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Are Crocs Supposed To Be Loose?

Are Crocs Supposed To Be Loose?

From boating shoes to fashion accessories, the Crocs brand has been a favorite for many. Still, there have been complaints where people have reported that their Crocs have stretched out a bit.

Most people prefer Crocs mainly for the sheer comfort, but when they feel loose, they are hardly comfortable as imperfect fit brings about discomfort.

If you’re wondering whether Crocs are supposed to be loose, here is a quick explanation; Crocs shoes are not designed to fit like other shoes: They should fit quite loosely, yet tightly enough without causing any discomfort.

This is possible because these shoes are made of Croslite material which is lightweight, soft, shock-absorbent, and moisture resistant.

The sides of your feet should not really touch the insides of the shoes. Your toes are not supposed to make contact with the front of the shoe. One thing to note, however, is that when Crocs are loose, even with the straps, they become clumsy to work with and what follows is an eagerness to pull them off.

In comparison, your gaits are likely to feel quite sharp when the Crocs are hugging your feet. Meaning, the best way to enjoy the ergonomics of the Crocs is when they feel tighter.

We’re not saying they should be too tight to the point of unbearable. Crocs are not meant to fit tight as sneakers. We’re simply emphasizing the fact that they should still feel compact and perfectly usable rather than too loose somewhere in between.

Another common problem might be the straps. They might get broken or call for a replacement with time.

What should you do if your Crocs are too loose?

Like any other footwear, Crocs will begin to slick with time because of overuse, especially old Crocs. While these shoes are made to last for up to 6 years, there will be signs of slacks after two years. Most users simply dispose of their Crocs and start thinking of getting a new pair when they start to feel loose on their feet.

Perhaps the best thing to do when your Crocs start to feel loose over time is to look for methods to tighten them back. This is especially effective when you prefer them hugging your heels and feeling almost non-existence, probably due to their incredible lightweight and comfort.

The Good news is that shrinking Crocs is easy to tan you might think. There are so many methods to tighten your favorite Crocs rather than simply replacing them.

For starters, all you need is a dryer and a couple of towels. The heat from the dryer will help loosen the material and shrink them, while the towels help to moisten the materials at the right proportion.

Meanwhile, some people might find this loose fit a good thing. It always comes down to personal preference. But generally, these shoes have to feel a bit tight than most people’s regular size for the gait to be free.

Simple Steps To Tighten Your Crocs

As earlier mentioned, Crocs are easy to shrink. You can do that almost effortlessly as Croslite material has already made this possible with its flexible texture.

You just need to reshape the size a little smaller so it fits appropriately with your feet. In fact, you don’t need help from a professional to do the work. Check out the following easy steps.

Necessary Tools

  •         Dryer
  •         Wet Towels

You will need the help of a dryer and two towels to make this process work. You can count on the same dryer that you use for your clothes.

Set Timer on The Dryer

The first thing is to have both the settings and the timer set on the dryer. Here, the point is to not mess up the time. Also, check that you don’t leave the settings too high so you don’t end up damaging the materials of the Crocs.

Once you’ve considered these factors, set a time of 10 minutes in the timer. Now proceed and set the heat from medium to a lower setting.

Place your Crocs and Towels in Dryer

Once you’re done with the previous sep, put the crocs in the drier alongside two wet towels. Note that the purpose of the towels is to help moisten the Croslite material at the right proportion. Thus, the process won’t work without wet towels.

Start the Dryer’s Cycle

After adding the materials inside the dryer, now you can start the cycle. Note that the process isn’t done yet. In fact, you’ll have to sand in front of the dryer and observe the whole process to ensure the heat of the dryer isn’t too much. High heat can wrap the materials and leave your Crocs permanently damaged. Again, make sure the heat is in medium settings.

Check Your Crocs

As we’ve already stated, you will have to observe the whole process. Let the Crocs stay in the dryer for 4-5 minutes. Your Crocs should be shrunk at this point if you have followed the steps correctly.

Remove the Crocs from the dryer and cool them

While checking your Crocs in the dryer, observe whether they are hot. In case, they’re still hot, remove them from the dryer to avoid any additional heat as this could damage the materials in the Crocs.

Let the shoes cool down for a while before wearing them. Once you’re done with this step, the results will be noticeable as the Crocs will have shrunk.