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How To Tell If White Yeezys Are Fake

How To Tell If White Yeezys Are Fake

How To Tell If White Yeezys Are Fake

Yeezy shoes are some of the most modernized shoes that present excellent comfort without falling short on style. They have become a one-stop option for this generation as they improve your casuals while sprucing up your outfit.

However, the modern market is full of so many counterfeit products, and it’s getting harder and harder to spot a fake pair of Adidas Yeezys nowadays.

The counterfeit industry strikes with lots of very clean but sham Yeezy shoes, making it difficult to differentiate between fake and real. This is the reason why unsuspecting Yeezy lovers find themselves duped into buying fake ones.

Note that new real Yeezys don’t come that cheap. There’s only the real and the fake when dealing with Yeezy shoes. In this article, we will talk broadly about what exactly separates authentic Yeezy from fake ones. So if you’re planning to order a pair of Yeezy online, do well to inspect the product carefully to avoid buying a fake.

The Material

One main detail that you need to focus on is the material used in the construction. Bootleg factories don’t use genuine material. The built quality of a genuine Yeezy is harder and looks durable. The trainers are also developed with Adidas Boost technology, which features a cushioning system on the outsole of the shoe.

The Box Label

First and foremost, the counterfeit Yeezy box looks off—this one of the smart methods of sniffing out fake Yeezys. The counterfeit factories don’t have access to serial numbers that are highlighted in the box. For instance, the font of the UPC Code and the printing edges will appear a little bit frayed in comparison to a fake Yeezy. The rest of the details might be pretty much accurate.

Another big difference is the font style of the size tag. The original size tag will be bolder. The QR Code is yet another indicator, as it comes bold with pixels and lines on a real pair.

If you get your new Yeezys in a box, be sure to check and compare the tag and the label properly. Inside the shoe, the tag has details such as the serial number and size. This should match perfectly with the details on the label of the box.

The Logo On The Side Of The Shoe

If you’re still wondering how to tell if Yeezys are fake, here us an additional tip; on the interior side of a real pair of Yeezy shoes are the Adidas logo and the YZY stamp. Both pieces are found at the center on a suede-like panel.

As for fake Yeezys, the stamp and the logo are mostly not at the center and are done with bigger fonts than those found on originals.

Please pay attention to the side panels’ texture and see whether they actually have a soft, lush feel. Otherwise, the pair in question might be fake.

The Middle Stitching

Another legit check is that a real Yeezy features a thick stitching detail that runs down right to the outsole. It ends just below the outsole’s tip. You also need to check the details on the heels. There are some intricate details on the heel of Yeezy shoes.

You can determine if a pair is real by checking how the heel tub is placed. Original Yeezy shoes will have 1cm away from the heel’s tub collar. On the other hand, there’s much more space between the collar and the tab on fakes. 

The Colour

Counterfeit brands don’t have real materials means that they can’t present the real colors either. Considering the triple white Yeezys, most of the counterfeits come just all white, whereas the real pair features a subtle cream white shade.

Insole Printing

As stated earlier, the printing on real Yeezys is bolder, and the same case applies even to insole printing. However, you will have to have a close look to spot this difference. 

Apart from printing, the UV black light shows some more differences between fake and real pairs. That means if you inspect the footbed under UV blacklight, you will clearly spot the difference in how the footbed illuminates inside both on fake and real pairs.

Another point of difference, on the same note, is the prime knit pattern under UV blacklight. On a real pair, you will find a very defined wave pattern, while on the fake, you will see nothing close to defined waves.

With that being said, the big prime knit pattern that seemed to be rather outstanding- on Yeezy 350 V2, for that matter- is now more integrated into the entire prime knit pattern, making it harder to spot a fake.


The insoles come with the Adidas logo and YZY stamp on them and are actually removable. Counterfeit makers mostly use white ink to forge the grey-toned ink of the original version. You will also notice that the inserts and uppers are made of the same material.

The Outsoles

The outsole is another crucial detail where the counterfeit industry goes wrong. A real Yeezy will feature a flower-like embossment on the white part of the sole. Also, original Yeezys would have a soft velvet when touched while the fake ones will simply feel strong and stringent. 

Bottom Line

The fact that Adidas Yeezys are incredibly popular leaves the market flooded with fake products. Also, these shoes cost a fortune. Thus most people have resorted to acquiring them at budget rates from unofficial sites and unauthorized stores where they are typically sold cheaper.

All things considered, it’s hard to distinguish a fake pair of Yeezy, but it’s not beyond the bounds of possibilities. You have to closely inspect the small details in both quality and designs and consider everything we’ve discussed.