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How to Decorate Crocs

How to Decorate Crocs

How do you customize your favorite Crocs? When you put on a pair of Crocs, you may find them boring, given that they’re usually a single color. Fortunately, you can personalize your Crocs to add vitality to them.

However, you may (or may not) wish to keep the designs you add to your shoes permanently; thus it’s best to choose the right approach based on your needs.

Crocs Material

To all appearances, it’s easy to think that Crocs are made of either heavy rubber or plastic. They’re actually made of EVA material known as Croslite.

This material helps to keep your feet free from sweating and foot odor. It also allows you to wear shoes on land and in water. Regardless of how you’re planning to use your Crocs, you can customize them using the following tips.

Crocs Decorating Tips

Make Your Crocs Shiny

You don’t have to buy Crocs butter to shine your Crocs. You can simply clean them with the magic eraser (for the white parts) and dish detergent for a revamped look. Then let them dry and apply Amor All. Your Crocs will look brand new.

Use the Holes in Your Crocs

Have you ever wondered why Crocs are designed with exactly thirteen holes on the top of each pair? Aside from ventilation and letting excessive moisture out, these holes allow for you to customize your Crocs with your personal unique combination of charms.

Using Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint is one of the most effective shades you add to your Crocs. It is effective to use on Crocs because they do not fade, crack or peel, unlike other paints.

The paint can be used to change the Croc’s color or develop designs to paint on the crocs. What’s better, you can get acrylic paint from your local arts and crafts store.

Fabric Paints

Fabric paints do work well on Crocs. In fact, the Crocs brand provides “Croc-a-doodles”, which are fabric paint pens designed for use on Crocs.

Contrary to acrylic paints, however, fabric paints are washable. The fact that they’re washable simply means you can customize your pair of Crocs as often as you want. This is a preferable option if you wish to change the design periodically.

Jibbtiz Charms for Shoes

In simple terms, Jibbitz charms are little pretty images, letters, characters, and bits of pop culture applied on a post to pop into the holes of your Crocs.

Since there’re 13 holes in Crocs classic, you can easily sport up to 26 at a time, or be smart with where you wear them. If you have a tight fit, your Jibbitz will stay put, allowing you to show off your likings, sense of humor, or latest trend obsession on your feet while kicking on your Crocs.

Initially, Jibbitz charms were meant to fit into holes on clogs, slides, and sandals. The newer backers enable you to pin, clip, or tie charms into different shoes, clothes, backpacks, and even gats. That means you can personalize just about anything you want.

The Jibbitz charms allow you to add your own personal touch to your Crocs to make them more customized. Your little ones can add Jibbitz of their favorite characters, men can add charms of their favorite sports, and moms can add jewels.

You can even put a flag from your favorite place around the world. The most impressive thing is that these shoe charms are easy to put on/off.

How Do You Put Jibbitz Charms on Your Crocs?

It might be a little tight, but the easiest way to get Jibbitz charms into your holes is to squeeze the top of your Crocs together into a loose fold, then slide one side of the charm post into the hole.

Squish it in the rest of the way until it makes a little popping sound. At this point, your charm should be securely in the hole.

Meanwhile, if you want to remove the charms, the easiest way is to squeeze the top of your Crocs around the hole into a loose fold and then ease the post out sideways.

The best thing about Jibbitz charms is that you can personalize almost anything you want. The clip backers, in particular, are great for shoes with laces, while tie backers are perfect for looping around sandals straps.

The stated pin backers usually work best for just about anything from jackets and hats to bags and more. Below are the various options you may want to try:

Rhinestone Metal Chain Suitable for Crocs

This type of charm is offered in two categories, gold set, and silver set. They are suitable for all sizes of Crocs for adults and kids. Although small charms will slightly vary depending on the main charm, they generally have a cute exterior vivid design and are made of high-quality plastic material.

They are colorful and specifically designed to match shoe decorations for both teen girls and boys well. Users will get a lot of fun with these cute toys set. The bottom of the back is made of hard plastic, which can be pushed through the shoe hole quite easily.

Christmas Croc Charms and Accessories

Another way to enjoy much more fun with your Crocs is through decorations and making them unique and funny for Christmas.

While quality is everything, these Christmas shoe accessories are made of non-toxic and waterproof PVC, which has passed strict screening to make them durable enough for long-term use.

These holiday party footwear charms can be used widely for shoes with holes such as garden clogs, slippers, water shoes, or be applied to wristbands bracelets with holes as well.

They are easy to install and fit just perfectly. To remove, simply reach into holes of shoes and push the bottom of the shoe charm slightly till it pops out. Just don’t pull it from the top.