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Why Do Crocs Have Two Sizes?

Why Do Crocs Have Two Sizes?

Crocs are popular footwear for their comfort and simplicity. Over 300 million pairs have been made and sold which is testament to the favor they have gained with people. The trend continues to grow and manufacturers are eager to provide the popular shoe to as many people as possible by ensuring there is variety and versatility in the design and fits of the shoe.

Although crocs are assumed to be a loose-fitting type of footwear, generally crocs are manufactured true to size, and the comfortable spacious feel is attributed more to the design and composite foam material used to make them. There are, however, a variety of fits and sizes that cater to different preferences and styles.

In order to select the best shoe for your job, home, or leisure activities, it is important to be aware of what each fit will offer you and what if any, are the perks of picking one over the other. One of the most common questions regarding the sizing of crocs is what the two digits at the bottom of the shoe denote.

Mens’ and Womens’ Sizes

On the bottom part of your Crocs, you probably have numbering such as 7/9 or 4/6. These are usually crocs for adults and the first digit represents the men’s size while the second digit represents the women’s size. In this case, the above pairs are a size seven for men and a size nine for women.

The second pair should be a men’s size four or a women’s size six. Naturally, these are pairs that can be worn by either men or women. There are specific designs made for the women that will not come with this kind of labeling and will therefore have only one size labeled at the bottom. 

Three Different Fits

As mentioned before, crocs are made true to size with differences manifesting in other elements of the design of the shoe. Crocs come in three different fits. 

  •  The Standard Fit

This is the most secure fit of the three and these crocs fit your feet snugly leaving almost no room for the shoe to wiggle under your foot. The shoe is, however, very comfortable and still offers the characteristic comfort crocs are known for.

This shoe is a favorite for many health professionals and anyone who wants a comfortable shoe but also has to move around a lot. The secure fit ensures the shoe holds firmly to the feet and does not wiggle about. The secure fit does not make it a tight fit.


  • The Relaxed Fit

This fit contains more room than the standard fit and allows your foot more wiggle room. This fit also has more room around the toes for even more comfort and is a convenient shoe for most workers who have to be on their feet for most of the day allowing their feet to breathe and aerate.


  • The Roomy Fit

If you are looking for a most spacious fit then this is the ideal fit for you. With maximum room for your toes and along the perimeter of your foot, the roomy fit is the most comfortable fit hardly closing around your foot at any point. 


People with wide feet or a general dislike for the tightness of any shoe should wear crocs with this roomy fit. Commonly called clogs for their extra size, the roomy fit crocs are fitted with a strap on the heel to give you additional hold should you need it.

The different fits are suited to different situations and purposes and depending on what you need for your day, you can have all three fits and utilize them interchangeably.

Three Different Comfort Ratings

Of the many excellent qualities of crocs, the malleable foam made sole of the shoe has to be the most critical element that contributes to the comfort quality of the shoes. Additional comfort could not hurt and crocs offer three varying comfort ratings for the sole.


  • Level 1 – Iconic Croslite Technology


This is the most popular rating and the one that most shoppers recognize as a standard for croc comfort and snugness. The iconic croslite is both soft and supportive and gives your feet sufficient padding keeping your feet comfortable throughout. 


It is a light and thin sole making it especially convenient for maximum movement and mobility.


  • Level 2 – Dual Croslite Technology


This comfort rating adds an extra layer of cushioning to the sole creating even more padding and support. These crocs should feel softer and thicker under your feet without feeling heavier despite the slightly extra bulk of the shoe. 


Arch support is also increased making the shoe particularly comfortable for those with foot injuries or ailments as well as those with a heavier disposition. Dual croslite withstands greater impact over time making it a longer-lasting option compared to the Iconic croslite.


  • Level 3 – Croslite + Memory Foam Technology


Croslite + Memory Foam is the definition of comfort. This is the most comfortable sole thus far. This sole combines the practical softness of croslite with a luxurious layered padding of memory foam that offers that extra snuggly fit against the arches of your feet.


The extra layer of memory foam makes for a functional but decadent pair of crocs giving you the ultimate combination of luxury, style, and comfort.


Crocs come in different sizes to cater to variety and although the labels may give you an idea of what the shoe may offer you, without actually fitting the shoe, it is still easy to order or buy a shoe that will not please you. 


At the very least, you could miss out on a better option given how much variety in design, size, and comfort rating there is. It would be advisable to fit the shoes before committing to buy a pair and this way you will have a better idea going forward what combination of features, ratings and fits you favor.


That said, it is doubtful that any fitting pair of crocs will fail to provide utility since they have proven themselves one of the most agreeable shoes available today.