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Draymond Green Shoes

Draymond Green Shoes

Draymond Jamal Green Sr. is a versatile player who has an outstanding ability to play in various positions with great ease. The three-time NBA champion and NBA All-Star who was the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2017 is truly a force that cannot be ignored. While Green was drafted low as the 35th overall pick by the Golden State Warriors in 2012, he is proof that hard work pays off. Draymond Green mainly plays as an undersized center in Warriors’ Death Lineup’ while dominating the floor space and creating outstanding plays.

The Early Nike Deal

Nike always has a way of picking the right players, and Draymond Green has been a beneficiary of the brand’s unique selections. Green had a deal with Nike from his days as a college basketball player representing Michigan State. After going pro, Draymond Green stuck with the brand until 2020.

The Switch to Converse

Early in 2020, Green announced that he would be switching from Nike and representing Converse. While details of the deal were not disclosed, we all know the figures have to be high as Draymond Green will be the brand’s high profile star. The signing of the NBA superstar was strategic as it comes at a time when Converse is trying to grow its presence as a basketball sneaker company. The good news is that ever since Nike acquired Converse in 2013, Green has the freedom to deal with the mother company.

Green, who wears shoe size 15, has over the years rocked one-of-a-kind sneakers, and his ultimate picks and releases have been:

Converse G4

Draymond Green debuted these shoes on March 5, 2020, while on the sidelines in a game against the Raptors. This was a big move by Converse as these are the second shoes that the brand has released for the high-performance basketball market.   

  • Nike Hyperdunk X and 2017

Before signing a new contract with Converse, Draymond Green was a big fan of the hyperdunk line. His love for this line of shoes started with the Hyperdunk 2017 that he debuted during the 2016/17 playoffs. After rocking these shoes for most of the season, Green embraced the Nike Hyperdunk X after the model was released in August 2018.

  • Nike Zoom Rev 2018 and 2017

Another line of shoes that Draymond Green could not get enough of was the Nike Zoom Rev. One again, Green debuted the Nike Zoom Rev 2018 in January 2018, and it was quite a popular feature all through the year’s season. Before rocking the Nike Zoom Rev 2018, the power forward often settled for the Nike Zoom Rev 2017.

  • Nike Zoom Clear Out

The NBA world will for a long time remember Green’s Player Edition of the Nike Zoom Clear Out that was dubbed ‘Sideline Racism,’ which he wore on December 7, 2016. Green opted for these shoes severally including during the Olympic Games, allowing the pair that was considered a budget model to attract more attention.

  • Nike Lebron Soldier 8

Draymond Green was among the superstars at the forefront of making the Nike LeBron Soldier 8 popular in the courts. This shoe from LeBron’s line got a fantastic reception for its powerflex traction, enhanced Zoom Air cushioning, and Dynamic FlyWire technology.