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Best Shoes For LDS Missionaries

Best Shoes For LDS Missionaries

Although preparedness is one of the most important aspects in making your mission successful, it is often easier said than done. Missions trips are likely to involve lots of work from the start, so much to pack, and numerous decisions to make, which might leave you feeling a little lost.

But don’t get worked up!

Just summon up and focus on one thing at a time; for example, your footwear. When it comes to the best shoes for LDS missionaries, it’s important to be especially careful that you’re making the right choice.

In the end, bad shoes can leave you frustrated and uncomfortable throughout the entire mission. And subject to how much you’re walking, your feet could even develop blisters and end up permanently injured.

Fortunately, choosing the best shoes for LDS missionaries is easier than you may think. You can easily get hold of shoes that are comfortable, functional, and attractive too. Below are a few recommendations to help you get started.

Here are The Best Shoes For LDS Missionaries


Flats in general are a classic and comfortable option. What’s better, they go with just about any outfit. They’re durable, conservative, yet lightweight enough for any mission. Just keep in mind that they may not be the best option for welt or cold climates. Flats tend to lack sufficient coverage in the cold and may get slippery.


Sandals could be an excellent choice, especially if the mission takes place in a warmer climate. They’re comfortable and waterproof, making them an ideal fit for long days of walking, standing, or even hiking.

Make sure you’re choosing comfortable sandals, rather than those that are basically fashionable. Also, keep in mind that sandals tend to be much less formal compared to other footwear choices.


If your mission is in a cold place or happens during the winter months, warm, comfortable boots are an easy recommendation. You might want to look for boots that can match with everything to help space when packing.

Slip-Ons and Mary Janes

Mary Janes and slip ons are also very popular shoe options. There are many brands that offer shoes that look attractive and provide superior support as well.

If you’d like some help narrowing down your choices, below we shared some reliable travel shoes that will stand the test of time. For a little upfront cost, you can get hold of the best shoes for your upcoming mission trips.

Allbirds Wool Runners to Tree Toppers

Marketed as the world’s most comfortable shoe, Allbirds produce their cloud-like footwear from tree bark, sheep wool, and even sugar cane. Laces and insoles are easy to replace, and you can toss the entire whole thing in the wash. Plus, the shoes are incredibly durable and can last a lifetime.


  •         Machine washable
  •         Cloud-like comfort
  •         Environment-friendly
  •         Compactable for suitcase

Available in different colors and style


  •         Only available through the company website
  •         Average is $99


Brooks Women’s Ravenna 8

The Ravenna 8 from Brooks is one of the best sister missionary shoes on the market and for good reason. Most LDS missionaries prefer wearing stylish shoes because they’re comfortable and make them confident while working in foreign countries.

For instance, these best shoes for a sister missionary come with fabric material and a synthetic specially designed for this type of activity. With a drop rate of 12 mm, these shoes are meant to be stable on any surface, meaning you can walk comfortably without worries about falling or developing blisters due to unevenness in your surroundings.


  •         Available in a variety of colors
  •         Great shoe feel
  •         Excellent stability
  •         Durable rubber outsole
  •         Moisture-managing design
  •         Environmentally-friendly


  •         No significant issues were reported

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Having a perfect pair of shoes for your missions is a great start. With an elastic rubber sole, this Cloudfoam Pure Running shoe from Adidas is stylish, comfortable, and easy to put on, no matter what size you are.

As the name suggests, they feature Cloudfoam memory sock liners, which makes putting your feet into them feel like sitting in soft pillows all day long. Additionally, they’re designed to help you keep walking without even getting blisters.


  •         High traction rubber
  •         Variety of colors
  •         Stylish and comfortable
  •         100% synthetic
  •         Memory foam sockliner


  •         The soles are so thin

Chacos Classic Z Straps

Developed with vegan-friendly construction, you’ll hardly go wrong with Chacos. These strappy sandals are available in dozens of technicolor shades, each with customizable straps to ensure a perfect fit.

Whether you love the toe loop or not, these shoes provide sustainable comfort with their Luveseat and optimized tread.


  •         Excellent arch support
  •         Adjustable straps
  •         True to sizing
  •         Neon color assortment
  •         Great tread in water


  •         No significant issues were reported

Men’s and Women’s Duet Sport Clog

For a sister classic tie-dye clog, be sure to consider these clog-style mules developed from Croslite material. They’re designed to provide comfort no matter how long you spend on your feet during missions.

These best crocs for sisters come with a bright tie-dye design that, according to users, makes the day more colorful and fun. They also feature pivoting heel straps for maximum security, while keeping things trendy. In fact, it’s one of the best shoes for sisters who want to dress up their casual outfits and achieve some good vibes.

With numerous stylish colors available in men’s and women’s collections, these mule clogs will serve seamlessly with any style. The elastic straps make them super easy to put on and off; plus, you can’t go wrong with amazing comfort.


  •         Elastic straps
  •         Comfortable and stylish design
  •         Flexible clogs
  •         Lightweight construction


  •         Not waterproof