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Best Lineman Boots

Best Lineman Boots

While every hardworking individual needs to invest in high-quality apparel, work boots are a crucial accessory for linemen. Linemen spend most of their time climbing up poles and reaching heights that would make any average person tremble in fear.

They have usually exposed to more inherent dangers than those working on the surface. Indeed, being a lineman in modern days is a hazardous job and it calls for a highly reliable work boot.

Well, the job is an important one; accessing extreme heights to provide power for the rest of the people is necessary, but climbing +40′ telephone poles and over 1000′ steel communication towers can be dangerous enough. That said, all the tools used in the course of the lineman’s task must be strong and reliable.

It would be best if you invest in the right pair of work boots- something built to tackle the unique aspects of such high-flying jobs. However, finding the best linemen boot isn’t the easiest thing either. So, here are some of the handy tips to help get through your search, alongside certain information on how to pick the right pair that fits the job.

Here Are The Best Lineman Boots

Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Ni St Brown Boots

The Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Ni St Brown Boots brings all the quality and durability any linemen would expect from a high premium footgear. These boots are great for arborists, cable installers, and tree service workmen. The manufacturer employed a single piece of vamp construction in the development of these boots.

The lacing system of these boots is carefully designed with swivels to make the lacing secure and upper construction more durable. The boot comes in brown shades with black rubber accents along the heel and the toe. They are equipped with a protective rubber cap that makes these boots abrasion-resistant.

We also loved the flexible waterproof toe cap; it will keep your feet cool and dry throughout. Overall, the Lineman extreme boots are ideal for all seasons.


  •   Durable built quality
  •   Supportive midsole
  •   Reliable rubber outsole
  •   Electrical hazard rated
  •   12 months warranty on workmanship


  •   These boots are mostly found in a medium width

Carolina Linesman 10 Inch Waterproof Composite

The Carolina Linesman 10 Inch Waterproof Composite boots are designed with max safety and comfort in mind. Worn and appreciated by thousands of linemen and women worldwide, these boots boas excellent customer support and impressive positive feedback due to the protection and durability they offer.

Carolina Linesman 10 Inch model gives a peace of mind that’s sure and warranted. The electrical hazard safety elements incorporated here makes them exceptional for men and ladies who answer the call when the power goes out.

Complying with all ASTM ratings, the non-conductive composite toe featured here will protect you from falling objects that might cause injuries. The cork harness leather uppers are strong and comfortable with a higher-ranked durability factor for electrical hazards.

Designed with durable and rugged Welt construction, combine that with the single-piece Vibram Austin soles, this footgear will keep you safe when climbing poles, steep inclines, or rooftops. Not to mention that they have incredible moisture-wicking capabilities with breathable traits.


  •       Excellent support
  •       Polyurethane footbed for customizable comfort
  •       Waterproof construction
  •       Superior fit
  •       Specially outsole for protection against shock and open currents


  •       They take a while to break-in properly

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Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot

If you’re searching for reliable footgear, a well-made lineman boot that doesn’t fall short on looks then the Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot might be a one-stop option for you. It looks great and offers protection in all conditions and is covered in well-treated leather for longevity.

From the external looks, any lineman can quickly attest that this full-grain leather boot is a masterpiece developed with some of the best technologies available.

The leather upholstery is natural and of top-notch quality. Some details such as contrast stitching, hooks, and high polish eyelets have been included for a more elegant finish. The only gripe about this boot is it runs large. We, therefore, suggest that you go for a half-size down your regular shoe size.

The insoles are meant to provide a comfortable interior, although at times the stapes used in attaching it to the synthetic might push up the leather- which can result in a small bump. Nonetheless, this will hardly occur, but when it does, the boot might get slightly uncomfortable.


  •       Made with high-quality leather
  •       Versatile, all-weather footwear
  •       Natural leather for sustainable comfort
  •       Available on several color options
  •       Vintage-style design


  •       The outsole could have some treads
  •       Not true to size

La Sportiva Men’s Karakorum Hiking Shoe

Designed with Perwanger Roghout leather, Vibram rubber, and polyurethane outsole, the La Sportiva Men’s Karakorum boots will easily withstand chunk of ice, anonymous rocks, and other tough materials that regular work boots can’t manage.

Similar to all lineman boots, this La Sportiva Men’s Karakorum Hiking boot comes with an elevated heel for added support. The boot is ideal for any day application, yet no one would differ if we say that this model was created purposely for the harshest conditions, considering its rugged appearance.

One of the most impressive features of the La Sportiva Men’s Karakorum is the multi-directional 3d flex hinge that brings stability just in case you stumble. The tread in other work boots mostly ends with the flat surface of the footgear, but for this one, the treads run all the way to the heels, and they are profound too, meaning sufficient grip and traction is pretty much guaranteed.

The inner side of these boots features a polyurethane Aircushion midsole for breathability. There’s also the anti-torsion plate that keeps ice, snow, and such debris at bay. We also liked the Cordura cuff; it comes in handy to dry the boots faster, while the internal mechanism ensures your feet receive maximum protection and soothing comfort throughout the day.


