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Best Nikes Shoes For Standing All Day

Best Nikes Shoes For Standing All Day

With the overwhelming need to make a start in life, it’s quite impossible for one to just sit and relax. In this post, we have singled for you some of the best Nike shoes for standing all day. You surely need to get up and take bold steps for a great course. And when it comes to actual performances, you definitely need to have a pair of shoes that would be comfortable and favorable too.

Speaking of comfort, there are actually those brands that are associated with sustainable support, solace, and functionality- and Nike is among the best under that description. It is a favorite brand for the vast majority.

In fact, if you have a pair of Nike shoes, whether you use them for the job, walking, or running, then you’ve got a great taste when it comes to shoe brands. That becomes much more important if you have a job that requires you to stand all day on hard surfaces.

Standing all day long can be very uncomfortable if you’re in the wrong shoes. Some jobs require you to spend most of your time standing. Others will need you to carry heavy loads all day, leaving most of your body weight exerted on the feet.

While that is devoid of the type of surface or floorings you’re standing on you certainly need a shoe that will cushion you from excessive pressure on the feet and protect you against external hazards.

 To those people who spend most of their time standing, whether at work or for fun or sports for that matter, it is important that you choose the right type of Nike shoes. Something that would match your every need.

Here are Best Nikes Shoes For Standing All Day

Nike Men’s Air Max Modern Flyknit Running Shoe

If you want a shoe that can give you a great amount of comfort while standing all day and still bring that touch of style, then the Nike Men’s Air Max Modern Flyknit Running Shoe might be a great option for you. The shoe is designed with optimal comfort in mind to help keep on running more and more.

With this quality footwear from Nike, you can walk and run miles due to the level of comfort that it brings. Not to mention that it incorporates a stylish look that makes it look attractive to the eyes.

Derived from synthetic materials, the Nike Men’s Air Max Flyknit running shoe is one of the most durable shoes on the market. You don’t have to stress about getting a replacement anytime sooner. Other notable features include the rubber sole that helps to add more cushioning for the feet.


  •       Excellent comfort level
  •       They don’t get dirty easily
  •       High-quality construction
  •       Impressive customer feedback


  •       Not the best for wide feet

NIKE Men’s Tanjun Premium

Tanjun Premium is another model to consider, especially if you’re looking for the best product for quality and Budget. Simplicity is Tanjun’s synonym. In fact, it’s a Japanese word that describes precisely what this model is all about. Aside from being simple and clean, these shoes are incredibly lightweight and of high quality, and the features are highly impressive.

In comparison to other regular shoes, the Tanjun Premium is very durable and carefully designed- perfect to wear for your favorite sports, standing, running, doing workouts, or going for a walk.

The shoe is also breathable to keep your feet cool and dry all day while preventing the accumulation of odor building bacteria. That being said, the shoe runs small. Though budget, you might spend more bucks to get high-end colors.


  •   Breathable construction
  •   Clean and stylish design
  •   Top-quality built material
  •   Inexpensive
  •   Lightweight cushioning
  •   Comfortable midsole and outsole


  •   Runs a bit narrow

NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

Packed with a great combination of mesh and leather upper and phylon midsole, the NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes is well among the best shoes that you can comfortably stand in or walk in all day long. It’s this remarkable combination that gives you the much-needed stability and comfort during performances.

Even on hard surfaces, this quality shoe from Nike delivers long-lasting traction. Thanks to its original GDR outsole and mesh tongue; they provide comfort while enhancing breathability so you can stay dry throughout.

Other benefits of buying the Court Lite Tennis Shoes stems from the fact that it eliminates the need of getting a new pair anytime soon. It is extremely durable, thanks to the high-quality materials used in production.


  •       Easy to clean
  •       Extremely comfortable
  •       Ideal for lateral movements
  •       Well-designed shoe to provide a perfect fit


  •       Runs tight around the toe region
  •       Might squeak on hardwood surfaces

NIKE Women’s Flex 2016 RN Running Shoes

From top to bottom, there are no doubts that the NIKE Women’s Flex 2016 RN Running Shoes is one of the best shoes for standing all day.

This shoe is specially designed to guarantee a smooth ride in every step you take, thanks to the presence of certain features like the Tri-Star molded outsole pattern, well-molded insole, and carefully-engineered mesh upper.

One advantage of investing in this pair is that it’s well-designed to provide a firm, yet natural fit. Thanks to the reduced heel and Flywire cables; they come in handy for a supportive and dynamic fit that runs even to the midfoot.

The model also boasts a high traction rubber outsole. That means stability and solidness on watery surfaces are pretty much guaranteed.


