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Joybees vs Crocs

Joybees vs Crocs

Joybees is a footwear company that was founded by Kellen McCarvel -the former CEO of Crocs- and his son as a direct competitor to Crocs.

This explains why there’re so many similarities between Crocs and Joybees brands and the style of their clogs and shoes. It’s quite easy to get confused when choosing between Crocs and Joybees.

Some reviewers tend to recommend Joybees over Crocs due to their unique design. Among the numerous similarities between these two amazing footwear brands, we’ve listed some of the most noticeable features, which we would explain later in this article.

First, this is how identical both brands are:

Joybees vs.Crocs: Similarities

Looking at both shoes, there’s a resemblance between them which you might want to know. While Crocs are the best alternative to Joybees, Joybees are likewise considered the best alternative to Crocs.

Material Quality

Both Joybees and Crocs are made of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material. This is one of the features that make them different from other shoes. Many people tend to confuse EVA with other options such as Plastic or Rubber.

However, the EVA material used in the making of both Crocs and Joybees is called Croslite. It looks like foam, which is why most people feel that Joybees and Crocs are made of plastic and rubber.

Note that Croslite material is a closed-cell resin that is neither rubber nor plastic. This misunderstanding has made many people refer to Joybees and Crocs as plastic/rubber shoes, considering that they feel like plastic/rubber, especially when you expose them to extreme heat.

On the bright side, Croslite material is one thing that makes Joybees and Crocs so easy to wash and dry. Plus, the material itself is not expensive to maintain.

Perhaps the most obvious similarities between Joybees and Crocs stems from the texture. Just by touching the Crocs work clog and Joybees work clog, the similarities are very noticeable to the hand. Both models are made with the same material quality that makes it really difficult to set them apart.

Sole Quality

Both Joybees and Crocs feature an EVA sole, which is lightweight and of great quality. It is what makes both brands of clogs and shoes durable and comfortable. Both models feature the same EVA insole, which is soft yet durable. After wearing the Crocs work clog and Joybees work clog, you’ll realize the likeness in their sole quality within a short time.

Your feet will be absorbed in just about the same way in either of these two brands of shoes and clogs. The good news is that the soles are extra comfortable and have a pillow-like feeling whenever you wear them. Besides, they provide the same traction quality.

Joybees refer to its insole as Honeycomb insole while Crocs refers to its insole to as Massage-pod footbed. Nonetheless, both provide the same level of comfort, and their sole has the same weight and quality.


In terms of design, it is almost impossible to differentiate between Joybees and Crocs. Both brands are so identical in design, especially their work clogs. In fact, the Crocs specialist work clogs look exactly like the Joybees unisex work clogs.

Neither of the two has openings at the side and on top. Instead, they’re designed with straps at the back for a comfortable fit. They also come with a very comparable curved toe that’s nearly impossible to differentiate even when you take a close look at them. So if we’re to judge Crocs and Joybees based on design, it’s easy to mix both up.

Overall Quality

Many people have been asking whether Joybees are of higher value than Crocs. Although a lot of people criticize Joybees, it’s good to note that Joybees is not less in value than Crocs.

Coming down to usage quality, we would simply suggest that these shoes are identical in satisfaction. Below are some of the qualities you should expect from either of these clog brands:


Crocs and Joybees both have breathable features that allow air to access your clog and feet. This breathable feature is what keeps your feet cool and dry during performances. Additionally, Crocs and Joybees are equipped with EVA insoles which are amazingly soft and pillow-like. Thus, your feet will remain comfortable, which is particularly important for standing all day.


Just like Crocs, Joybees come in different color variants, making them very attractive and beautiful to wear. You may expect to look elegant with either of these brands, especially if you choose the right color for your outfit.


As we’ve mentioned before, both Joybees and Crocs are made of Croslite material, which makes them incredibly lightweight. They weigh the same on average. Usually, Crocs come in at around 11-12 ounces, which is almost equal to a pound- almost the same average weight as Joybees.


Joybees and Crocs are made from Croslite material, which is extremely durable and lasts for a considerable time. The only downside to this material lies in the fact that it can’t be replaced or repaired once damaged.

Apart from that, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about with this material. Plus, it is inexpensive to maintain. Overall, Crocs and Joybees are extremely durable and none is made of lesser quality than the other.

Differences between Crocs and Joybees

As much as these two brands are so identical, there still exist some differences that make people choose one brand over the other. We’re so much into Joybees, but we would recommend them for a particular set of users. However, this doesn’t mean they’re restricted to these stets of people. Here are the various slight differences between Crocs and Joybees brands:


One of the differentiating factors between Joybees and Crocs is fit. Every clog and shoe designed by Joybees has an accommodating fit which basically means it’s ideal for wide and narrow footed people. You might want to size up if you’re looking for a half-sized clog or shoe with Joybees.

Crocs, meanwhile, offer shoes of different sizes and fit. The Crocs Women Freesail, for instance, has a relaxed fit, which runs a little big. This makes it suitable for wide-footed individuals.

The Crocs Serena Flats for women is meant to provide a true/standard fit, which makes it suitable for both narrowed and wide-footed individuals. This type of Crocs fits just like Joybees brand.

Product Variation

Crocs offer a greater variety of products than Joybees, perhaps for a few reasons. Joybees is relatively new in the market compared to Crocs. Perhaps that’s why they have not begun to diversify.

Joybees produces casual footwear, which is suitable for household chores or such casual activities. However, the work clogs available are rather few

Crocs, on the other hand, offers a variety of work-based shoes such as flats, clogs, loafers, and other footwear, which are suitable for interviews and other corporate events. Also, there are no clogs designed with no straps in Joybees, which makes it rather different from Crocs.


Crocs are designed with about 8 holes, although there’re other crocs that have 13 holes. Joybees, on the other hand, has an average of 42 holes on the top, which allows more air to blow through.

There’s also a slight difference in the shape of both Crocs and Joybees. Joybees appear a little longer at the top compared to Crocs. Joybees usually have a curve at the top, which is more bent than the curves of Crocs.

Crocs generally have a higher sole than Joybees. Joybees are designed with a lower sole that makes them pretty flat on the ground.


Speaking of price, Joybees are less expensive compared to Crocs. This is one of its competitive edges over Crocs. Note that one of the major reasons for the creation of the Joybees brand is to produce good and quality Crocs-like shoes so a wider range of shoppers can access quality footwear at an affordable price.

That said, Crocs has budget shoes and clogs of different qualities and ranges. They offer shoes as high as $100, which makes them be on the higher side compared to Joybees.