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Why Are Nike Shoes So Narrow?

Why Are Nike Shoes So Narrow?

The world is constantly changing, and there are inconsistencies. Throughout it all, though, there are always successful product companies that keep their global prominence. Nike is unquestionably one of them. It has been and continues to be one of the top valuable sports items brands available since its inception in 1971. In the field of running shoes, the brand name Nike is unmistakable. It is a well-known sports brand, and you can’t be involved in any athleticism without having come across Nike footwear.

Why people find Nike Shoes to be narrow.

However, the biggest question that many people ask is, why are Nike shoes so narrow? Compared to other athletic wear manufacturers like Adidas and Reebok, Nike sneakers are narrower in width and shorter in length. Although they are regarded as fitting and adjustable, some customers with broader feet claim that Nike sneakers are too narrow. This, according to Nike’s official website, can be because their footwear tends to be on the smaller side when it comes to fit.

What Shoe Brands Are Close in Sizing to Nike?

Converse and Jordan, as Nike subsidiaries, use the same size system. As a result, these three brands are most likely to have the same size. However, owing to their unique design elements, some models may diverge.

Outside of Nikeland, Adidas is the only leading footwear brand that comes close to matching Nike’s sizing scheme.

Are There Nike Shoes That Are Friendly To Wider Feet?

The standard medium-width Nike shoes receive many complaints from consumers. Many people who have worn other brands of shoes say that these are narrower and tighter. Nike does, however, provide a few shoes that offer some extra room. However, these shoes, which come in Wide and Extra Wide widths, account for less than 5% of all Nike shoe types on the market. Below is a list of some Wide and Extra Wide Nike shoes that you can shop if you have wide feet:

Budget-friendly running shoes:

  • Nike Revolution
  • Nike Downshifter

Stability running shoes:

  • Nike structure

Go-to running shoes:

  • Nike Vomero
  • Nike Pegasus

Iconic sneakers:

  • Nike VaporMax
  • Nike Air Monarch IV
  • Nike Tanjun

If wide shoes aren’t available, try sizing up half a size. Women can also try a men’s model that is one size smaller (for example, a women’s US 7 would be a Men’s US 6) because men’s regular width in Nike equates to Women’s Wide.

What is Nike Fit?

According to surveys, six out of every ten people are likely to be wearing the incorrect shoe size. This is mainly due to the industry’s archaic system for determining shoe sizes. It’s not simply the equipment, which consists primarily of a foot ruler with a measurement scale that is based on a barleycorn kernel, but also the concept of size. The width and length of a shoe aren’t nearly enough information to ensure a comfortable fit.

Nike Fit is a revolutionary scanning solution that combines computer vision, machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, and recommendation algorithms in a patented way. It accomplishes this by measuring the whole shape of both your feet, thus determining your proper, precise fit for each Nike shoe design.

How Does Nike Fit Work?

When shopping for Nike shoes on the Nike app, we all have that moment when we’re about to buy a new pair of shoes, and we have to question ourselves, “What shoe size are we?” That is where Nike Fit enters the picture. When you go to “choose your size,” you’ll see a new feature that will ask you if you want to test Nike fit.

If you agree to try the feature, Nike Fit will then scan your feet using your phone camera, capturing thirteen data points that map your foot morphology on both feet in a few seconds. The ultra-accurate scan of your foot dimension can then be saved in your NikePlus member profile and utilized for future online or in-store buying.

Nike Fit is also available in Nike stores. The experience uses a uniquely built Nike Fit mat to allow store employees to assist you in finding the optimum fit for whichever Nike shoe you’re looking for.

If you wish to shop for some Nike shoes for relatives or friends, you can use the guest mode, which lets you scan their feet as well. Parents who are unsure of what size cleat, runner, or basketball shoe their child requires will benefit from Nike Fit too.

How Do You Apply Nike Fit?

Nike Fit will offer you a “best fit for you” suggestion for that shoe that you want to buy once you’ve scanned your feet, whether you’re shopping in a shop or via the app. For example, if you scanned your feet using Nike Fit and then went to buy a Nike Air Zoom Pegasus via the Nike app, you will not see a run of sizes. Instead, you’ll see your shoe size for that specific model. Then, when you try to buy Nike Cortez, you might notice a different size available. That’s so since different shoes are built for different purposes; running shoes function best for athletes when they’re a touch tighter, whereas sportswear shoes are designed to have more room for everyday wear.

Why is Nike Fit Important?

Nike Fit is a game-changing product that is the first to use digital technology to address immense customer friction. In a short duration, Nike Fit will change the way Nike designs, produces, and sells shoe items by better tailoring them to the demands of consumers. A better fit can lead to lower shipping costs and fewer returns, as well as improved performance.

Final Take

Nike has always been and will continue to be one of the most lucrative sportswear brands available. However, compared to other manufacturers, 95% of their shoes are slightly narrower. This is because the shoes tend to be on the small side when it comes to fit. This causes wider-footed persons to feel uneasy when wearing the shoes. Fortunately, Nike has Wide and Extra Wide sneakers to accommodate these individuals. The Nike Fit is good to try if you want a sneaker that fits your feet nicely.