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Why Does My Cat Lay On My Shoes?

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Shoes?

For many reasons, most cat owners will attest that cats have an obvious obsession with shoes, whether that means snuffing them, lying on or near them, or batting at them. Not to mention that some will even move your shoes by the front door and hind them somewhere. 

But why do most cats love snoozing on shoes so much? Why do they cuddle with shoes? These are some of the most common questions among pet lovers. There are many cogent reasons why felines love staying close to shoes.

It could be that the intoxicating scent of numerous different scents combined on the lower part of your feet attracts your little buddy that he needs to smell where you’ve been throughout the day. 

Another conceivable explanation behind the perplexing affection for shoes could be that your cat is reclaiming his territory whenever you get home and take your shoes off. 

Moreover, cats have scent organs in their brows and cheeks, so scouring their face against objects like shoes or covers is a form of marking territory. It might sound strange, but some cats are soothed and relaxed by the smell of human sweat and respond to it very boldly.

Below are some of the possible reasons as to why your cat lay on shoes.

Shoes Provide Familiar Scents

Pheromones in human perspiration can satisfy a cat just like the perennial herb catnip does. It’s a hint of respect for the instinctive association between humans and cats. Likewise, the sweat makes your shoes salty, which can entice the cat due to the different scents in the footwear.

The cats’ sense of smell is probably the most important of their five senses. It is multiple times (actually fourteen times) as strong as humans and twice as most olfactory receptors in their nasal tissues as humans do.

Cats also have a specific organ situated in the top of the mouth known as a Jacobson’s organ (also referred to as a vomeronasal organ) that humans lack entirely. This organ enables cats to taste the pheromones and scents in the air, allowing them to have lots of information about the animals and persons in the zone.

Cats are naturally curious and will research new smells and seek out scents of things that are recognizable to them or something that makes them feel safe and calm. They gravitate to items that smell like them and like the ones they love. Moreover, sleeping on your shoes is a simple way of cats saying they are comfortable in your company.

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Cat’s Intense Feeling of Smell

Cats are associated with a sharp sense of smell. The pleasure they get from your shoes’ smell makes them stay in touch with the shoes. Besides, the fact that you’ve exposed your shoes to different kinds of attractive odors and fragrant spots, snuffling around your shoes may be a pet’s way of asking, “how was your day?”

Mark Territory

Another explanation about why felines love shoes is that it tends to be a way of marking their territory as soon as you get home. The scents glands in their forehead and cheeks make them rub their faces against your shoes to basically mark their territory.

Cats might also engage in some sort of grooming of another creature to reinforce the relationship. Batting with shoelaces offers additional satisfaction and pleasure.


This might sound strange, but it’s the truth. Cats calm down and unwind with the intervention of the smell of your sweat, and in most cases, respond positively to the smell. Usually, shoes have a perfect height for cats and other pets as well. The convenient stature is one reason why most cats become partial to shoes.

Considering the fact that shoe fabrics look like lashes that cats play with, the cat will really want to bite, nestle, and play around with your shoes. Still, other cats are just playful and will generally play around with almost everything that comes to sight.

Cats will also relate shoe sniffing with fun, enthusiasm, and exercises. A cat can move from playing with a strip or a ball to profound shoe sniffing as a part of evening comfort.

How To Make Your Cat Stick To Her Toys Rather Than Your Shoes

Although shoe cuddling does not harm, you can still stop the behavior, especially if you don’t like your shoes full of cat fur and saliva. At least now you understand the reason behind the cat’s obsession and how they show appreciation for you.

But then again, felines love won’t make it less frustrating when you’re running late, and your little fur baby has run with one of your shoes.

You don’t always want to be searching out your shoes because your cat keeps relocating them can get pretty odd pretty quickly. Not to mention that trying to convince the cat to leave your footwear alone can be another uphill battle altogether.

You can ideally prevent the cat from being too close to your shoes and even stop the behavior. Placing your shoes in a closet or a sealed synthetic bin can be an effective strategy. Cats are very good at climbing, so putting your shoes high on a shelf might be enough to keep your shoes inaccessible.

If that doesn’t sound so feasible, you can consider redirecting your cat to another thing that still smells like you but not as handy as your shoes or something that you hardly use. This could be an old T-shirt or sock or something that can serve as a perfect substitution.

Note that there’s no need for startling or reacting in a way that can appear aggressive to your cat. Most cats think that shoes are great because they remind them of their favorite companions. Thus, they may not be able to relate your shouts with their shoe thievery.

In fact, your cat can drop the shoe in alarm and still fail to get it why you’re so upset. So next time you find your cat lying on your sneakers, take a picture for future’s sake, grant them a sock instead and celebrate the fact that your feline just let you know they love you.