  •       Lightweight and comfortable
  •       Excellent delivery surfaces
  •       High traction rubber outsole
  •       Good for standing all-day


  •       This shoe fits quite smaller than you may expect

NIKE New Men’s Presto Fly Running Sneaker

Made with a suede sole and synthetic material, the NIKE New Men’s Presto Fly Running Sneaker is one that any gent can comfortably walk-in or stand all day. The shoe is meant for optimal support, thanks to the powerful TPU in heel and toe as well as the stretchy mesh upper design.

The stated mesh design means that this shoe will feel comfortable on your feet and enhance breathability to keep your feet dry and fully protected during activities. The shoe also incorporates Flywire cables that deliver a firm fit plus a perfect lockdown on the feet.

There’s also the lightweight cushioning added to the IU midsole. Speaking of functionality, the shoe is very accessible- wearing and taking off this pair is really easy. Thanks to the heel tab design.


  •       High-quality build
  •       Very comfortable
  •       Suitable for work and casual purposes
  •       Excellent delivery service
  •       Accommodative toe region


  •       Size runs smaller than expected

NIKE New Men’s Presto Fly Running Sneaker

If you’re searching for flexibility and modish design, then the NIKE New Men’s Presto Fly Running Sneaker might be a one-stop option for you.

It’s a casual, lightweight shoe, ideally suited for all-day wear. The flexibility and stylish look makes this shoe even more charming to most consumers. We must admit that every dollar you spend is surely worthwhile.

Buyers were impressed by the wearing experience that Nike Presto Fly offers due to the high comfort level. If you’re interested in a shoe for running or walking around with sustainable comfort, then the NIKE New Men’s Presto Fly Running Sneaker is what you certainly need.

It also boasts a featherweight midsole that helps you achieve a bare-foot feel. However, while being such a good investment, the NIKE New Men’s Presto Fly Running Sneaker has some pitfalls. Some might find the insoles a bit too huge and the midfoot a bit too narrow.


  •       Good traction
  •       Breathable mesh upper
  •       Available in many colors
  •       Keeps your feet cool and dry
  •       Excellent arch support
  •       Great for wearing as a work shoe


  •       The midsole runs a bit narrow
  •       Relatively large insoles

Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe Synthetic

The best shoe for all types of feet, the Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe Synthetic has been wholly developed, and now comes ready for feet of all sizes.

That means users don’t have to wander between stores or browsing numerous sites to get the right fit. Shopping has never been easier.

The overall design allows you to move your feet at maximum level, so you can walk or run without struggles. The upper of this Nike shoe is derived from a combination of mesh and synthetic material. This gives you flexibility, ample cushioning, and adaptable fit.

The minimalistic design, flexible upper, and lightweight nature allow you to make the best use of your hard-earned dollars. On the flip side, the shoe’s front look isn’t the best. Plus, it is a bit pricey.


  •       Breathable to keep your feet cool and dry
  •       Stylish and well built
  •       Lightweight and very comfortable
  •       First-rate traction


  •       A bit expensive
  •       The front look could be better

Nike Mens Free 5.0 Black/Rcr Bl/Ttl Crmsn/Drk Gry Running Shoe

Carefully-designed to bring you first-rate traction alongside excellent comfort, the Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe Synthetic is undoubtedly one of the best models for standing all day.

Some of the best features include foot strengthening elements, natural motion, and max safety for the underfoot. Indeed the Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe is specially designed to bring just about any feature you’d expect from high-end footgear.

Other impressive features of this great Nike model stems from the diagonal cut design; it runs through the arch to help improve foot strength and natural movement. Wearing this Nike shoe ensures reduced pressure around the top ridge foot region. Thanks to the asymmetrical lacing system, wearing and taking off this shoe is quite easy, yet it doesn’t fall short on fit.


  •       Durable shoes for standing all-day
  •       Very comfortable
  •       Ideal for supination problem
  •       Suitable for running and everyday wear


  •       The shoes feel a bit tight

NIKE Air Max Torch 3 Men’s Running Shoes

Another great product for durability and quality, the NIKE Air Max Torch 3 Men’s Running Shoes demonstrates how durable and top-quality footwear looks. It is well among the no-hype, favorite sneakers in the range.

At first glance, the shoe might look a bit bulky, probably due to the exterior design and thick upper mesh. But don’t be fooled. This just proves quality and longevity. The shoe is modish and lightweight, swinging a price tag that would surely lure many buyers. The mesh upper provides breathability while the outsole comes in handy for maximum stability. The upper ensures better support too.

The downside of this Nike model, however, is that it can quickly be ripped off. Thus, proper care and maintenance are really necessary to secure your investment.


  • Stylish durable
  •       Versatile running shoe
  •       Quality built quality


  •       The shoes easily get ripped

Nike Flex Experience RN 5 Running Shoe

Aside from comfort and support, the Nike Flex Experience RN 5 Running Shoe is one of the best products as far as stability and flexibility are concerned. In fact, it is durable enough for use on concrete surfaces.

