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Best Shoes For Custodians

Best Shoes For Custodians

There is no doubt that custodians and utility workers spend most of their time on their feet. We understand that proper gear is important in allowing employees to perform their duties easily as possible. However, most workers don’t realize that shoes are must-have equipment that can actually affect their wellbeing.

Some of the short and long-term issues that can emerge from wearing ill-fitting fitting shoes include the development of blisters and calluses, constant fatigue, and back pain. Calluses, corn, and blisters usually result from improperly fitting shoes, and while they are not severe or painful, their treatment might be a long tedious process.

When left untreated, blisters and calluses can eventually cause bunions, which will make walking and even wearing shoes painful. Poorly fitting shoes can also likewise affect the back and spine. According to doctors, lumbar spinal muscle activity can be exacerbated, prompting overuse with possible stiffening and postural changes.

Still, eventual lumbar intervertebral disc compression due to poor footwear can result in lower back pain. Janitors and facility staff ought to know what type of shoes are ideal for their feet in order to reduce possible issues to their feet.

We reviewed the top five shoes for custodians and other utility works utilizing our broad experience and knowledge of different footwear types. All the models discussed here come from popular and trusted brands so quality and performance are well guaranteed.

Here are The Best Shoes For Custodians

Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Work RB4005 Athletic EH Safety Shoe

For any custodian or janitorial works, be sure to consider the Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Work RB4005 for an interesting take on athletic protective footgear. This model brings the responsiveness of a performance running shoe to slip-resistant footwear.

It’s designed with Sublite foam technology and SR tread to reduce the overall weight while allowing your feet to feel and grip the ground. ­There’s also the medial and lateral webbing that offers stability and a locked-in comfy fit.

The shoe is comfortable to wear in all-weather even though it comes with a meshed top surface. Generally, there may be other cost-effective work shoes out there but the Reebok work men’s Sublite work remains a prime choice for custodians due to the excellent comfort level.


  •   Rubber outsole for traction
  •   Ideal for all-weather wearing
  •   Leather and textile built quality


  •   Some reported more gap inside the shoes

Crews Men’s Condor Non-Slip Food Service Work Shoes

If you’re looking for a multi-tasking shoe, something that looks great and gets you home safe after a long workday, then be sure to consider the Condor Non-Slip Food Service Work Shoes. They’ve got a wider heel that offers excellent traction when you need it most.

It is a great value work shoe with versatility in almost every aspect of custodian work. It comes with a slip-resistant outsole, water-resistant, yet ventilated upper for maximum comfort throughout the day. The collar and the tongue of these shoes are carefully padded, so you don’t have to stress about irritation when wearing these shoes for an extended period.

High comfort and budget price make this shoe to be among the best with an average customer rating of 4.2. It is an incredible choice for those who work solely as a janitor.


  •   Leather construction for durability
  •   Soft to touch
  •   Padded tongue and collar for added comfort
  •   Ideal for lengthy working shifts
  •   Versatile footwear at a reasonable price


  •   Might want to go for a half size larger

Sketchers Soft Stride Work Boots

Made with 100% leather, the Sketchers Soft Stride Work Boot is another excellent option designed to withstand heavy use. The heel measures approximately 1.5 inches while the platform comes in at around 1 inch.

The whole thing is meant to adapt to your individual feet shape and arches with time. The shoes also have a composite toe that makes it lightweight than typical steel toe boots, yet it doesn’t fall short on security. Not to mention the Cordura mesh side that comes in handy for the cooling effect.

The lace-up sporty casual silhouette, rubber outsole, and slightly textured leather make it even more durable, slip-resistant, and comfortable to wear all day long. With an impressive customer rating of 4.0, the Sketchers Soft Stride Work Boots is undoubtedly a great shoe for both custodian and utility work.

