is the last a kickboxer would think about.

As earlier stated, finding the right fit for your feet is crucial for the shoes to feel comfortable. For instance, ergonomic insoles that are crafted from materials such as EVA can offer some extra cushioning for ultimate comfort.


Finding shoes with adequate support for both your ankles and feet can help safeguard them from potential injury. For any footwear to be termed as one of the best shoe kickboxing, it has to come with various supportive capabilities. And the most important thing when it comes to protective footwear, support is a major consideration. If you’re already having ankle issues, then you’ll be wise to choose something amid or top height.

This is because such shoes come with added ankle support and cushioning to keep you buoyed throughout. It is advisable to choose shoes with thicker cushioning alongside EVA insole for extra arch support for those with higher arches.

Nonetheless, for lower arches, try finding something that gives you better stability or motion control. A pair of shoes with excellent support will help improve your steadiness and stability, which in turn helps in improving your overall performance.


From kickboxers’ videos, you’ve probably noticed that they perform a lot of bouncing and constant movements. That means they are often prone to serious injuries. Luckily, durable shoes can definitely keep them comfortable and secure at the same time.

Durability is defined by the construction and the materials used in that particular shoe. Higher quality material like leather and suede typically implies that the shoe is made to last and, therefore, can withstand more usage. Synthetic fabric can be okay, too, provided its high quality.


Finally, from our post, you can easily find one of the best shoes for kickboxing; a perfect fit and one that meets your training needs. Generally speaking, most kickboxers can actually benefit from the above shoes. We really recommend buying one of these pairs if you’re looking to maintain your safety and fit while in the ring and other places.