Both starters and enthusiast would appreciate having this pair in their favorite shoe collection. With this shoe, your feet will be free to move, meaning you won’t have to change your standing position to feel more natural or comfortable. The shoe is breathable too so your feet will remain cool and dry all through. In other words, the shoe is designed to do its job well.

All things considered, the Nike Flex Experience RN 5 Running Shoe proves to be an excellent choice for daily wearers, though it has some downsides. First, it’s large. Second, it is costly for premium color options.


  •       Breathable upper
  •       Imported quality materials
  •       Rubber outsole for traction
  •       Offers extra support and comfort
  •       Runs true to size


  •       A bit huge
  •       Not the most affordable standing shoe either

Best Nikes Shoes For Standing All Day: Buying Guide

Standing is something contrary to running; the latter is an athletic action involving dynamic movements, and the other is about being confined to one small area. However, standing can be much harder than it seems, particularly when you’re on your feet for the most time.

Individuals working in retail understands this, and so do others working in eateries and medical centers. Occupations that involve standing and walking exert an enormous amount of stress on the feet. Note that the entire body weight rests on the feet over a period that could last anywhere between 6-14 hours.

For instance, most doctors/nurses usually work 12-hour shifts and if this is done wearing regular shoes, the experience can easily turn undesirable. The underfoot will feel tired and strained such that you can’t wait to get home and take the shoes off. Even shorter work shifts of 6-8 hours can be tiresome.

Speaking of Nike, the brand has a whole variety of shoes that can be considered ideal for standing all day. However, there are few design attributes to look for. If that sounds any similar to walking shoe guide, then it’s probably because walking and standing have shared design features.

The outsole design should ideally be wide and stable.

An outsole with full ground contact will help in spreading the pressure evenly. Over a long period of standing, protruding outsole lugs can ultimately become a source of discomfort.

The midsole should be cushioned as well. You need comfortable footgear if you’re going to be standing all day. Likewise, both the heel and forefoot need to have adequate cushioning as you will be constantly transferring weight between the heel and the ball of the foot.

Accommodative upper for foot splay is another important feature to consider. Remember that a narrow-fitting shoe can be painful during long periods of standing. This you need a shoe with a spacious interior.

You also need a good grip on smooth artificial floors. This is particularly important if the job at hand involves standing on artificial surfaces. The outsole should have a great deal of traction.

Another doubting aspect among many buyers is whether running shoes check all the needs for standing all day. Well, it depends.

As we would see it, most running shoes do just fine for standing only if it is 6-8 hours. Individuals working in sporting supplies stores fall under this category, where the shifts are generally shorter. In other cases, sporting supplies store workers get to pick a product to be a part of their uniform, so it bodes well to get a running shoe.

Anything longer than 8 hours shifts, and you will need to embrace another footwear strategy.

Most running shoes are designed with outsoles with rubber and lugs and grooved separations. That means they apply pressure from underneath. While this might not be an issue, it’s likely to manifest itself over a long period.

The tight waist of a running shoe is another limiting factor. Running shoes have slim midsole around the middle, which translates into a conforming upper fit- and they are made this way for a reason. Remember the feet need to remain locked down during runs. On the flip side, the same snugness that aids running may become detrimental to comfort during long-standing shifts.

Likewise, there might be other footwear requirements subject to the place of employment. For instance:

Plain colors

If the working environment is formal, then conspicuously colorful running shoes may not be ideal.  Most running shoes nowadays have more shades, making them unsuitable for formal settings. Therefore, plainer colors such as all-white or all-black might serve better. The other part of this guide focuses on such aesthetic requirements. Nonetheless, this is merely a suggestion rather than a non-debatable. In more casual workplace settings, the color of the shoe is probably the last thing people care about.

Friendly design

Some jobs that involve standing all day time are likely to happen in the field of services such as the restaurant business. Hence, the shoes are likely to come into contact with spilled liquids. On that note, a mesh upper will not prevent this, but rather a fuller upholstered leather cover that are easier to clean and maintain. Most running shoes do not conform to this description.

Non-marking outsole

Certain workplaces expect footwear to be non-marking. This is the element of the outsole that leaves no scuff marks or black skid on the floor. If the shoes that are a part of your costume feature non-marking outsoles, then you might want to consider an appropriate replacement. Unfortunately, most running shoes do not have non-marking outsoles.

With that being said, finding a comfortable shoe for all-day standing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Bearing in mind the number of variables involved, we reviewed the best Nike shoes for standing all day. 


Nike is a company that has made it in the footwear industry, and are producing high performing products in just about any area. Their walking and running shoes are lightweight and durable- although choosing the most suitable pair from such a famous brand can be tedious.

All things considered, all of these Nike shoes on our list have a fair deal of their perks and downfalls. On the bright side, they are a great option if standing for prolonged periods is what you normally do. One would even say, nothing goes on top of these pairs as far as standing all day is concerned- being manufactured by a popular company is another bonus.