Pure leather

  •   High traction rubber outsole
  •   Comfortable and steady on feet
  •   Excellent customer support
  •   Cordura mesh side for cooling effect


  •   Size runs small

Skechers Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoes For Custodians

When working on this review, most of the custodians’ complaints revolved around the same problems: swollen and arching feet after working on their feet for long shifts short of rests. On that note, the Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoes comes comfy and convenient for all moderate assignments.

One thing we liked about this Skechers model is that it incorporates a shock-absorption midsole and memory foam inserts to give you the much-needed cushioning to minimize impacts when walking on hard surfaces.

Moreover, the shoe is equipped with lace-up front metal eyelets and a padded collar and tongue, and everything comes in a roomy design. All these make a world of difference as far as comfort and wearability are concerned.

Coming down to safety, slipping when walking in these shoes is next to impossible- not to overlook the fact that accidental slips and falls are a huge issue for custodians. We loved the fact that these shoes feature slip/oil resistant outsoles, which offers ample traction to walk on most surfaces with confidence.

Durability won’t hurt either. Everyone would appreciate quality when spending more than 100 bucks on the next pair of shoes, which exactly where the Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoes excels. They’re designed with smooth Nappa leather uppers as well as heel leather overlay details that make the shoe feel soft and strong at the same time.


  •       Stitching accents
  •       Slip-resistant rubber outsoles
  •       Padded collar and tongue for added comfort
  •       Soft fabric lining
  •       Lace-up front casual design
  •       Shock absorbing midsole


  •       Could be more durable

New Balance Mid626v2 Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoes For Custodians

We completely understand that custodians spend most of their time standing, watching over, or taking care of something. As such, lots of stress and strain are likely to be exerted in their feet and joint system.

Luckily, the New Balance Mid626v2 model comes with compression molded midsoles that ensure ample shock absorbency for those who work on hard surfaces. Another major complaint among custodians stems from watery and slippery surfaces. If the shoes are not good for the tasks, things could get ugly.

On that note, the New Balance Mid626v2 work shoes come with a non-marking slip and oil-repellent outsoles that exceeds the highest quality benchmark set by reviewers. You will get enough traction and do away with slipping and risking injuries.

Speaking of durability, this shoe will perform really well since it’s made with high-quality leather that gives a jump in class and comfortability.


  •       Durable leather upper
  •       Non-marking slip-resistant outsole
  •       Superior traction under different surfaces conditions
  •       Compression-molded footbed for max comfort


  •       The outsole could be more durable

Timberland Pro Powertrain Sport Sd+ Industrial Shoes For Custodians

To those custodians searching for reliable footgear, something comfortable, durable and protective, and perhaps without costing way too much, the Timberland Pro Powertrain Sport Sd+ Industrial Shoes could be a one-stop choice.

The common challenge among custodians is that they’re used to spending most of their time on their feet, which puts an excessive amount of pressure on their lower limbs, leading to all sorts of consequences. Fortunately, that’s where the Timberland Powertrain comes to play. These shoes feature an open-cell PU footbed designed to cushion your feet upon every step to make sure achieve maximum comfort after standing for many hours.

Moreover, the shoes incorporate fiberglass shanks that adds to the overall support offered by the shoe. While no custodian wants to slip and get injured, these shoes come with a non-marking abrasion, high-density, slip/oil resistant outsoles, which are not only comfortable but also high traction so you can walk on slippery surfaces without any issues.

The shoes are also durable as they are manufactured employing the cement construction method. This contributes to the flexibility and many years of sustainable use of the shoe.

Lastly, they have ripstop synthetic uppers with toes and heel overlays. These features are meant for extra-protection for those parts of the shoes that receive the most beating.


  •       Mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment
  •       Soft toes
  •       Fiberglass shank for structural support
  •       Non-marking rubber outsole for traction
  •       Excellent performance


  •       The non-slip outsole could be more effective

 Keen Utility Ptc Dress Oxford-M Industrial Shoes For Custodians

Comfort is a major aspect for every custodian who spends most of their time on their feet or walking around on hard surfaces. On that account, the Keen Utility Ptc Dress Oxford-M Industrial Shoes are equipped with compression-molded EVA footbed and memory foam that gives an optimal level of cushioning to keep your feet as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, the shoes feature water-resistant leather that does not only adds to the shoe’s durability but also they are really easy to clean. Speaking of protection, this pair comes with non-marking anti-slip outsoles that exceed most recognized standards in terms of traction when walking on slippery surfaces.