  •       Shock absorbency features
  •       Moisture-wicking elements
  •       Premium leather for longevity
  •       SBR air cushion to enhance wearability
  •       Vibram Quarry outsole is oil/slip-resistant


  •       Not the most budget on the list
  •       A bit stiff until broken in

Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot

Stay safe in all conditions with these work boots from Chippewa. They are designed to withstand the strain of being in suspension mode for a long time. One good thing about this insulated work boot is that the uppers are made out of pure leather. The whole thing is waterproof.

It is a full-grain leather lineman boot, equipped with a high heel to easily allows hooking during electrical tasks. The stitches are reinforced and shielded to prevent water penetration while the bottom part features a thick synthetic sole. The outsole comes with large lugs for max traction and a thick heel with a high-density heel for sustainable arch support the help with climbing.

There’s also the Dri-Tex lining that comes in handy to wick away sweat and excess moisture so you can work comfortably throughout the day. Besides the reliable leather construction, this boot sports a waterproof Texon insole for added comfort, a synthetic sole, steel-toe protection, and Goodyear Welt construction.

In other words, the Chippewa Logger Boot will provide maximum safety against accidents associated with high-risk work environments. The booth is partially waterproof as the membranous lining is ventilated to avoid overheating and excessive sweating.


  •       Insulation for optimal warmth and protection
  •       Dri-lex for faster moisture elimination
  •       Made of durable leather
  •       Synthetic rubber outsole for traction
  •       Available in several color options
  •       Lightweight and supportive
  •       Electric hazard rated


  •       Laces start to fray after sometime

Danner Men’s Quarry USA 8-Inch Alloy Toe Work Boot

The Danner Men’s Quarry USA 8-Inch Alloy Toe Work Boot is a great-looking model featuring full-grain leather all around, a Vibram Quarry outsole alongside an improved midsole. The quality is intact and the design is certainly pleasing to the eye.

Among the many things you possibly appreciate about this boot is the stitch down built quality. The construction here is designed to adjust, this offering a wider platform for max stability.

The lining also incorporates breathable Gore-Tex technology to combat heat accumulation. Well, you probably won’t be strolling up there fixing wires, but this boot is equipped with Vibram Quarry-enhanced outsoles for max traction on most surfaces.

With the stated Gore-Tex technology, triple stitching, and excellent construction, it’s clear that this boot is worth consideration and will deliver on the manufacture’s promises- just like other Danner boots.

The fact that it’s full-grain leather and 100% waterproof makes it one of the toughest choices in this rundown. This pair guarantees you stability and safety on watery surfaces.


  •       Electrical hazard rated work boot
  •       Classic design for superior protection
  •       Triple stitching to enhance durability
  •       Rugged design for a secure fit
  •       Breathable and surprisingly waterproof
  •       Vibram Quarry outsole is oil/slip resistant for superb traction


  •       A bit pricier than average
  •       Not the most durable outsoles

Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated With Steel Safety Toe

For steel-toed leather work boots, something that offers linemen excellent protection against various mishaps, you might be grand to see and check out the Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated With Steel Safety Toe.

This one provides superior ankle support and is designed with durable leather uppers which are composed of 2.8 mm full-grain leather, Moreover, the material is triple stitched to promote longevity.

Other impressive features include the K-73 outsole- it’s one of a kind. This outsole features a deep, open tread that gives maximum traction on all surfaces. The high traction tread patterns make climbing easier and safer. Not to mention that the sole offers a solid piece of vulcanized rubber. The construction surrounding the lacing system is tough to corrosion, hence ideal for bad weather.

We also loved the fact that these boots come with a waterproof membrane. It’s not insulated but comes with a steel toe that meets ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) safety standards.


  •       Steel toe protection that minimizes the possibility of an injury
  •       The boots comply with the ASTM safety standards
  •       Tough enough to withstand corrosion
  •       Waterproof with superior ankle support


  •       Not the most lightweight on the list

Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot Black 9716100

To those linemen who prefer the looks of a stylish but rugged work boot, the Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot Black 9716100 offers a perfect union of practicality and sophistication.

This black full-grain leather boot measures 16″ from the arch. It also comes with a lace-to-toe Vibram lug for stability. Moreover, the boot is equipped with an arched steel shank that will hardly corrode. This feature greatly contributes to the overall comfort of this boot.

There’s also the steel side plate and removable insoles for adjustable comfort. Wesco’s unique model also features a leather half-slip for extra arch support. The heel comes with a metal breastplate that keeps you safe from climbing spurs. Arborists would surely enjoy this type of boot as it’s purposely designed for climbing.


  •       Excellent arch support
  •       Ideal for those who want additional arch support
  •       Designed to prevent climbing spurs
  •       All leather design to enhance durability


  •       This is not the most waterproof or insulated work boot

La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Mountaineering Boot

Similar to the Karakorum, the Makalu Mountaineering Boot from La Sportiva is designed with mountain climbing in mind, something that makes them so common among linemen.

