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Spencer Dinwiddie Shoes

Spencer Dinwiddie Shoes

Spencer Dinwiddie is one of the top finishers in the NBA, and despite two teams giving up on him, he has his eyes set on the stars. After being ravaged with injury and spending a good part of his career playing in the G League, the Brooklyn Nets have given him a rebirth opportunity. Dinwiddie has been outshining on the court with the Nets, and in the 2016/17 season, he won the NBA Skills Challenge. This was followed by becoming a Top 5 Passer and Top 5 Isolation Player in the 2017/18 season.

The Spencer Dinwiddie Shoe Company

Coming back into the major league to play for the Brooklyn Nets was an eye-opener for Spencer Dinwiddie. He realized no big company wanted to sign him up and decided to start his own company. This was how the brand name K8IROS (pronounced as Kyros) came to life. After becoming self-endorsed, Spencer Dinwiddie partnered with Troy Cole to develop 82 customized shoes to honor different personalities. Since then, it has been an exciting ride that has seen star wear his special pair of K8IROS 8.1s to celebrate, among others:

  • Stan Lee
  • Bruce Lee
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Allen Iverson
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Rosa Parks
  • Nipsey Hussle
  • Barack Obama

He later released the second edition of his shoes known as the K8IROS Mark II in February 2020. This has been a clear sign that Spencer is keen on building his legacy both in and out of the courts.

The success of Spencer Dinwiddie’s mission can be attributed to the fact that from an early age, he loved art and used to draw shoe sketches. His love for basketball further propelled this interest as he aimed to have his signature shoes as a professional. Consequently, a lot of thought and time had been committed to this goal before it became a bigger mission that saw the launch of a new brand.

Shoes that serve a greater cause

One thing about the K8iros is that they are colorful, and every piece features a unique piece of art or colors that instantly attract attention. But, there is more to this for Spencer Dinwiddie than the fact these shoes are a fashion statement that honors personalities who have stood up for a cause. The unique thing about this project is that the shoes serve a greater cause. All game-worn sneakers are auctioned off, and the proceeds go towards the Dinwiddie Scholars Program, which focuses on helping low-income students go to college.

The shoes before K8iros

In his first seasons as a professional NBA player, Spencer Dinwiddie was a top fan of Nike shoes. As a fast-rising star, fans were hopeful that the brand would sign him up later, only for his career and ambitions to take a new turn. The pair of shoes that Spencer Dinwiddie is best remembered for wearing during this period was the:

Nike Kobe AD Mid

In the 2018 NBA Skills challenge, Spencer Dinwiddie stepped into the courts in a pair of colorful Nike Kobes. The vibrant colorway not only attracted the attention of fans, but it also got better when he won the skills challenge. Since then, it has remained the most memorable Nike pair that the star donned while competing with the pros.