  •       Compression-molded EVA midsole
  •       Easy to clean water-resistant upper
  •       Memory foam footbed for extra comfort
  •       Non-marking oil/slip-resistant rubber outsole


  •       The built structure could be more durable

Skechers for Work Women’s 76033 Soft Stride Lace-Up

Keep your feet slip-free and stable with these lace-up work shoes from Skechers. The lightweight midsole facilitates ease of movement while the breathable lining comes in handy to keep your feet cool and dry.

There’s also the smooth leather upper that brings you the much-needed flexibility and comfort throughout your shifts.

The durable rubber outsole is designed with high abrasion technology, which is ideal for more than just one working condition. That means those custodians that spend the most time standing on hard surfaces as well those who commute now and then will appreciate the comfortable fit, design, and overall versatility offered by this work shoe.

Carefully designed with flexible, soft leather, the upper comes with a padded tongue, collar, and lace-up panel for s secured fit. The ventilated vents towards the sides ensure breathability while the rugged, thick, and slip-resistant outsole improves durability and traction.

The man-made leather, anti-slip work shoe offers an excellent balance between a work shoe and athletic footwear. Mostly, ladies’ sneakers tend to have a slightly narrow sole that fails to provide adequate support. Luckily this shoe is designed with an accommodative sole to provide more stability throughout the day.

More importantly, the shoe’s inside is comfortable and you can walk in them all day without fatigue. The toes are not cramped, thus allowing you to move freely at the toe box. The shoes are also well rounded, giving you that flexible feel.

For the wide footed, we suggest that you buy the wide size option of this shoe. They have excellent cushioning and are skid resistant. In fact, you can count on them when working in wet conditions.


  •       Ideal for wide-footed
  •       Flexible and soft leather upper
  •       Anti-slip rubber outsoles
  •       Excellent cushioning


  •       No issues reported

Skechers for Work Men’s 76690 Keystone Sneaker

Custodians spend most of their time standing on their feet, not to mention that some work in situations with risks of falls. Think about medical or construction work; custodians are constantly exposed to high stress and even severe body pains.

With that being said, you need the right pair of shoes to prevent or reduce such risks. The 76690 Keystone Sneaker is a slip-resistant shoe that has been designed purposely for this kind of situation.

It looks more like an athletic shoe but’s undoubtedly very suitable for working environments. It’s made not only to look good but to deliver sustainable support all day long. The pair is available in black and white, although the black shades are more common among many buyers.

With generous cushioning and support, this shoe is described as a work shoe. That means it’s ideal for all hard-working people who are searching for the best shoe for standing on concrete and other hard surfaces.

It’s equipped with a slip-resistant outsole and comfy upper, which are generally sturdy. The leather uppers and strong lacing system make this such a reliable footwear. It’s made to fit snugly and comfortably throughout the day. Thanks to the PU footbed and Eva midsole.

Furthermore, the rubber outsole provides really good support and traction, meaning these work shoes will keep you comfortable and grounded. In case you weigh +400lbs and you spend an average of ten hours per day, then you will find the 76690 Keystone Sneaker to be perfectly suitable for your feet.

The sturdy design ensures that there are no signs of wear and tear any time soon. The whole thing has been crafted with durability in mind, something that makes them a great value for money.


  •       Sturdy design to enhance durability
  •       Rubber outsole for support and traction
  •       Generous cushioning for max support
  •       Ideal for all-day wearing


  •       Might take a while to break-in

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Skechers for Works Women’s 76551 Eldred Work Shoe

The Eldred 76551 Work Shoe is yet another incredible choice for custodians. It is non-slip, comfortable, and sure footing to help you work properly without issues. They have a slip-resistant rubber outsole that ensures traction on slippery or rather oily conditions.