The Makalu Mountaineering Boot comes with a durable water-resistant leather upper and MtnFlex insole as well as a full steel shank. The dry-best lining serves by eliminating moisture away from the boot, thereby keeping your feet dry and comfortable. These features alone make the Makalu Mountaineering Boot one of the best lineman boots on the market.


  •       Made with durable leather
  •       Tough construction to withstand strenuous work
  •       The air-cushioned midsole for added comfort
  •       D-ring lacing system for a secure fit


  •       Waterproofing could be improved

Ariat Work Men’s Rebar Flex Western Work Boot

If you’re a lineman who is a cowboy at heart, be sure to check out the Ariat Work Men’s Rebar Flex Western Work Boot. This leather boot is made to be as lightweight as possible without skimping on comfort, support, or durability.

That means you don’t have to worry about fatigue. What’s more, the boots are super flexible to improve the comfortability and functionality. You also don’t have to worry about getting the right size this model runs true to size.

The boot is perfectly usable for linemen who work on telecommunication fields such as cable lines. They are also electric hazard rated and are designed with a lightweight composite toe.


  •       Flexible work boots
  •       The lace-free design makes it easy to slip on
  •       Made of durable leather
  •       ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 electrical hazard rated


  •       Waterproofing isn’t at its best

Best Lineman Boots Buyer’s Guide

While regular work bouts may look as if though they are sufficient, they usually don’t have all the work specific work features you need to stay safe.

Linemen are often exposed to unique work environments, not to mention that you will have additional hazards you cant keep under control. Below are some of the things you should check out when shopping for the best lineman work boot.

Electrical Hazard Protection

Linemen are expected to work with electrical hazards systems and in most cases, they are workaround high voltages lines regularly. As such, you will need to have proper protection so you don’t end up being electrocuted.

While most people don’t realize it, footwear plays a significant role in the outcome during a shock. Electric power can traverse through your body and into the ground in an instant.

Perhaps the biggest line of defense against electrical shock is rubber shoes. This is because rubber is an insulator that impedes the electrical signal. When shopping for lineman boots, stick with those options that have a thick rubber outsole.

You may also consider work boots that have some kind of rubber insulation. That rubber part will create an effective barrier between your body and the ground. Walk away from boots with large pieces of uncovered metal.

Some boots include metal on toe sections, puncture plates, metatarsal guards, and wheel shafts. While these features are incredible for different callings, they can prove to be fatal for linemen if the metal is not adequately covered by rubber. It’s good to have these safety features, but just make sure the metal isn’t exposed.


Comfort should always be something to check for. Remember you will be wearing your boots for at least eight hours per day. Therefore it’s best to invest in a boot that can keep you comfortable. Comfort is the key to safety.

Comfortable work boots can also help in managing health issues. Other comfort-related features include interior padding, a comfy midsole, and sustainable arch support.

Durable outsoles

Choosing the right outsoles is vital. Note that the rungs on a utility pole are typically small, slippery, and hazardous. Outsoles are the part of the boot that keeps you stable while climbing up. The point is to find a perfect balance between soft and tough outsoles.

Thinner soles will generally be more flexible and will allow you to feel the pole with your feet. However, there’s a trade-off. Thinner outsoles are likely to get uncomfortable as you continue standing on the pole rung.

Thicker outsoles, on the other hand, will give you more support on the air. They are determinedly built and can hold up to long stretches of climbing. However, these boots are known for turning out slippery when it rains.

Since most pole rungs are made with smooth metal, this boot can be very problematic when the weather turns. The best way to get around these dilemmas is to pay attention to the treads on the bottom of the outsoles.

Linemen need to get boots with anti-slip soles. The boots should have treads that are properly designed to redirect water away from the key pressure points on your feet. This, in turn, will improve your grip as you climb and keep you safe in the process.


Water-resistant boots are great for keeping you safe and healthy in bad weather. Linemen usually work in terrible weather as that is when power lines are likely to get damaged. It’s not a surprise to find a lineman climbing poles in the heavy rain.

Even after getting off the power pole, you will have to trek in thick mud. Water-resistant boots will make it easier to climb poles safely and minimize the associated risks. Water leaks inside the boots can quickly lead to hypothermia, particularly in cold environments.

High quality work boots are designed with waterproofing elements. They might have a solid construction that prevents leaks between seams and stitches. They are also meant to repel liquid.

Thick Heels

Elevated heels can complement the anti-slip treads on your boots. Well, heels can be uncomfortable sometimes, but when it comes to climbing tall utility poles, they can make a big difference between max stability and slippages.

Higher heels typically have a dramatic dip on the arch of the foot. Such small dips can be used to hold onto ladder rungs and climbing hooks. In fact, this small dip can be a perfect place to look a rope around when you’re hanging from a harness.



The best lineman work boots must the various specific features to meet the high demands of this incredibly risky job. Therefore, it’s important to keep the above-discussed aspects in mind when shopping. Nowadays, more and more linemen utilize bucket trucks to reach power lines and phone wires, yet, there still comes the fundamental need to climb shafts and steel towers over the span of a workday.