Speaking of comfort, these shoes have been fitted with memory foam inserts alongside leather uppers to provide you with max support and durability. Not to mention the fabric linings that give a soft feel.

While wide footed custodians may never seem to fit into anything, the 76551 Eldred Work Shoe will provide you with a nice fit. The shoe is very comfortable and you won’t experience aching feet at the end of your janitorial shift.

The memory foam will bring you excellent comfort levels when working for long hours. The shoes are also lightweight so no much effort when walking.

In terms of functionality, comfort, durability and overall good performance are what you get from Skechers 76551 Eldred Work Shoe. Comfort and durability remain uncompromised and the shoe is waterproof to a certain expectation to keep your feet warm and wet-free.

They are reasonably lightweight and standing on tiles and hard concrete floors won’t be any strenuous with this pair. You will get to forget about back and feet pain, thanks to the great cushioning insole. The smooth leather, heel panel, and upper mesh ensure breathability and a reliable cooling effect. The tongue and collar are also padded for added comfort.

These shoes have been designed with a roomier and comfortable shape for a relaxed fit. Moreover, it’s electrical hazard rated, and the slip-resistant meets the demands of the workplace.


  •       Roomier and comfortable
  •       Smooth leather upper
  •       Breathable mesh
  •       Lightweight construction
  •       Overall good performance


  •       The memory foam could be more comfortable

Best Shoes For Custodians: Buying Guide

You will be wise to think about the criteria used when developing this rundown of the best shoes for custodians. On that note, we decided to explain the various factors that dictate the functionality or rather the usability of certain shoes for the custodian and janitorial work.


Comfort is probably the most important thing to consider when shopping for any footwear. For custodian purposes, you might want to stand and walk around the premises with each pair, preferably on hard surfaces to see if they’re exactly what you’re looking for. Seek ways to recreate the situations in which custodians work.

If you want to reduce the feet pain and swelling associated with being on hard surfaces for many hours, then go for work shoes with cushioned footbeds and good shock-absorbing midsoles. Such features will help to diminish the impact generated when walking on hard surfaces.

Still, under comfort, you want to look sharp and professional as a custodian. Therefore, go for work shoes with the perfect balance of comfy features and professional looks. It’s a consideration that most custodians should think through before deciding on their next pair of shoes. After all, there’s no harm in looking professional and feeling comfortable at the same time.


Well, being a custodian might not involve strenuous walks or mountain climbing, but be sure to pay attention to the traction of the outsoles. The first safety issue that custodians have regarding work shoes is how the pair will help them when walking on slippery floors.

Check whether they’ll enable you to walk on slippery surfaces, as this is a huge concern for custodians. We recommend getting shoes with oil/slip-resistant outsoles as the most promising way to achieve reliable traction when dealing with slippery surfaces.


Good quality materials and suitable construction methods are also major aspects. Of course, we all know that most work shoes are manufactured in places where quality standards aren’t just good enough. Nonetheless, the point here is to make sure are as durable as possible, without compromising comfort with too hard-built materials.

We suggest that you look for work shoes that feature great construction and are designed using good quality materials. This way, you will be able to get something that promises comfort alongside many years of service.

Additional Tips For Custodians

Below is a list of few pro tips that have been derived from different custodians that we’re sure to make your overall experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.


After spending more than 10 hours on their feet on hard surfaces, custodians might end up having foot complications like blood getting stuck in their legs, provoking swelling and pain. One way to solve this issue is to use compression socks as they can help to let blood flow freely through the feet thus avoiding swelling and chronic pain.

Another effective way to get around painful and swollen feet is to get gel inserts. They are not always cheap but will do a great job in providing your feet with the much-needed shock absorbency when walking on hard surfaces- which is nearly a constant activity for all custodians. Hopefully, our list of some of the best shoes for custodians will help get the right pair for your feet.